35+ Workspaces in London That Are Perfect for Your Next Team Strategy Day

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So, you’ve got a team strategy day coming up, and you’ll know there’s a lot to prepare. You need a skilled facilitator, a crystal-clear agenda and an attendee list that includes all the right people. But there’s one thing that can make or break a team offsite, and that’s hiring the appropriate venue.

This comes as no surprise. After all, team strategy days are designed to generate ideas and solve problems—so it’s vital they’re done in an environment that stimulates creativity. These workspaces tend to be fully-equipped meeting rooms, spacious conference rooms and clean private office spaces.

While these workspace solutions are perfect for team strategy days, they can be expensive if your workforce manages and expends them themselves. But this is where Hubble comes in.

We offer an on-demand solution to workspace, allowing your team to rent private day offices by the day and meeting rooms for the hour in just one single booking.

So, without further ado, here’s our ultimate guide to using daily office space and hourly meeting room rental to supercharge your next team offsite. We’ll uncover the benefits, the facilities included and where you can find your next strategy day venue in a London borough near you. Let’s go!

The Hubble Pass: your key to daily office space and meeting room rental in London

So, we mentioned how Hubble offers an on-demand solution to workspace: the Hubble Pass. But what is it?

The Hubble Pass is a flexible membership that gives you and your team an all-access ticket to private day offices and hourly meeting rooms across 1000+ locations worldwide.

You can also book desks in a coworking space or even hire an entire event space; the beauty is that it’s up to you!

Keen to learn more about the Hubble Pass? Our ultimate guide to working from anywhere, anytime has got you covered.

What are the key benefits of using on-demand workspace?


Many businesses opt for on-demand workspace for its ability to save money. This is because you commit to the workspace by the day or hour, not 5-10 years, as seen with traditional leases. 

With the Hubble Pass, you only ever pay for what you use. Our fully flexible memberships run on a credits-based system, with credits costing just £5 each. We’ll also roll over any leftover credits to the next month, so there’s zero wastage!

Increased flexibility

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental gives you the ultimate flexibility to schedule a strategy day at a time that works best for your team, rather than forking out on a full-time office that may only sometimes get used. 

The Hubble Pass is equally as flexible, as you don’t need to commit to a membership once you choose one. You can pause or cancel any time and flex your plan amount—depending on your usage. 


Many on-demand workspace providers offer professional private offices and meeting rooms equipped with top-notch facilities to ensure your strategy session runs smoothly.

This includes all your basics, such as super-fast WiFi, spacious desks and comfortable chairs. You can also expect to find whiteboards, video and audio conferencing systems, complimentary refreshments and even advanced catering—depending on the workspace provider you opt for and the specific private office and meeting room you book.


Since you’re not limited to one specific place, on-demand workspace allows you and your team to access an array of key locations that complement your schedules.

What’s more, many of the private day offices and meeting rooms on the Hubble Pass are in prime locations. This means they’re easily accessible by car and public transport, which makes it super convenient for your team to attend.

Where can I hire a private day office and meeting room near me?

Now let’s get into it. Here are 10 workspace providers in London where you can strategise in a private office for the day and then deliver group presentations in a fully-equipped meeting room. Let’s go! 


(Psst! We have plenty of hourly meeting rooms available in other top UK cities, such as Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Brighton. Check them out!)


Who? The people behind some of London’s buzziest workspaces, Huckletree builds vibrant workspaces that sit at the heart of the tech and innovation ecosystem. 

Book a workspace by the day or hour here, and you’ll notice the vibrant decor, fantastic facilities and a friendly concierge team that’ll help you feel supported throughout your working day. 

What’s more, each Huckletree workspace provides beautifully conceived meeting rooms that are nothing short of inspiring. Each has its distinct look and feel, but they all come with whiteboards, screens, conference phones, tea, coffee, and much more. 

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Who? To deliver a successful strategy session, you’ll need an invigorated and productive team. Luckily, Work.Life provides smart and sustainable workspaces that enable teams to collaborate, socialise and feel inspired (the perfect recipe for when you’re strategising for your business’s future!). 

Once you arrive at your private day office, you can expect a clean space fully equipped with desks and chairs ready for your team to start strategising.  

Across Work.Life’s London locations, you’ll be able to find the following facilities in their meeting rooms: whiteboards, screens, tea and coffee, and some delicious snacks. After all, no one likes brainstorming on an empty stomach. 

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:

Second Home

Who? Now, we all know the power of plants. Not just for their ability to clean the air around us, but also for their mood-stabilising effects. And Second Home is a London workspace that’s continuing to get this right.  

Each workspace boasts a wonderous biophilic design to improve the health and wellbeing of its members, reduce stress and improve their mood. And it’s this that can drastically bring your strategic planning session to the next level!

But aside from the luscious plants, Second Home also offer private day offices and meeting rooms with top-notch facilities. In fact, we’ve kitted out our private office at Second Home – Spitalfields, exclusive to Hubble Pass users. The workspace boasts 10x 24″ FHD monitors and a speaker system. Take a look

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:

Boutique Workplace

Who? When looking for an appropriate venue to host a team planning session, it’s nice to be spoilt for choice. LuckilyBoutique Workplace offers a striking collection of unique workspaces to call home for the day. 

Each London location offers design-led meeting rooms to help set the tone and create an appropriate atmosphere for creative thinking. They come equipped with screens, air conditioners and natural light so that you can deliver a seamless experience. 

And their day offices are the same. Rent a private office for the day here, and your team can openly share thoughts and ideas away from external distractions or competitors—allowing you to come up with the solutions that’ll really make a difference.

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Who? Landmark creates professional workspaces with a big difference. Not only are they clean, spacious and wholly unique, but they’re also located in prime location across London.

This is crucial. To host a successful team planning day, you’ll need the most important people in attendance. Hiring an on-demand workspace in a central location makes it easy for all key stakeholders to arrive on time and be present for the day.

Luckily, all of Landmark’s private day offices and meeting rooms are just a short distance from transport links, making them a commuter’s dream!

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:

Podium Space

Who? Over the past 20 years, Podium Space has been developing high-quality workspaces to offer your team the best environment to feel welcomed and motivated.

Podium Space boasts an impressive portfolio of private day offices and meeting rooms in top locations, which feature many facilities to ensure you deliver a smooth experience.

Their meeting rooms, in particular, are equipped with screens, whiteboards, flipcharts, audio and visual conferencing systems and air conditioners. If more was needed, Podium Space’s on-site hospitality team could provide full catering to ensure your team feels energised and focused throughout their day.

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Who? Wallacespace provides professional environments that keep people engaged, focused and motivated to do their best work. And when you’ve got a team strategy session coming up, this is all you’ll ever need.

When it comes to hosting meetings, Wallacespace goes above and beyond. They’re invested in the best virtual tech, delivering studio-quality experiences for both virtual and in-person meetings and conferences.

So if there’s just one attendee who can’t join in person, don’t fret. Wallacespace’s state-of-the-art projectors and video conferencing systems will allow you to accommodate virtual guests comfortably.

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Who? x+why is an award-winning flexible workspace provider that creates private offices and meeting rooms with a big difference.

Like Hubble, x+why are on a mission to change how the world works for good. While their Whitechapel building boasts its unique cultural heritage and feel, x+why ensures their commitment to sustainability and community is just as important.

Book a private day office and an hourly meeting room here, and you can expect an environment filled with luscious plants and innovative amenities to help you work well. We’re talking desks, chairs, natural light, whiteboards, screens, projectors, tea, coffee and much more. Take a look!

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:

KOZMIK Workspace

Who? In the words of Kozmik themselves, Kozmik Workspace is exactly what you’ve been looking for. They’re a family-run business that strive to create a professional environment to suit all workplace needs—whilst maintaining that comfy “home away from home” feel.

While their beautifully designed private office spaces will help get your team in the zone, their hourly meeting rooms are the ideal place to summarise the key takeaways and decisions made during your session.

Clearly communicate your next steps with easy-to-use screens and whiteboards to ensure all your key stakeholders are on the same page. And when you book through Hubble, you can also arrive early (8:30am) or leave late (6pm or later), so you’re always working to your schedule!

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Who? It’s no secret that providing food and beverages can help keep your team engaged and energised during a strategy day. So if you’re looking for a London workspace provider to help you create a sense of hospitality and appreciation for your guests, then Citibase is the one for you.

When you hire a meeting room by the hour at Citibase, you’re able to provide delicious catering and refreshments if you request them in advance. What’s more, you can also enjoy their screens, whiteboards and flip charts across their London locations.

Daily office space and hourly meeting room rental now available at:

Access even more workspaces for teams to thrive

Keen to discover even more on-demand workspaces that’ll suit your workplace needs? We’ve got you covered. 

The Hubble Pass network has coworking spaces, private day offices, hourly meeting rooms and event space in 1000+ locations worldwide, including LondonLisbonNew York and Nairobi

Our easy-to-use platform allows you and your team to access workspace, wherever and whenever they want. Whether it’s a strategy session, a company away day or a solo trip to work abroad, the Hubble Pass is a low-risk way to boost productivity, attract top talent and save money. 

“Hubble has always gone above and beyond and remains proactive in looking for additional and new ways to support us, including opportunities to support our teams outside of London and outside the UK!” — Tabatha Bruce, General Counsel at Girl Effect

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