The Newest Overseas Coworking Spaces You Can Book for Your Next Work Retreat

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Are you running low on annual leave? Craving a bit more summer sun? Or perhaps dinner at a beachside restaurant? If so, you’ll want to see some of the newest overseas locations you can book using the Hubble Pass so you can start planning your next work retreat.

It’s no secret that working from abroad can do great things for your job performance. Not only does it broaden your horizons from professional and cultural standpoints, it shows current and future employers that you’re willing to place yourself outside of your comfort zone.

And, thanks to the Hubble Pass, it’s never been easier to jet off abroad for a stint of work in a novel environment. The Hubble Pass gives you access to spectacular coworking spaces in 1000+ locations worldwide, so there’s bound to be one that gets you excited!

Here are the newest overseas coworking spaces we think you ought to see.

Wonderland Work – Leppävaara (Finland)

Wonderland Work is nestled between Finland’s capital, Helsinki, and its second city, Espoo. Both have helped carve the country’s impressive reputation for its workforce skills, sustainability, digital prowess and, perhaps most importantly, happiness.

It therefore makes sense that this coworking space is kitted out with everything you’ll need for a healthy and happy day at work. It’s pet friendly, it has outdoor space, bike storage, phone booths, and more.

Even if you’re only passing through, a work retreat here will make Finland a genuine contender for your next European base.

The Alliance Center – Denver (USA)

Gorgeous landscapes, captivating wildlife and prosperous cities. That’s Colorado in a nutshell. But if that doesn’t sound like enough of a reason to pay Colorado’s capital a visit, know that Denver is also a hub for scale-ups and accelerators, making The Alliance Center and exciting and productive place to connect and collaborate.

Denver skyline at noon

Denver also has perhaps the most walkable downtown in the US, so you’ll have plenty of options for coffee, lunch, networking (you name it!) on your work retreat, so you can really get the most out of your days.

The Executive Centre – Melbourne (Australia)

There aren’t many coworking spaces that boast glorious views of the Yarra River, but The Executive Centre in Melbourne definitely does.

23 floors up in this insanely stylish coworking space, you’ll be on the edge of the city’s booming business district with all of Melbourne stretching out before you.

It’s an exciting place to work, no doubt, but another reason to come here if you’re working from abroad is the food. Lunch in Australia’s culinary capital is a thing of beauty!

Venture Workspace – Claremont (S. Africa)

We’re always excited by the idea of outdoor working. So, you can imagine what happened when we saw Venture Workspace in Claremont, with its outdoor space giving you the option to hold a meeting on the porch with views over the oldest rugby club in South Africa, not to mention the backdrop of the beautiful Table Mountain.

If you weren’t already planning a work retreat to boost productivity and mix things up a little, we bet you are now.

Clockwise – Brussels (Belgium)

Offering early starts and late stays, flexibility is the order of the day when you work at Clockwise in Brussels

Just over the road from the city’s largest open space, the Parc de Bruxelles, working here will put you in the prime location for that pre- or post-work run.

And as you’re at the heart of the European Union, you can safely know that you’ll be working alongside a vast number of inspiring start-ups, scale-ups, tech unicorns…and waffle shops!

Ronda Coworking – Belgrano (Argentina)

You’ll find Ronda Coworking in Belgrano, a leafy and peaceful suburb of Buenos Aires that’s considered to be one of the city’s safest districts. It’s also right at the heart of one of Latin America’s most vibrant business scenes. And they’ve got hammocks. Maybe that’s all you needed to hear.

HarryCow Coworking – Toulouse (France)

The guidebooks will tell you that Toulouse is one of Europe’s oldest cities (it’s certainly the pinkest). But what you might not know is that France’s fourth city is a major innovation hub, thanks to its local aerospace heritage.

So, if you work for a tech, engineering or manufacturing scale-up, Toulouse could be an excellent place to get to know on your next work retreat. And HarryCow Coworking is the ideal place to help you do it with outdoor space and late stay an option.

N9 – Nehsons Building (Singapore)

Singapore is the highest ranking city on our list for innovation, and the fourth-best across the Asia-Pacific. So, if you head here for your next work retreat, you’ll be able to tap into a place that’s bubbling with investment, high tech industries and bags of talent.

All that inspiration and potential to build connections is backed by a flexible coworking space that’s been designed to empower you and your business. We have no doubt that the luxurious facilities (and the stocked up pantry!) will help keep your focus and productivity high.

Grytee – Maliebaan45 (Netherlands)

Utrecht, the Netherlands’ fourth-largest city, sits a little below the radar, yet there’s an international business community of almost 50,000 here and more than 1,000 international companies

Take your summer work retreat here and you’ll be among plenty of likeminded people. And where better to base yourself than this beautiful converted mansion, with meeting rooms and workspaces individually designed to suit your mood and purpose?

Office146 – Ontario (Canada)

The creative coworking community of Office146 is warm, welcoming and productive.

Sat in Alderwood, a peaceful suburb to the west of Toronto’s centre, it’s a fabulous base and a rising star of the global innovation scene.

With incubators, research and development, and academic access on tap at its eight universities, it’s a great place to connect with potential collaborators, but just as good if you’re simply looking for a short-term coworking space that’ll inspire and motivate you.

Selina – Medellín (Colombia)

A troubled past long ago gave way to a friendly and ruggedly beautiful city. Surrounded by the Andes, the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ makes for an inspiring remote work location, and Selina is the perfect base.

Outside, you’ll find a host of buzzing bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Whilst inside, there’s a café, music studio, bar and wellness area, and you can reward a productive day with a yoga class.

If you want to put more ‘life’ into your work-life balance, Selina – Medellín is a must-visit.

Second Home – Lisbon (Portugal)

We could wax lyrical about the gorgeous, colourful and impressively floral Second Home in Lisbon, where shower facilities, a café, phone booths and breakout spaces (and more) are all present and correct. Or we could direct you to wander the vast Time Out Market next door.

Never will you find a better or more regular reason to do breakfast, lunch and dinner out…

United Space – Malmö (Sweden)

Malmö is a wonderfully switched on and sustainable city, with half its population under the age of 35.

It also has an impressive local scene for scale-ups and start-ups, so when you work here, you know you’ll be in the midst of many top-level creatives.

With six meeting rooms to cover virtually any size of meeting, a bistro, bar and glorious views of the waterfront, United Space – Malmö is the perfect productive base for every worker.

Plus, increasingly popular Copenhagen is just 30 minutes away by train!

WORKIN – Senatorska (Poland)

Europe boasts more than its fair share of gorgeous old towns, but Warsaw is deceptively different. Despite looking centuries old, it was largely rebuilt after WWII.

At this coworking space, you’ll be right in the heart of it, yet there’s nothing ancient about WORKIN – Senatorska. A thoroughly contemporary space, you’ll be able to take advantage of lots of in-house services that’ll keep you focussed and productive, whilst swapping notes with an ever-changing clientele of fascinating, open-minded creatives.

If there’s a more picturesque location for your work retreat, we’d love to see it!

The Place – Dubai (UAE)

According to Forbes, many of the UAE’s most promising and innovative start-ups position themselves in Dubai, so you’ll be among good company if you choose to head here for your work retreat.

As the most elevated office on our list, The Place is a natural choice for those with lofty ambitions looking to boost their productivity.

Discover the wonderful overseas coworking spaces available on the Hubble Pass

The spaces featured in this list are just some of the many stunning overseas coworking spaces that you can book yourself into using the Hubble Pass.

So why not take a look at where else you could jet off to on your next work retreat? You’ve got over 1000 locations to choose between!

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