11 London Coworking Spaces With Free Bike Storage and Showers

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

Over the past few years, the number of Londoners opting to cycle to work has skyrocketed.

This comes as no surprise. After all, cycling became a lifeline for people during the height of the pandemic. But with inflation hitting record levels, there’s a new incentive on the block: saving money on the commute.

Luckily, plenty of coworking spaces in London make cycling to work super simple. Not only are they based in convenient locations, but they also offer all the facilities that ensure you have an easy ride from start to finish, including free bike storage and access to on-site showers. 🚴‍♂️ 🚿

So, without further ado, here are 11 coworking spaces in London that are perfect for cyclists—as well as some ideas on how you can make cycling to work easier than ever (and more economical!)

But first…why cycle to work?

It’s no secret that the cost of living squeeze has forced people to start budgeting. While energy costs soar, the price tag on groceries has hit a 40-year high—with food and non-alcoholic beverages seeing their biggest increase since April 1980. 

And unless something unexpected happens, the cost of London’s public transport will follow suit. Since July’s inflation rate is used to calculate fare prices for the following year, London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that TfL’s prices may rise by 10% in January 2023.

But this is where cycling to work comes in. Recent research conducted by Blackhawk Network found that employees in Greater London could save around £1,400 on commute costs by cycling into offices. So, what are some of the easiest ways for employees to achieve this?

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Participate in a Cycle to Work scheme

Plenty of businesses partake in Cycle to Work schemes. These high-impact government initiatives offer the most cost-effective way for employees to buy tax-free bikes and accessories while saving money on private and public transport.

What’s more, employees participating in the scheme also make significant savings on their Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). This is because Cycle to Work schemes operate as a “salary sacrifice” employee benefit, which also helps the employer free up some cash.

Examples of Cycle to Work schemes:

Hop on a Santander Bike

If you can’t participate in a Cycle to Work scheme or you don’t own a bike, then taking part in public bicycle schemes—such as Santander Cycles—could be a great choice.

A whopping 10.9 million Santander Bikes were hired in 2021, and it costs just £1.65 to access the bikes for the first 30 minutes. If your journey is longer than half an hour, it only costs an additional £1.65 for an extra 30 mins.

Those interested in becoming a Santander Cycle member can get even more bang for their buck. While monthly memberships cost just £20 per month, annual memberships are the most cost-effective option at £120 per year/£10 per month.

The Hubble Pass: your key to coworking spaces in London (and beyond!)

At Hubble, we make hybrid working easy. The Hubble Pass is a no-strings-attached membership that allows your team to rent on-demand workspace that suits their needs. These include day passes to coworking space, private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour and even event space.

Keen to learn more about the Hubble Pass, including how the ‘credits’ work and how many global locations are available? Our ultimate guide can help get you started.

Where can I cycle to a coworking space near me?

Now, let’s get into it. Here’s a selection of coworking spaces in London that make cycling to work a piece of cake. Each one provides free access to bicycle storage and on-site showers, as well as an array of additional facilities that have all been hand-picked for their quality and convenience.

Rent and cycle to London coworking space per day at any of these locations:

Uncommon – Borough

Where? Borough

Uncommon – Borough offers the ultimate coworking experience. Everything about them—from their interior design to their carefully curated music playlists—taps into the five senses to help you work better and smarter.

Don’t believe us? Book a Day Pass at any of Uncommon’s workspaces, and you’ll see what we mean. Each coworking space has been filled with ergonomic furniture, luscious green plants and ample natural lighting to promote comfort and productivity while you crack on with your tasks.

What’s more, Uncommon also provide fantastic facilities that you’re free to use with your Day Pass. We’re talking fully-stocked kitchens, silent phone booths and a beautiful rooftop terrace—as well as your free bicycle storage and shower facilities.

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Scope – Kings Cross

Where? King’s Cross

Studies have long shown that cycling can boost your creative thinking. But what happens when you cycle through an area that’s actually renowned for its creativity and innovation? Book a Day Pass at Scope – Kings Cross to find out!

King’s Cross has transformed into one of London’s biggest and buzziest tech hubs. With major players such as Google and Meta calling it their home, King’s Cross has quickly become a coworking haven for many businesses (and employees!) to network and feel inspired.

Luckily for you, Scope makes this easier than ever. With its buzzing coworking community, you’ll undoubtedly rub shoulders with like-minded individuals while renting a desk for the day. If that wasn’t enough, you can also access Scope’s on-site showers, phone booths and outdoor space!

Mindspace – Shoreditch

Where? Haggerston

Mindspace – Shoreditch is yet another fantastic coworking space in London ideal for cyclists—and not just because they provide free access to bike racks and on-site showers.

When you book a Day Pass at Mindspace, you can stay until 6pm or later. This means you get to sift through more of your To-Do’s and dodge the bulk of the rush hour traffic during your cycle home. Now, it can’t get more convenient than that.

Actually, yes, it can. This coworking space in Shoreditch also offers more free amenities when you book through Hubble—including printing facilities, phone booths, fully-stocked kitchens and an on-site cafe and bar. Although, we’d recommend staying off the pints if you’re cycling home!

WorkShop Coworking – Camden

Where? Cantelowes

Keen to cycle to more pet-friendly coworking spaces? We don’t blame you! Many Londoners are cycling to work and bringing their furry friends with them at the same time. Just look at TikToker, Travis and his white cat, Sigrid! *cuteness overload*

If this is something you’d love to do, WorkShop Coworking in Camden is an excellent choice. Not only is this a pet-friendly coworking space, but it’s also close to Rochester Terrace Gardens—meaning your pet can stretch their legs while you get some fresh air.

Once inside the workspace, you’ll get to enjoy a bunch of fantastic amenities that will support you throughout your working day. These include phone booths, fully-stocked kitchens and outdoor space!

The Loft – Queens Park

Where? Queen’s Park

We all know the power of workplace design. Not only can it directly impact employees’ productivity, but it can also help create and maintain a professional image—and for us at Hubble, The Loft does just that!

Located in the heart of one of London’s hottest coworking spots, this on-demand workspace is actually a beautifully converted warehouse. Its modern meeting rooms and hot desk areas ooze luxury and style, and they’re both available to rent by the day!

During your visit, you’ll be able to access a bunch of top-notch facilities, such as on-site kitchens, a cafe and outdoor space. You can also print work for free and help yourself to their selection of teas and coffee when you book through Hubble.

Podium Space – Ealing Cross

Where? Walpole

It’s no surprise that London is full of coworking spaces that boast luxurious, interior-designed decor—and Podium Space on Uxbridge Road is one of them. 

With its striking reception area, spacious breakout areas and state-of-the-art hourly meeting rooms, booking a desk for the day at Podium Space will undoubtedly help you feel relaxed and inspired.

And it’s not just the free bike storage and shower facilities that can help cyclists get in the right headspace. This coworking space also provides high-quality furnishings, complimentary tea and Nespresso coffee and silent phone booths to ensure you feel supported during your working day.

Us&Co – Stratford – East London

Where? Stratford and New Town

Located in the heart of Stratford High Street, Us&Co offers beautifully designed workspaces for every occasion. Whether you’re looking to rent a desk for the day or brainstorm with colleagues in a private day office, hopping on two wheels to work at Us&Co is definitely worth the hype!

Don’t believe us? Just book a Day Pass with Hubble, and you’ll see what we mean. Once you’ve stored your bicycle safely away, you can use an array of additional facilities at Us&Co—including kitchens, phone booths and access to outdoor space.

And if saving on the commute wasn’t enough, you can also help yourself to their complimentary tea and coffee during your visit. Overpriced coffee, no more!

Venture X Chiswick Park

Where? Turnham Green

Okay, okay. While cycling regularly is hugely beneficial for our physical and mental health, it can also be a little strenuous—and the last thing you want is for aches and pains to take up your focus. 

Luckily, Venture X Chiswick Park is a coworking space in London that takes its members’ comfort seriously. Their beautiful and modern workspaces are packed with ergonomic furniture, so you can crack on with deep work without having to worry about your posture!

During your visit, you and your team can also access Venture X’s on-site cafe and outdoor space—all included in your Day Pass. Oh, and you can also arrive at 8:30am!

Second Home – Holland Park

Where? Norland

It’s no secret that cycling to work can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. So, if you’d like to cycle to a coworking space that’s equally loving to Mother Nature, then Second Home – Holland Park is a great choice. 

Second Home creates flexible workspaces with a big difference. Not only do they use 100% green energy in each of their buildings, but they’re also huge fans of connecting people to the natural environment through the use of biophilia.

Book a Day Pass at any of Second Home’s workspaces, and you’ll notice the plethora of leafy green plants that help improve productivity and air quality. But what’s cool about their Holland Park workspace is that it has a “bubble roof” that responds to weather in real time! Neat, eh?

WorkLife – Hammersmith

Where? Hammersmith and Fulham

For us at Hubble, we love it when workspaces extend beyond just the day-to-day—and Work.Life – Hammersmith is yet another coworking space in London that’s continuing to get it right!

Work.Life creates smart, sustainable and striking workspaces that help their members live and work well. The coworking space is vibrant and welcoming, with phone booths and kitchens equipped with coffee and tea for visitors to use.

This coworking space is also pet-friendly and welcomes visitors from 8:30am. What’s not to like?

TOG – Tintagel House

Where? Prince’s

And last but certainly not least, we’ve got TOG – Tintagel House! With panoramic riverside views, Tintagel House—the former Met Police HQ—boasts various spaces and amenities for you and your team to access flexibly. 

Looking to hot desk for the day? You’re in luck, as TOG’s shared workspaces boast kitchen facilities equipped with free coffee and tea to ensure you feel relaxed and motivated.

But what’s super impressive about Tintagel House is the outdoor space. Not only is there a garden that runs right up to the Thames, but there’s also a leafy rooftop garden with seating and designated work areas—all included with your Day Pass.

How Hubble can help

It’s no secret that cycling to work can help employees make significant savings on their commute. But with the news of the emerging recession hitting the headlines, many employers are having to rethink their business outgoings.

For us at Hubble, flexibility is key when navigating periods of uncertainty—and hybrid working is one of the most impactful ways companies can support their employees and business during the cost of living crisis.

If you feel that opting for a hybrid workplace strategy is the best way for you to save money, then we’re here to help. Whether it’s a smaller full-time office with contracts starting from just one month, or on-demand access to a global network of on-demand workspace in over 1000 locations, we’re bound to have something that meets your company’s every need. Just take a look!

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