The 12 Best Meeting Rooms in Bristol

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

Looking to rent an hourly meeting room in Bristol? Or simply curious to see what’s available for you and your team?

If you are, we don’t blame you. Even with the rise of hybrid working, in-person meetings are still integral to work life—and teams need convenient, fit-for-purpose spaces to get the job done.

But the beauty of hybrid working is that everything is more flexible. The result? Many workspace providers now offer hourly meeting room rental, meaning you and your team can brainstorm in a great space without committing to a flexible office space.

And when we say ‘great’, we mean great. Many of these on-demand meeting rooms come equipped with all the facilities you’d expect to find with a serviced office, allowing you to host a conference, strategy session or series of interviews with total ease.

But the meeting rooms in Bristol extend beyond convenience. Just like the city itself, they’re quirky, accessible and packed with character. So, whether you’re into the practical or peculiar, there are plenty to hourly meeting rooms to choose from.

Unsure of where to start? It’s cool, Hubble’s done all the heavy-lifting. Here are the coolest meeting rooms in Bristol (in our opinion!) Let’s go.

DeskLodge – Bristol – Redcliffe Way

DeskLodge is one of the quirkiest workspaces in Bristol. With their motto being ‘Looks like work, feels like fun’, DeskLodge offer practical meeting rooms with a playful twist. 

Honestly, they do have that escape room feel. Book a meeting room by the hour here, and you’ll certainly leave an impression on your team or potential talent. You can host an interview in a submarine or even brainstorm in a Cadillac!

But don’t be fooled. All of DeskLodge’s meeting rooms offer practical facilities to ensure your meeting runs smoothly. This includes screens, whiteboards, flip charts, video conferencing equipment, tea, and coffee! 

Clockwise – Bristol

Situated in the historic Generator Building, Clockwise Bristol is definitely up there with the coolest workspaces in the South West.

Don’t believe us? Just imagine you’re inviting clients or business partners to a full-scale networking event. You’ll want a convenient and practical workspace that works wonders for your professional image. 

While Clockwise’s rustic and sophisticated decor will undoubtedly impress your guests, its tech-enabled meeting spaces will help you deliver a seamless experience. 

With video and audio conferencing systems, complimentary refreshments and catering available by advanced request, there’s no doubt that by booking a Clockwise meeting room, your meeting will run like clockwork!

Square Works

Smart. Sophisticated. Luxurious. These three things that spring to mind when we think about Square Works, and we’re here to tell you why.

With its unbeatable postcode on Berkeley Square, Square Works takes pride of place on one of Bristol’s finest Georgian Squares. Once inside, you’ll get to immerse yourself (and your team!) in a high-end work environment that will encourage your best work.

And the meeting rooms? Now, they’re just as impressive. Whether you’re a team of 3 or 14, Square Works offers bright and airy spaces with fantastic facilities. We’re talking screens, flipcharts, whiteboards, projectors and video conferencing equipment for those who need to dial in.

Flagship Spaces

Do you have a strategy session coming up in Bristol, and you’d like a workspace that’s centrally located? We don’t blame you. It’s always a bonus when hourly meeting rooms are within a short distance from top socialising spots.

Why? Well, it’s crucial to bond with your team and build mutual respect. Luckily for you, Flagship Spaces is perfectly located between the Christmas Steps and the Floating Harbour, which means an array of independent bars and restaurants are right on your doorstep.

But not so fast. What about the meeting rooms? Flagship Spaces offer 6-person meeting rooms with custom-designed furniture, vibrant wall art, screens, tea and coffee!

Citibase – Bristol – Aztec West

Okay, okay. While it’s great to book a meeting room that’s in a bustling hub of bars and restaurants, you also want one that’s incredibly close to major transport links. Because, what? Convenience is key!

Located in one of the most prestigious business parks in the South West, Citibase Bristol is just minutes away from the M4/M5 interchange. This means you’ll have fantastic access across the South West, South Wales, the Midlands and London. (It can’t get more convenient than that!)

Actually, yes, it can. Once you (and your guests!) have safely made it to Citibase, you’ll get to enjoy facilities such as flip charts, air conditioner and catering available by advanced request with your hourly meeting room.

Landmark – Bristol City Centre

Landmark – Bristol City Centre is an ideal choice if you need to train a team or host a board meeting. Why? Well, not only do their meeting rooms hold up to 12 or 24 people, but the facilities available are designed to help your day run smoothly.

We’re talking LCD projectors, plasma screens and natural daylight to ensure maximum productivity. What’s more, Landmark workspaces have been built and modified so people with all abilities can use them, and their meeting rooms are no different!

Orega – Bristol – Colston Avenue

Your team may have excelled at conducting hybrid meetings. But you can’t deny that there are just some meetings—like interviews and brainstorming sessions—that thrive off that in-person interaction.

So, if you’re looking to book a meeting room by the hour that’s smart and convenient, Orega is the choice for you. Aside from its prime location, Orega’s meeting rooms boast impressive facilities that help you convey that all-important professional image.

Firstly, they’re tech-enabled. This means you can easily host a meeting with both in-person and virtual participants, thanks to Orega’s state-of-the-art IT and interactive AV equipment. But what’s even cooler is that they’ve got quality sound insulation, so you can get all the quiet you need.

Runway East – Bristol Bridge

With unbeatable views and great transport links to Temple Meads station, Runway East – Bristol Bridge is definitely up there as a great choice for hourly meeting room rental.

With interactive screens and whiteboards to help you conduct your meeting, the building’s wider facilities will ensure you have everything you need. We’re talking lightning-fast WiFi, pet-friendly access and beautiful outdoor space if you need to decompress!

But that’s not all. While Runway East offers meeting rooms for 6 to 12 guests, they’ve also got a fit-for-purpose space that can hold up to 100! So, if you need a large event space in Bristol, Runway East has got you covered.

Orchard Street Business Centre

Looking to hire a meeting room that’s in the heart of Bristol City centre? We’ve got just the workspace for you. 

Orchard Street Business Centre boasts a BS1 postcode, meaning it’s surrounded by a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars, which are perfect for that post-meeting wind-down. Happy hour, anyone? 

But hold your horses (or Heineken!) Let’s see what the meeting rooms are like. They’re cosy and convenient, offering super-fast WiFi, flip charts and tea and coffee. What’s more, refreshments and lunch service can also be provided if you book in advance! 

TOG – Bristol – St Nicholas House

TOG – Bristol – St Nicholas House takes the cookie-cutter out of on-demand workspace, that’s for sure. With individually designed meeting rooms inspired by its Art Deco heritage, you’ll be sure to hire a meeting room that’ll motivate and inspire.

As you can see from the 12-person meeting room above, there are hand-picked facilities to help your meeting run smoothly. From healthy nibbles and bottled water to whiteboards and projectors, TOG prides itself on providing suitable spaces to meet, focus and present. What’s not to like?

Impact Working – Bristol

Just a 12-minute walk from Temple Meads station, Impact Working is as convenient and cool as it gets.

Inspired by productivity and positivity, Impact Working has curated a working environment with features that’ll make you feel right at home while you strategise for the day.

Their collection of stylish and airy meeting rooms has many fantastic facilities to help you deliver a seamless meeting, including whiteboards, video conferencing systems, air conditioners and tea and coffee (at an extra cost!)

Runway East – Temple Meads

Planning on hosting a meeting with participants from all over the world? Runway East – Temple Meads could be a great choice for you.

This buzzy and vibrant workspace is ideally located near major transport links, including Temple Meads station and Bristol Airport (which is just a 24-minute journey away!)

Once inside the coworking space, you’ll feel just as impressed. Runway East’s meeting rooms are designed with creativity in mind, with vibrant decor, screens and whiteboards for the taking!

Access on-demand workspace in Bristol and beyond!

Feel like these meeting rooms have piqued your interest, but you’re unsure how to access them for you and your team? Don’t fret.

We make booking hourly meeting rooms easy with Hubble On-Demand: your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspace.

With just one flexible membership, you and your team can book meeting rooms by the hourprivate day officescoworking spaces and event spaces across 1000+ locations worldwide. No strings attached. 

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