Hybrid Working

These are unprecedented times, and businesses of all sizes are faced with a whole array of new challenges. As always, our vision is to ensure that every business has the right workspace to succeed—so here you’ll find resources on everything from remote working to office space strategy, to keep you as happy, healthy, and informed as possible.

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Meeting rooms are where important decisions get made, ideas are shared, and true collaboration is manifested. Here’s a list of London’s cheapest meeting rooms you can book using the Hubble Pass.

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London is home to some of the world’s best event spaces, making it the perfect for your next offsite, away day or team building day! Here are some of the coolest event spaces London has to offer.

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Demand for flexible workspace is on the rise as the recession in the UK trundles on. So, here’s a list of London’s top private offices to call home on a budget, crafted by our in-house experts!

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Here, we demystify what flexible office space is, why it’s cost-effective, and how you can find one in Manchester that’s the perfect size and price for your team. Don’t miss out on these top spots!

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How to Effectively Reduce Your Office SpendHybrid Working

The shift to hybrid has created new ways to save money without having to sacrifice talented employees. And we at Hubble here to tell you what they are, and help you strategically implement them!

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