The 9 Cheapest Meeting Rooms in Manchester to Book by the Hour

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

When you picture your ideal meeting room, what immediately springs to mind?

A vibrant space that’s flooded with natural light? A comfortable environment with ergonomic furniture and the latest, cutting-edge tech? Or what about a meeting room that will ‘wow’ your clients and encourage your best work?

For us at Hubble, these things are crucial to keep in mind when searching for your next meeting room in Manchester. But when you’re a team on a budget, something else will take priority: finding a meeting room that’s going to give you great value for money

As the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, Hubble’s here to help narrow down your search. Here are 9 affordable, low-cost meeting rooms you can rent by the hour—all via the Hubble Pass. Let’s go.

What is the ‘Hubble Pass’?

At Hubble, we make hybrid working easy. Our core belief is that every organisation should have their own bespoke workplace configuration—with employees having the ultimate autonomy to decide how and where they work.

The Hubble Pass is one way to achieve this. It’s one of our three flagship products that enable employers to truly give their teams the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.

With over 1,000 live locations on our global network, the Hubble Pass is your all-access ticket to an array of top-quality on-demand workspace—including coworking spaces, private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour and even event space.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. You’re here to discover cheap meeting rooms in Manchester, aren’t you? So, let’s get down to business: how much will they cost?

How much will the meeting rooms cost?

The cost of the meeting rooms on the Hubble Pass will depend on a few things: the location, the size of the meeting room and how long your team uses the meeting room for.

But to book any of the on-demand workspace on the platform, you’re going to need one thing: credits.

The Hubble Pass is a credits-based system. This means is that a company admin will purchase credits via one of our flexible monthly plans, and the team will use these to book the on-demand workspace available on the platform.

All credits cost just £5 each, and they’re held at a company level in your central pot. 

Every hourly meeting room featured in this list range from 3 to 18 credits per hour. This means you’ll pay between £15 to £90 per hour—depending on the meeting room you choose and how many attendees join you.

So, without further ado, here are the 9 low-cost meeting rooms you can rent by the hour in Manchester:

Clockwise – Manchester

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 2, 8 or 10 people

How many credits? 3 credits per hour (2 person), 6 credits per hour (8 person), 7 credits per hour (10 person)

If you’re looking for a meeting room that will boost your professional image, Clockwise – Manchester has got you covered.

All of Clockwise’s meeting rooms come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help create a smooth experience. This includes high-speed WiFi, video and audio conferencing systems and even complimentary refreshments, so your attendees are well looked after.

But what’s great about renting a meeting room at Clockwise is that you can also request for catering. We all know that meetings—especially conferences—can sometimes run for a long time, and nobody likes working on an empty stomach. But with Clockwise, you can bring in a delicious breakfast or lunch spread to ensure your guests stay happy and focused.


What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 4 or 16 people

How many credits? 5 credits per hour (4 person), 10 credits per hour (16 person)

Situated in the heart of Stockport’s Old Town, Profolk’s meeting rooms ooze convenience. Not only is the workspace close to transport links, but the two meeting rooms on offer boast an array of top-notch facilities that will ensure your meeting runs seamlessly.

Both of Profolk’s vibrant meeting rooms have large TVs with screen mirroring and physical and wireless connection so that you can confidently host a hybrid meeting. What’s more, they also provide a selection of free tea and coffee alongside easy-to-use water dispensers—so your attendees stay refreshed, hydrated and ready to go.

Huckletree – Manchester

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 people

How many credits? 5 credits per hour (1 or 2 person), 7 credits per hour (4, 6 or 8 person)

Vibrant and professional, Huckletree – Manchester provides five standout meeting rooms for every occasion. For example, their 8-seater meeting room is perfect for sparking creative ideas if you’re brainstorming with colleagues. However, if you’re hosting a 1:1, pitching a project idea or speaking on a webinar panel, the cosy ‘Carlton’ is the one to choose.

But no matter which one you opt for, Huckletree has designed every meeting room to give you a top-quality experience—and we haven’t even got onto the facilities. When you book through Hubble, you’ll also have access to screens, whiteboards, conference phones, Zoom Room and free tea and coffee!

Colony – Jactin House

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 4, 5 or 12 people

How many credits? 7 credits per hour (4 person), 6 credits per hour (5 person), 11 credits per hour (12 people)

Located just a short walk away from Manchester Piccadilly station, Colony – Jactin House is as convenient as it gets. Not only is the workspace incredibly easy to get to via train, tram or bus, but it’s also pocketed amongst the finest food and drink establishments in Manchester—making it the perfect choice if you’re up for some post-meeting relaxation.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves—what are the meeting rooms like? At Jactin House, you can expect to find meeting rooms with screens, whiteboards, flipcharts, audio and video conferencing systems and plentiful natural light. What’s not to like?

Beehive Lofts – Waulk Mill

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 6, 8, 10 or 14 people

How many credits? 6 credits per hour (6 person), 8 credits per hour (8 or 10 person), 10 credits per hour (14 people)

If you’re looking for affordable meeting rooms that are packed with character, Beehive Lofts – Waulk Mill is the workspace for you. 

These meeting rooms are truly impressive. Not only are they stylish, rustic and modern, but they come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help you deliver a seamless meeting. For example, the large workshop room pictured above features a 75″ screen to wirelessly present alongside their largest whiteboards. 

The workspace is also just a 10-minute walk from Manchester Victoria station, so you and your guests can find it easily. 

Beehive Lofts – Beehive Mill

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 6, 10 or 12 people

How many credits? 6 credits per hour (6 person), 8 credits per hour (10 or 12 person)

Feel like the meeting rooms at Waulk Mill piqued your interest? Luckily for you, Beehive Lofts has another workspace in Manchester to discover: Beehive Mill

These stylish meeting rooms will do wonders for your professional image—without feeling like you’re in a stuffy corporate environment. They start from just £30 per hour and boast luxurious and rustic decor; Beehive Lofts provide a next-level meeting room experience that promotes productivity, creativity and comfort. 

Book a meeting room by the hour here, and you can expect to access kitted-out meeting rooms with complimentary tea and coffee, screens and natural light. 

incspaces – Manchester – Princess Street

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 4 or 12 people

How many credits? 7 credits per hour (4 person), 13 credits per hour (12 person)

Just a short distance from Manchester Piccadilly station, incspaces – Manchester – Princess Street plays host to a wide range of workspaces—such as day passes to coworking space and hourly meeting rooms—at the heart of Manchester’s hustle and bustle.

Whether it’s a management meeting, a strategy session or a candidate interview, incspaces’ meeting rooms are ideal for teams who need to collaborate and present. With high-speed internet, screens and comfy furniture, you’ll no doubt find a professional, quiet and spacious meeting room that’s suitable for you and your team.

WorkLife – Manchester

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 6, 10 or 12 people

How many credits? 8 credits per hour (6 person), 10 credits per hour (10 person), 15 credits per hour (12 person)

Work.Life’s meeting rooms are vibrant, stylish and designed to inspire. They start from £40 per hour, and each workspace is well-equipped with cutting-edge tech to make your brainstorming session, client meeting or conference an easy experience—from start to finish.

With Apple TV, screen-sharing facilities, phone conferencing and whiteboards, the meeting rooms at WorkLife – Manchester are all you’ll ever need when making important decisions and generating fresh ideas. 

Oh, and it only takes 10 minutes to get to Manchester Victoria station!

Orega – Manchester – King Street

What size(s)? Available meeting rooms for 8, 14 or 25 people

How many credits? 8 credits per hour (8 person), 13 credits per hour (14 person), 25 credits per hour (18 person)

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Orega’s diverse and professional hourly meeting rooms that start from £40 per hour.

Orega has everything you need to have a productive meeting. With quality sound insulation, ultra-reliable WiFi, state-of-the-art tech and interactive AV equipment, you can conduct an interview, conference or training session with total ease.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to enjoy a bunch of additional facilities—such as tea and coffee and catering available at an extra cost.

Access more on-demand workspace in Manchester (and beyond!)

At Hubble, we’re on a mission to help every organisation configure a bespoke workplace solution that empowers employees to work in a way that suits them best.

With the Hubble Pass, you and your team can access high-quality workspaces across 1000+ locations around the world—including London, Lisbon and New York.

Our network comprises different workspaces, for different tasks and for different people—and we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your workplace needs. But if you can’t find a workspace in a specific location, don’t worry. You can also submit a bespoke location request where our host team will find and activate a new workspace within 2 weeks!

If you feel like your team can benefit from the Hubble Pass, or you’re simply intrigued and would like to learn more—our team can help. Find out more today!

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