London’s 10 Best Coworking Spaces

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Over the past 20 years, London has turned into a thriving tech community that’s growing rapidly and driving much of Europe’s innovation.

It should therefore come as no surprise that it’s now a real hive for some of the best coworking spaces.

Designed with productivity and wellbeing at the forefront, here are some of London’s best coworking spaces that you can book using the Hubble Pass, your key to a global network of on-demand coworking spaces, private day offices, meeting rooms and event space.

Uncommon – Highbury & Islington

Just five minutes away from Holloway Road, Highbury & Islington and Caledonian Road stations, this stunning Uncommon in leafy Islington has everything you might need for the perfect day of work.

We’re talking bike storage, showers, outside space…even office dogs for those of you wanting to make or bring a furry friend. 

Uncommon, Highbury & Islington

But wait, it gets better. This coworking space recognises just how important flexibility can be for productivity and therefore allows you to stay beyond 6pm. This makes it a great bet if you’re looking to really knuckle down and not be bound to the 5:30 finish.

Landmark – Cannon Place

This Landmark, just one minute away from Bank, has got to be one of the finest creative coworking hubs in the City of London.

Why? Because it recognises that working in the City doesn’t have to mean working in a regimental-looking office, with clunky computers and monitors as far as the eye can see.

Landmark, Cannon Place

It has put extra care and attention into creating a space that is both functional and inspirational, with bold colour schemes running throughout, inviting breakout spaces for you and your team, and, of course, top-flight kitchen facilities with coffee to keep you going through the day.

WorkLife – Camden

This WorkLife, in the heart of Camden, is a beautiful industrial-looking coworking space with a really strong sense of community.

This space is great for early risers, with arrivals open from 8:30am, creating the golden opportunity to get in early and crack on before others log on later.

The space also has bike storage and cracking showering facilities, which mean you can not only have an early start to your day, but you can exercise beforehand without having to sit through the sweat all day. Productive and luxurious!


You’ll find The XCHG on bouji Bishopsgate, towering high above everything else.

With views that stretch out over London, plus a host of other features that’ll make your day at work as pleasurable as can be, you’re in for a massive treat when you come here to work.


And there’s a great opportunity to elevate your coworking experience here, with the on-site bar, cafe, gym and outdoor space all available at extra cost, should you want to make your day especially lavish. Go on, treat yourself!

Huckletree – Soho

This Huckletree lies in the heart of popular Soho, in between Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road.

That’s exactly why this coworking space oozes class. With its futuristic feature lighting, and its blend of modern and authentic industrial features, it really has a vibe like no other.

Huckletree, Soho

And with Huckletree appreciating the importance of wellbeing at work, it’s taken special measures to ensure that all those that work there feel as at home as can be. 

This means your pets are welcome, beautiful tea and coffee is available on the house, there’s the all important bike storage, shower facilities and, of course, outside space, so you can cherish those well-deserved breathers.

Second Home – Holland Park

There’s vibey, and then there’s Second Home, one of the most futuristic yet also nostalgic coworking spaces you can book into with the Hubble Pass.

Second Home, Holland Park

And Second Home’s Holland Park branch is well worth a feature. Yes, it’s got all of the amenities you could want for the ideal day at work—we’re talking bike storage, outside space, bike storage, showers and more—but it’s also got some truly unique features that make this space a real standout.

A notable highlight has to be the “bubble roof”, which responds to weather in real-time, reducing the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling. You’ve got to see it!

Argyll – Cornhill

Argyll, right next to Bank, is perhaps one of the most ornate coworking spaces you can book into using the Hubble Pass.

With exceptionally high ceilings, delicately crafted stone pillars and ceilings, and gorgeous chandeliers hanging high from above, you’ll definitely feel inspired and incredibly important should you set yourself up here for a day of work.

Argyll, Cornhill

Even with its archaic appearance, it’s not forgotten about the must-haves for the modern office. It’s therefore neatly slotted in some phone booths for private calls and meetings, and a lovely kitchen area for a kicked-back lunch or coffee with your coworkers.

Mindspace – Shoreditch

Nestled in between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations, you’ll find this Mindspace

Mindspace prides itself on striking the perfect balance between luxury and function, and it shows. 

With both traditional seating and comfier breakout spaces available, you’ll be set up nicely for the fun and more productive moments throughout your day. You’ve even got the option to work outside in the summer if you’re that way inclined!

The real cherry on top, though, is the plethora of food and drink options you have available for lunch and after work. Shoreditch is a real haven for foodies, so you’ll never go hungry if you pitch up here.

HomeWork Workspace – Putney

This HomeWork Workspace in pristine Putney is a great coworking space if you’re looking to really get the most out of your day by knuckling down in an inspiring and vibrant environment.

With early arrivals and late stays both options, you’ll be more than able to wring every drop of energy out of yourself in this coworking space.

Then there’s the stunning outdoor space that makes for a great place to take those highly important breaks, and, of course, the free hot drinks there for those essential boosts.

Beyond – Aldgate Tower

Beyond sits four floors up in the beautiful Aldgate Tower, just across the road from Aldgate East station, and it’s beautiful.

Beyond, Aldgate Tower

If you’re looking for a bright and airy modern coworking space to set yourself in for the day, this is a great bet for you. Especially as it’s got phone booths, top-of-the-line kitchen facilities, coffee, tea and a bar.

You’re also a short walk from Shoreditch if you’re after some evening entertainment after a solid day at work! What’s not to like?!

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So, don’t wait around. Take a look at the other excellent coworking spaces you can book in London today using the Hubble Pass.

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