From Away Days to Conferences: How Hubble Can Help With Your Company Events

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

At Hubble, we like to do the heavy lifting. 

Looking for a full-time company HQ? Our team of property advisors will manage your entire search. On the Hubble Pass and need access to a workspace that’s not already on our network? Our Host team can source for and activate new locations on your behalf. 

Keen to put on a larger and more complex event, without all the hassle? You’re in luck. The Hubble Pass can help you find the right venue for your event with total ease—so you can focus on what matters most. 

So, whether you’ve got a team away day or a series of workshops coming up in the calendar, Hubble can help you organise an event that won’t fail to impress your team, clients or wider network. Here’s how!

What is the Hubble Pass? 

Let’s quickly cover the basics. The Hubble Pass is a flexible membership that enables you to access a global network of on-demand workspace. 

With it, teams can search for and book:

…across 1000+ locations around the world (and counting!). To book all types of on-demand workspace available on the platform—including event space—you’re going to need ‘credits’. 

Keen to learn more about how the Hubble Pass and credits work? Our quick starter-guide has got you covered.

How can I book an event space with Hubble?

Many of the on-demand workspaces on our platform offer top-quality event space. If you’d like to book an event space through Hubble, you’ll need to purchase credits via a flexible membership. 

The Hubble Pass is a credits-based system. You buy the credits, and your team uses these to book any of the on-demand workspaces available on the platform. 

Our membership plans allows you and your team to book coworking passes, private day offices, meeting rooms and, of course, event space. 

We have two flexible membership plans to choose from: 

  • Pay-As-You-Go, or 
  • A Rolling Monthly Plan

No hidden fees. No strings attached. You only pay for what you use. To find out more information about our membership plans, you can visit our Hubble Help Centre or our Hubble Pass Credits blog.

What type of event(s) can Hubble help with? 

Now for the fun stuff. Hubble can help you find a venue for pretty much any event. Just tell us what you’re after, and the team will get cracking.

But to give you an idea, here are a few examples of events we’ve successfully helped Hubble clients find venues for:

  • Multiple day workshops 
  • Away days
  • Presentations
  • Cabaret-style conferences
  • All-hands company meetings

Once we’ve got a rough idea of what you’re after, we’ll speak to our network of event-specific workspaces and companies to find you the perfect venue. You just need to sit back, relax and leave the rest up to us!

Find out how we helped Elliptic organise a global offsite for 200 of its global employees with our selection of customer case studies. It’s free to download and features success stories from our most well-known customers, including Specsavers and Chilly’s!

What else can Hubble help organise? 

Hubble can help source any additional requirements you may need for your event. 

Let’s say you’re looking for a venue that’s suitable for a team away day. You tell us you’d like to hold company presentations in the morning, followed by lunch for the whole team in the afternoon. 

This means you’ll need catering, AV equipment and maybe even refreshments as additional requirements. After providing you with a list of suitable options, you choose a top-quality event space like Fora – Soho

Looking to join the Hubble team? We’re hiring! Check out our open roles.

(Great choice, by the way. This is where we had our Q1 2022 Away Day!) 

So, if you need any additional requirements for your event, we’ll be sure to take these into account when searching for a venue. Our team will then send you a list of options that are best suited to provide you with what you’re looking for. 

We’ll also help you negotiate the very best rates on anything else you need. It’s that simple!

What’s the process like? 

The process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll handle the rest! But here’s a quick breakdown for your ease:

As a Hubble Pass member, you’ll send us your requirements, and we’ll work with you to find an array of suitable options. We’ll also secure you the best quote, so you’ll never have to deal with anyone else. 

Once you’re happy with the chosen venue and its facilities, we’ll liaise with both you and the venue to get a contract drawn up. And that’s it! 

We told you we like to do all the heavy lifting.

Keen to learn more about how to host a successful company offsite in the hybrid world of work? Download your FREE copy of our ultimate guide on leveraging the team away day to your ultimate advantage!

Keen to book an event space? Get in touch!

If you’re already on one of our Hubble Pass membership plans, you can request an event space via our easy-to-use request form.

Whether you’re in London, Lisbon or New York, the Hubble Pass gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime.

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