Everything You Need to Know About Renting Private Day Offices

Helena Sampayo
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Let’s cast our minds back to pre-pandemic days. It’s Monday morning, and you’re on your daily commute to the office. 45 minutes tick by, and you finally arrive—swiftly entering the lift and punching in the floor number of your private office. It’s time to start another week of work. 

Whether you’re a startup or SME, chances are you had a private office. Compared to coworking spaces, private offices give businesses greater control over their space. You can manage the noise levels, brainstorm away from competitors’ earshots and even decorate with your own branding. 

But once the pandemic hit, everything changed. Most companies had no choice but to part with their private offices, including us at Hubble. But as the saying goes, every cloud has its silver lining—and 2020’s “new way of working” gave us workplace freedom like never before.

Keen to work in a private office with your team, but can't commit to any contractual ties? Private day offices are for you.

The need to access on-demand workspace skyrocketed. Many workers began to seek out top-quality coworking spaces or meeting rooms to work effectively. We made this possible with the Hubble Pass; your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspaces.

The Hubble Pass network comprises a whole host of flexible, on-demand collaboration spaces—such as meeting rooms, coworking spaces and private day offices—spanning 1000+ locations across the globe (and counting!)

But what exactly is daily office rental? How does it work? And where can I find a private day office near me? As the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about daily office rental in this comprehensive article. Let’s go.

First thing’s first, what are “private day offices”?

A private day office is a space that is separated and out of earshot from other companies. Just like a normal private office, these workspaces afford businesses more seclusion for confidential work and a quieter environment. 

But the key difference is that they’re ‘on-demand’. This means that businesses can rent a private day office, whenever and wherever they want. Whether it’s in London, Manchester or Milton Keynes—private day offices give you the freedom to choose.

And with no contractual ties to worry about, it’s this level of flexibility that makes renting a private day office appealing—especially in times of increased uncertainty.

Why did we add private offices to the Hubble Pass?

Book a private day office on the Hubble platform in a few easy steps.

At Hubble, we’re on a mission to make ‘hybrid working’ easy. So when we heard that teams wanted the ability to work collaboratively in a private space—without being tied to the same location or contract—we were keen to make this a possibility.

By adding private day offices to the Hubble Pass, we’ve been able to give companies their ideal blend of on-demand working—but with the productivity of working as a team as if it’s their own private office. Just like in the old days. 

And it’s truly accessible for all. We’ve had daily office rental bookings ranging from 3 to 40-person companies—so it works for teams of all shapes and sizes.

What are the private day offices on the platform like?

A clean private day office that's fully equipped with desks and chairs.

Once you arrive at your private day office, you can expect to find a clean space that’s fully equipped with desks and chairs, ready for you to start working effectively.

What’s more, we’ve also kitted out our private office space at Second Home – Spitalfields with computer screens—exclusive to Hubble Pass users. The workspace has 10x brand new 24″ FHD monitors (and a speaker system!) for you to enjoy. Click here for a 360° tour of the building.

With most daily office rental bookings, you’ll also be able to make use of additional facilities that the workspace has to offer. While this will vary from place to place, they will usually offer an array of the following amenities:

  • Phone booths
  • Free printing
  • Creative zones
  • Free coffee
  • Bars
  • Video-enabling conference suites
  • Lightning-fast WiFi
  • Meditation rooms 
  • Outdoor areas
The rooftop terrace at Uncommon - Borough. A facility you'll be able to enjoy with your private day office booking.
  • Presentation suites
  • Breakout spaces
  • Shower facilities
  • Pet-friendly access
  • Cleaning services
  • Bike storage
  • Gym facilities 
  • Kitchen areas
  • Childcare facilities
  • Rooftop terraces

What are the benefits of renting daily office space?

A spacious private day office with desks and chairs


Since you’re renting private offices per day, you have no financial ties. No commitments. Instead, you have the ultimate freedom to access what you need, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Whether it’s an escape to a quieter workspace for the day, a pop-up satellite office or a short-term workspace rental for a team project—it’s completely up to you!


Another huge benefit to daily office rental is the increased agility. Since you don’t have to commit to a contract, you can adapt to any circumstance with total ease.

For companies that are uncertain about their future plans, hiring new staff, or cautious about rising cases of Covid-19, private day offices allows you to effortlessly respond to change—without majorly disrupting the business.


While your team may work productively at home, the realities of home life can inevitably throw a spanner in the works.

Let’s say you’ve got building work due to start, relatives coming to stay or half-term lurking around the corner. The ability to access convenient and quiet workspaces on-demand is a highly-effective solution, especially as we move into the uncertainty of 2022.

Access to key locations

Since you’re not limited to one specific location, private day offices allow you to access the key locations that’ll suit your workday best.

For example, you may have a team strategising session coming up in the calendar. But there’s also going to be company drinks at Southbank from 6pm. To make life easier, you can plan ahead and simply book a private day office in the surrounding area…like Halkin – Paris Gardens!

You can “try before you buy”

While daily office rental is hugely beneficial for their flexibility—especially in times of increased uncertainty—you may want your own company HQ later down the line.

But if you think about it, you’ve already started your search. By tapping into these workspaces on-demand regularly, you can easily establish what works well for your team ahead of time.

How do they differ from coworking spaces and meeting rooms?

A private office with teams collaborating

You may be wondering how renting private offices by the day differs from on-demand coworking spaces or meeting rooms. But private day offices boast their own unique benefits—and it’s worth knowing about them so you can choose what’s right for your team. Here are a few examples:


Clue is in the name! With private office spaces, you never have to worry about discussing ideas within competitors’ earshot. You can also:

  • Have greater control over noise levels and fewer distractions
  • Enjoy more productive conversations and problem-solving in-person 
  • Make use of your own specific fit-for-purpose space


While on-demand coworking spaces are great for networking purposes, they may not be suitable for team members who are concerned about COVID-19 or catching other illnesses. Private day offices enable fewer social interactions with people outside of your organisation.

Team bonding

Do you miss the camaraderie of a tight-knit office? While meeting rooms are great for working with clients in a professional setting, day offices allow you to connect with your team in ways Zoom can’t replicate.

By renting a private office by the day, you can bring back the work atmosphere, whenever you want. It’s a way to get together with the team in a spacious environment to do actual work, without having to book a meeting room—which tends to work out more expensive.

Where can I find a private day office near me?

A small private day office in Flagship Spaces

The Hubble Pass network currently comprises 1000+ locations (and counting!)—and you can easily find top-quality private day offices in an array of these locations.

From Leeds to London, we’ve got a plethora of private day offices across the UK that you and your team can access via one flexible membership. Here’s a selection of private day offices in London to help get you started.

You can also book private day offices in our international locations, such as Portugal and Spain. We’re always adding more locations to the Hubble Pass on a weekly basis, and you can find a full extensive list by clicking here.

What if I need a private day office in another location?

Whether it's London or Leeds, we've got a bunch of private day offices available in top cities on the Hubble Pass

Can’t rent a private day office in your desired location? No problem. Each Hubble Pass user will be able to request for a location to be added to our global network—whether it’s in a country where their family resides or a workspace that’s just down the road from their apartment.

It’s quick and straightforward; we can activate a new location within 2 weeks. So, be sure to speak to our advisory team or head to this link if there’s a convenient city or country that you and your team would like a private day office in.

What types of businesses suit daily office rental?

A bright, airy and vibrant private day office in Portugal

For us at Hubble, any knowledge-based business will benefit from daily office rental. Have a laptop and a distributed team? The Hubble Pass is suitable for you.

“I absolutely love the Hubble Pass—it fits perfectly with what I want for my business. We are fully remote now, but have some team members who really need spaces to work from because of their home situation, personality, or team meetings etc. This solution offers not only complete geographical flexibility, but also the autonomy to the team” Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, Founder/Chief Whisk at Mallow & Marsh

Try the Hubble Pass!

The Hubble Pass is a credit-based system. A company admin buys the credits, and the team uses these to access a global network of on-demand workspace, including:

  • Day passes to coworking space
  • Private day offices
  • Meeting rooms by the hour
  • Event space

…across 1000+ locations worldwide.

On the Hubble Pass, there are two fully-flexible memberships to choose from. While both plans boast unique benefits, each is designed to help your team achieve maximum flexibilityno strings attached. Here’s a quick lowdown:

What’s more, we’re also offering businesses an exclusive discount if they’ve also found a HQ with Hubble. Sound intriguing? Check out this blog for all the details on this exclusive offer.

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