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Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

Over the past 70 years, the office has been on quite a journey

Back in the 1960s, you’d see rows of cubicles, (very) chunky computers and cables snaked along the carpeted floor. Fast-forward to the ‘90s, and open plan layouts became all the rage.

Then along came the 2010s, and breakout space, beanbags and an increased focus on wellbeing took office culture by storm. 

Now we’re in the 2020s, and it’s safe to say that the modern office is still an ever-changing being. The pandemic drove us out of communal workspaces and into makeshift home offices, and many have found it tricky to adapt—with impacts to physical and mental health ranking as concerns.

It’s true; the pandemic has taught us that the office environment can have a real impact (both good and bad) on employee health and wellbeing—and there’s no doubt this will be a priority in the future. 

But there’s one workspace provider that’s been making waves in this movement for years, and that’s Uncommon.

Who are Uncommon?

Uncommon creates flexible workspaces with a big difference. Everything about them—from their interior design to their service—taps into the five senses and helps their members live well, work well and feel supported throughout their working day.

In this day and age, we should all be taking a leaf out of Uncommon’s book. So, in this blog, we’ll be exploring how exactly Uncommon designs their workspaces to prioritise employee wellbeing and boost productivity.

The importance of office space and wellbeing 

First up, let’s briefly unpack the link between office space and wellbeing—and why it’s so important. To put it simply, we spend a significant chunk of our day and lives working. Around a third, in fact. So it’s paramount that our surroundings do all they can to promote our physical and mental wellbeing.

The environment you’re in plays a huge role in your mental state—research has proven it. From the temperature and brightness of a room, to the tidiness and layout of your immediate vicinity, there are a whole number of factors that can influence your mood and state of mind—all of which trickles into your mindset and productivity whilst working.

Here’s how Uncommon optimises your surroundings to ensure you’re best placed for success.

How do UNCOMMON’s spaces encourage wellbeing? 

High-quality workspace design promotes less stress and more productivity—a field in which Uncommon excels. They intricately weave design elements together to create an unparalleled working experience. 

Every detail has immense character and has been made to inspire, energise, and encourage your best work—no matter which workspace you choose. There are five key elements to draw your attention to:


Ergonomics. This is a big one in every modern office. Not only does ergonomic furniture support the physical body, but your overall wellness too. Uncommon provides a range of furniture, from high chairs to low chairs, desk chairs to swing chairs, and standing desks—the list goes on.

Uncommon has carefully selected everything to help your posture and give people the room to move freely and feel comfortable throughout their working day.


When you enter an Uncommon workspace, you’ll definitely know about it. There’ll be an abundance of luscious plants wherever you look, and greenery surrounds each space—not just for the aesthetics, but to purify the air and help members breathe deeper, thus enabling better concentration.

This helps to keep people happier and feeling refreshed throughout the day.


Uncommon also creates bespoke playlists that play calmly in the background in their spaces. They’re curated with specific tracks to suit different times of the day, which boost your work, productivity, and mood. It’s these small but effective things that can make a big difference. 


Nahwand Jaff - Uncommon Borough DSC00418

Ample natural lighting is an essential factor in a pleasant and productive office space, and Uncommon takes this to the next level. Every Uncommon workspace is well-lit, with windows and natural lighting in each area to help you see and think more clearly.

They’ve also got some beautiful outdoor areas that you can make the most of (weather permitting!) 


Over the pandemic, scent and home fragrance sales have boomed. Not only are they comforting, but some scents (especially natural ones) can increase concentration and overall sense of happiness

So, it’s no surprise that Uncommon utilises the power of scent in all of their workspaces. As soon as you enter, you’ll be hit with a pleasant aroma that’ll lift your mood and aid creativity. 

Keen to tap into the benefits of an Uncommon workspace?

We’re not surprised. If you’d like to make an Uncommon workspace your company’s new HQ, you can use the Hubble platform to book a viewing and secure your office quickly and easily:

Uncommon – Borough

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Location: Borough 

Uncommon – Fulham 

Location: Fulham

Uncommon – Liverpool Street

Location: Liverpool Street

Uncommon – Highbury and Islington

Location: Highbury and Islington

Access Uncommon spaces as and when you need to

Another way you can enjoy Uncommon’s amazing workspaces is via the Hubble Pass, which gives your company access to a huge network of on-demand workspaces worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Uncommon spaces are proving to be very popular

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