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Your own office, one to three days a week. Only with Hubble.

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Find part‑time office space in a few clicks

Give your team space to collaborate, communicate and build culture, while reducing the amount of money you’re wasting on empty desks.

  • Your own office 1 to 3 days a week
  • 1024 part‑time offices available in 186 buildings across the United Kingdom
  • London’s most premium office providers
  • No deposit required

Nurole more than halved their office costs & kept culture alive with a Part-Time Office

”We wanted one workspace big enough for all of us for just the three days a week we wanted to use it.
”When we explained what we were looking for, Hubble found a suitable office immediately. It could hardly have been easier or had a better outcome.”
Lee Bartmanis — Head of Operations at Nurole
Lee Bartmanis — Head of Operations at Nurole
3 days per week

Nurole used Hubble to find a Part-Time Office to use 3 days a week.

£162K saving

Nurole has saved 55% having moved from a Full- to Part-Time Office with Hubble.

Full‑time officePart‑time office
2 days a week
Part‑time office
3 days a week
75% saving
50% saving
£3,000 / mofrom
£750 / mo
£1,500 / mo
£18,000 / mofrom
£4,500 / mo
£9,000 / mo
£60,000 / mofrom
£15,000 / mo
£30,000 / mo
£150,000 / mofrom
£37,000 / mo
£75,000 / mo
Prices based on a Zone 1 location in London

All of the benefits of in-person working, less wasted office spend

If you’re a hybrid team suffering from an empty desk problem, a part‑time office offers the best of both worlds – the ability to get all‑important team time, while reducing inefficient office costs.

Low cost, low commitment

Save up to 75% on the cost of a full-time office, starting from one month rolling contracts.

Bring your team together in inspiring offices

Work, meet and collaborate in London’s best office spaces.

London’s first part-time office solution

A first-of-its-kind option for teams regularly meeting in-person.

FAQs - your part‑time office questions answered

🚀 What types of businesses does this solution suit best?

Our Part‑Time Offices typically fit 3-250 employees, and we’re quickly extending our coverage.

🗓 Can I choose which days I get to use the office?

Yes, you can pick any combo of two or three days per week.

✍️ How long do I need to commit for?

You can take a Part‑Time Office for as little as one month. Most offices are available on a monthly rolling contract, but some are available for longer on terms up to 12 months.

💰 What does the cost cover?

The cost covers the rental of your private office. Sometimes it will include credits to use other facilities like meeting rooms, depending on the operator.

💳 Is there a deposit to pay when taking an office?

No, there is no deposit for taking a Part‑Time Office.

⏰ When should I start my search?

Part‑Time Offices are reservable for up to one month before your intended start date.

📦 Can I leave my stuff in the office?

This varies depending on the office provider, so speak to an advisor about your specific needs. Most providers will let you leave monitors (but at your own risk). Storage lockers are available in some buildings.

🖍 Can we book meeting rooms when we are there?

Yes, you can book your rooms directly with the operator of the building (sometimes for free or at a discounted rate).

🌎 What if I can’t find a location that I like?

Speak to an advisor and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll keep you informed as and when new locations are added.