70+ London Workspaces with Meeting Rooms Bookable by the Hour

Helena Sampayo
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Zoom meetings. Coffee meetings. Impromptu ‘huddles’ on Slack.

Over the past couple of years, the way we conduct meetings has evolved. But there’s one thing that’ll never go out of fashion in the world of work, and that’s meeting rooms.

Not only do they create a suitable environment for colleagues to collaborate, but meeting rooms also make a good impression on clients and potential talent. They’re comfortable and professional, quiet and private—and there’s no wonder why London is full of them.

Before the pandemic, meeting rooms were a staple in every serviced office space in London. They still are, but the rise in on-demand workspace has meant that they’re more accessible than ever before.

This means you can now book a meeting room by the hour or day at your workspace of choice—without committing to a long-term contract. All you need to do is book the meeting room, invite your guests and turn up!

But since there are so many meeting rooms across Central and Greater London, sifting through all the options can be time-consuming—especially if you need one for tomorrow or next week.

This is where Hubble comes in.

The Hubble Pass: your key to hourly meeting rooms across London

Our hybrid workplace platform hosts a global network of on-demand workspace you can rent by the day or hour—all via the Hubble Pass!

But first thing’s first, let’s cover the basics. What exactly is the Hubble Pass?

The Hubble Pass

Glad you asked. The Hubble Pass is a flexible membership that allows you and your team to access a global network of on-demand workspace. With it, you can search for and book:

…across 1000+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re in London, Lisbon or New York City, the Hubble Pass gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime—no strings attached.

Keen to learn more about the Hubble Pass and how it works? We’ve explained everything from how to get credits to a breakdown of our fully-flexible plans in this quick starter guide.

Why hourly meeting room rental?

Colleagues collaborating in a meeting room at The Workers League - Bonhill Street


Picture this. You and your team have a tight deadline to meet, and you could do with another collaboration session. You go to schedule in a Zoom meeting, but you’re hit with memories of technological hiccups. *Shudder*

Luckily, hourly meeting room rental allows you to make quick, last-minute bookings to suit your business needs. Whether you’re in Camden, Kensington or Ealing, you’ll be able to find a meeting room in London that’s ideal for you.


You may have mastered the art of conducting hybrid meetings. But there are just some meetings that thrive off in-person interaction.

Hire a meeting room by the hour, and you’ll ensure you get those all-important body language cues that really make a difference.


If you’re meeting a client that you’re keen to impress, a conference room can do wonders for your image.

Not only can guests be warmly welcomed with a selection of refreshments, but renting a fully-equipped meeting room can symbolise your commitment to progressing with the client.

Where can I rent a meeting room near me?

Now, let’s get into it. These meeting rooms are in some truly stunning spaces, and they’ll definitely suit your workspace needs. Rent a meeting room by the hour at any of these London locations:

(Please note: Each meeting room’s facilities will vary from building to building, so please ensure you let us know what you need when booking)


LABS - Stylish and sophisticated meeting room

LABS delivers customisable workspaces for those who want to innovate, connect and flourish. Each of their workspaces across London is entirely unique and designed to boost productivity.

From the sky-high views to beautiful artwork and murals, every detail is carefully considered to help their members work well.

Across LABS’ workspaces, you’ll find meeting rooms with the following facilities: screens, whiteboards, air conditioner, conference phones, tea and coffee and projectors.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:

HomeWork Workspace

HomeWork Workspace - Cosy meeting room at Southfields

Run by husband and wife co-founders Claire and Sam, HomeWork Workspace offers all the facilities you’d expect from a serviced office space but with the flexibility of working from home.

We’re talking convenient high-street locations, hourly workspace options and some of the finest speciality coffee and tea London has to offer!

Across HomeWork Workspace’s meeting rooms, you’ll be able to find the following facilities: TVs with HDMI cables, flip charts and free speciality tea and filter coffee.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Halkin - stylish meeting room spaces

Halkin is a family-run business that understands office space’s role in attracting and retaining the right talent. Their impressive portfolio combines tech and lifestyle with centrally located buildings to create workspaces for the next generation of work: millennials and Gen Zs.

Halkin’s collection of meeting rooms features the following facilities: conference phones, AV systems and refreshments available by advance request.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


TOG - Large conference room

TOG’s workspaces pride themselves on individuality. No two businesses are the same, and neither are their buildings. So, each workspace is heavily focused on design to reflect the surrounding architecture and location to ensure the building truly belongs to the people who use them.

Across TOG’s London workspaces, you’ll expect to find meeting rooms with the following facilities: screens, whiteboards or flipcharts, Zoom Room, natural light, healthy nibbles, bottled water and catering available by advance request.

Hourly meeting room hire now available at:

TOG - Meeting room with mirrors


Uncommon - Stylish meeting room in their Liverpool Street workspace

Uncommon is behind some of the most “zen” workspaces in London. Everything about them—from their service to interior design to their service—is designed to help their members live and work well by tapping into the five senses.

Uncommon’s meeting rooms come equipped with screens, whiteboards or flip charts, conference phones and refreshments.

Hourly meeting room hire now available at:

Second Home

Second Home - Spitalfields meeting room

Vibrant. Sustainable. Unique. Second Home excels at creating workspaces that make a big difference.

Each workspace is filled with biophilia to boost productivity, improve air quality and also give back to Mother Nature. If sustainability is important to you and your business, rent an hourly meeting room here to show your clients that going green is in your nature!

Second Home’s meeting rooms come equipped with AV equipment, refreshments and conference phones—depending on the building you book.

Hourly meeting room hire now available at:

Boutique Workplace

Boutique Workplace - Meeting room in their Fitzrovia workspace

Behind the doors of the many listed buildings across London, Boutique Workplace offers striking, design-led meeting rooms that’ll never fail to impress a client.

Each workspace boasts original period features and thoughtfully redesigned interiors to create flexible workspaces with a difference.

Across Boutique Workplace’s buildings, you can expect to find meeting rooms with the following facilities: screens, air conditioner and plentiful natural light.

Hourly meeting room hire now available at:

Boutique Workplace - Shoreditch - Meeting Room

House of Transformation

House of Transformation - Meeting and Event space

House of Transformation is behind building an ecosystem of regenerative places and projects that London has to offer. They’re first and foremost a creative space for experimentation, enabling people of all ages and cultures to live and work together.

They also host an array of co-created cultural, educational and community events to help their members work with greater purpose, well-being and connection to the world around us. Sounds good, right?

House of Transformation’s meeting rooms come equipped with screens, whiteboards, flipcharts, projectors, video conferencing, natural light, tea and coffee, and catering available by advance request.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Wallacespace - Meeting Room

Wallacespace is all you’ll ever need when it comes to hosting meetings. They’re invested in the best virtual tech, delivering studio-quality experiences for in-person meetings and conferences.

But if you’ve got an attendee who can’t join in-person, don’t fret. Wallacespace’s meeting room facilities you’ll be able to accommodate virtual guests who are joining from anywhere, anytime.

Across Wallacespace’s locations, you’ll be able to access meeting rooms with the following facilities: tea and coffee, screens, whiteboards, flipcharts, projectors, natural light, conference phones, video conferencing, air conditioner and catering available by advance request.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Landmark - Corporate meeting room

Landmark takes the ‘cookie cutter’ out of office space. But while every building boasts its distinct personality, there are certain things you’ll always be able to count on Landmark for—especially when it comes to meeting rooms.

Whether you’re interviewing, holding a board meeting or training a team, Landmark has suitable meeting rooms for up to up to 100 people. We’re talking about quality fit-outs and a professional IT and admin team to assist you with your workplace needs.

Across Landmark’s meeting rooms, you’ll be able to find the following facilities: screens, video conferencing, projectors and natural light.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Huckletree - Meeting Room

What’s great about Huckletree is that they truly prioritise the community. Across all of their London and UK locations, Huckletree has beautifully curated workspaces that enable you to join a community of like-minded, innovative professionals—even if you’re just renting a meeting room for the day or hour.

Across Huckletree’s London workspaces, you’ll be able to access meeting rooms with the following facilities: whiteboards, screens, conference phones, Zoom Room, refreshments, air conditioner and heating.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:


Vibrant meeting room at WorkLife - Soho

If you’re looking for a workspace that offers so much more than just day-to-day life, Work.Life is the one for you. They believe all workspaces should enable teams to collaborate, socialise and get inspired—and their meeting rooms are no different.

Work.Life’s meeting rooms are smart, sustainable and vibrant, making them the ideal workspaces to boost productivity and build more engaged teams—whether with your colleagues or clients.

Across Work.Life’s London locations, you’ll be able to find the following facilities in their meeting rooms: screens, whiteboards, tea and coffee, and delicious snacks.

Hourly meeting room rental now available at:

Keen to rent a flexible workspace by the month or longer?

At Hubble, we know just how important it is for every business to be able to access meeting rooms. While we’ve made this easy with the Hubble Pass, we also understand that some businesses may want a meeting room that they can truly call their own.

This is where Hubble HQ comes in. Our office search platform has over 5,000 flexible workspaces that you can rent by the month or longer, including many in this list.

Whether you’re looking for a serviced office, a managed office or a leased office, our dedicated advisory team can help you during every step of your search and find you an office that suits your business down to the ground.

Ready to start your search? Hit the button below to find even more flexible workspace options that come equipped with meeting rooms to suit your business needs!

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