How Working From an Office Could Help You Save Money This Winter

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If someone told you this time last year that working from the office could actually be more affordable than working from home, you probably wouldn’t have believed them. But back then, inflation wasn’t as high as it is now, and energy prices hadn’t shot up by a gargantuan 80%

People are understandably worried about their monthly outgoings this winter, and are looking for more ways to save money. Well, working from an office could be one way to do it.

So, if you’re happy to venture out and work in offices more this winter, here’s a guide to how it could help you save money.

The importance of working where you feel is best

Before we dive in, it’s worth noting that everyone should have a choice over how and where they work. After all, today’s attitude towards work is no longer one-size-fits-all, and that doesn’t have to change when uncertainty starts rocking the boat.

At Hubble, we believe that all employees should have the flexibility and autonomy to work in a convenient environment that brings out their best work. If that environment is the home, and it still works for you, then continue. But if you’re happy to venture out and work in offices more this winter—whether that’s the company HQ or a local coworking space—here’s how it could help you save some cash.

Save on gas and electricity by working from an office

A study by Uswitch reported that people who work from home use 75% more gas per day over the winter months and 25% more electricity than those who work in an office five days a week. 

When you think about it, it makes sense. You’ve got your heating on all day, you’re powering your computer, making cups of tea, charging your phone—it all adds up! 

If you work from an office, though, the cost of heating and electricity is covered.

Huckletree - Shoreditch

Save on your gym membership by working from an office

A gym membership can cost anything between £12.99 a month at PureGym to £355 a month at Barry’s in Central London. But in some offices, you can go to the gym for free.

That’s right, there are coworking spaces, private day offices and flexible full-time offices with free gyms all over the UK.

London's Coworking Spaces with the Best Gym Facilities

Save on food and drink by working from an office

Companies like Facebook and Google have been known to offer free meals to their entire team, which would definitely help with the rising cost of groceries.

But even if your employer doesn’t serve up breakfast, lunch and dinner as a company-wide perk, free teas, coffees and snacks could help you save.

Just four cups of takeaway coffee a week could cost you around £707 over the course of a year. But when you work in an office with free brew, that money stays right in your pocket.

Save on entertainment and socialising by working from an office

Over 75% of people said that lack of social interaction is the thing they disliked most about working from home. And it’s true, working from home can be really lonely. 

During winter, when the days are shorter and it’s cold and wet, you probably don’t get out as much. And so, when you feel the need for some social interaction, you’re paying out for the cinema, or dinner and drinks.

If you decide to work from the office, you get to socialise with people every day and probably don’t mind spending a weekend or two at home. Also, more companies are spending their budgets on fun events in the office, especially during the upcoming festive season. Events that you can enjoy for free! 

LABS - Camden Atrium

Save on transport by working from an office 

Using data from the Office of National Statistics, has worked out that in every major UK city outside of London, it will be cheaper to drive to work than to stay at home from October 2022 as a result of the energy crisis.

In the same article, they say that Londoners are better off staying home than using the tube (you can save an average of £85.60 per month across all six travel zones). But what if there was another option where you could still use an office, but save on the daily commute? 

There is, and it’s called the Hubble Pass! With the Hubble Pass, you can access over 800 on-demand workspaces all over the world. So, if there’s a coworking space in your neighbourhood or nearby, you can walk or cycle to the office for free.

Work from anywhere this winter with Hubble

Whether you save more by working from home or from an office depends on a number of things: where you live, how well insulated your home is, the cost of commuting, your need for childcare—the list goes on. Every situation is different.

Businesses that recognise this and allow their employees to make the most cost-effective working arrangements for them are the ones that truly understand the power of flexibility. 

In addition to a wage increase that meets growing living costs, or a cash bonus, hybrid working is one of the most impactful ways companies can support their employees through the cost of living crisis this winter. And Hubble is here to help companies implement the perfect flexible workplace strategy that works for everyone.

Whether it’s a flexible full-time office with leases starting from as little as one month, or on-demand access to coworking spaces, private day offices, meeting rooms and more in over 800 locations worldwide, we’re bound to have something that meets your company’s every need. Take a look!

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