Which Major Players Are Ditching Their Offices…& Which Can’t Wait to Return?

The HubbleHQ Team
The HubbleHQ Team|

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the future of where we work. The pandemic has completely revolutionised the way we think about offices, remote working, and employees’ workplace needs—meaning there’s no longer a “standard” way of working.

As such, different companies have responded in different ways. From Amazon to Twitter, even the world’s most famous names are opting for very different post-pandemic workplace strategies. For some, the WFH experience has been so positive that they’ve now chosen go fully remote. Others stand firm in their belief that going back to the office is the best option. And of course, there are many companies who are now opting for a more “hybrid” approach.

But which of the world’s major players believe the office is here to stay, and which have ditched their leases altogether?

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We’ve done some digging to gather key insights around how 16 of the world’s most famous companies are approaching their future workplace strategies—including Google, Spotify, Netflix, and Microsoft.

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