The 13 Cheapest Coworking Spaces in Manchester

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

We’ve all felt the squeeze on our finances this year. But with the cost-of-living crisis set to deepen, many of us are actively seeking more ways to comfortably cut back on spend.

In the world of work, this could mean a few things. On the one hand, C-level executives can reduce their office spend in favour of more flexibility. On the other hand, employees could choose to work more from office spaces to save on their energy bills and commuting costs.

For us at Hubble, these are effective cost-saving strategies for employers and employees to consider. But let’s cut to the chase. You’re here to discover affordable coworking spaces in Manchester, aren’t you?

Below, we list 13 of Manchester’s cheapest coworking spaces that you can book with ease—all via the Hubble Pass!


How much will they cost?

But not so fast! Before we dive in, we’d like to very quickly explain (or remind you) how pricing works when you book on-demand workspace through the Hubble Pass. 

For those who don’t know, the Hubble Pass is a credits-based system. Once you’ve made your free account, a company admin can purchase ‘credits’.

All credits cost just £5 each and they’re held at a company level, in your central pot. Credits are what enable you to book all the on-demand workspaces available on the platform—such as coworking spaces, private day offices and hourly meeting rooms

All the top-quality coworking spaces featured in this Manchester list range from 3 to 7 credits per person. This means you’ll only ever pay between £15 to £35 per person—depending on the workspace you book.

How do I pay?

To acquire credits, a company admin can pick from two membership plans: Pay-As-You-Go or a Recurring Monthly Plan. Here’s a quick breakdown to make things super simple:

Both options are designed for maximum flexibility: you can pause or cancel at any time and increase or decrease your plan amount—depending on your usage requirements.

And to make things even more cost-effective, you’ll only ever pay for what you use. This means zero hidden fees, zero limitation and zero waste, as all unused credits will automatically be rollover to the next month.

So, without further ado, here are 13 of Manchester’s cheapest coworking spaces you can book with Hubble. Let’s go!

Cheap Coworking Spaces in Manchester

Clockwise – Manchester

How many credits? 3 credits, per person, per day (£15)

Once a former electrical station, Clockwise – Manchester is a beautifully designed workspace that’ll supercharge your creativity. With lightning-fast WiFi, fully-stocked kitchens and silent phone booths, Clockwise has all you’ll ever need when renting a desk for the day. 

And we don’t just mean the fantastic amenities. This coworking space is at the heart of Manchester’s city centre—meaning major transport links are just a stone’s throw away. However, if you’d like to cycle to save on commuting costs, Clockwise makes this super simple. They offer free bicycle storage and access to on-site showers—all included with your Day Pass.

Bold Bauhaus – Manchester

How many credits? 3 credits, per person, per day (£15)

Located in the heart of the vibrant Spinningfields area of Manchester, Bold Bauhaus offers the ultimate coworking experience. Not only do they have a leafy rooftop terrace, but you can also bring your pets to work—which we all know works wonders for our wellbeing! 

You’ll also have access to more amenities when you book through Hubble, including complimentary tea and coffee, free bicycle storage and kitchen facilities, and even event space! What’s not to like?


How many credits? 3 credits, per person, per day (£15)

Convenient. Sophisticated. Professional. These are the three things that spring to mind when we think about Profolk’s coworking space—and for good reason.

Not only is it nestled in the heart of Stockport’s Old Town, but the space itself is carefully designed to invigorate people, provoke business and create relationships. Rent a desk for the day here, and you can expect to enjoy free tea and coffee, phone booths, printing facilities and much more.

Use.Space – Manchester

How many credits? 4 credits, per person, per day (£20)

If you’d like to work from a coworking space that gives back to Mother Nature, then Use.Space – Manchester is a great choice.

Book a Day Pass here, and you’ll notice the plethora of leafy plants all around the workspace. This is part of Use.Space’s biophilic design: a type of design that taps into the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings.

For us at Hubble, we love biophilia. Not only can it boost workplace productivity, but it’s also wonderful for the environment. So, if going green is in your (or your company’s) nature, then Use.Space is the coworking space for you.

Colony – Manchester Piccadilly

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How many credits? 4 credits, per person, per day (£20)

Looking to rent a desk for a day in a coworking space with a convenient location? We don’t blame you. Commuting is the one thing we didn’t miss during mandatory WFH, and many of us would like to keep it as simple as possible. 

Luckily for you, Colony is only a stone’s throw away from Manchester Piccadilly station. This means the desks inside the coworking space are effortless to get to—whether you’re travelling by tram, train, bus or bicycle. 

Once inside, you and your team can access phone booths, kitchen facilities and complimentary tea and coffee—all free when you book through Hubble.

Colony – Jactin House

How many credits? 4 credits, per person, per day (£20)

Located in the heart of Ancoats, Jactin House is steeped in cultural heritage. Built in 1881, the building was originally a place for mill workers to stay during the industrial revolution. Now, the newly-refurbed coworking space is a haven for productive professionals to meet, grab a desk and get on with their best work.

Once inside, you’ll enjoy free bicycle storage, showers, kitchens and access to outdoor space. But what’s super cool is that Jactin House overlooks Cutting Room Square, home to an array of independent bars, shops and restaurants. This means you can easily bond with colleagues or network with clients over a coffee, beer or meal after your working day!

Colony – One Silk Street

How many credits? 4 credits, per person, per day (£20)

Here’s another Colony workspace for you! Located off Cutting Room Square, Colony’s latest flexible workspace is perfect for creatives and foodies alike. You’ll find the building in the heart of Ancoats, Manchester’s coolest neighbourhoods, meaning like-minded people and delicious eateries are always nearby.

Once you settle into your hot desk for the day, you’ll be able to make use of the building’s wider facilities to ensure your workspace needs are met. For example, kitchen facilities, pet-friendly access, phone booths and coffee and tea are all included in your Day Pass.

What’s more, you and your team can also use Colony’s printing facilities at a small extra cost.

Colony – The Astley

How many credits? 4 credits, per person, per day (£20)

If you’re looking to book a hot desk for the day in a coworking space that’s intimate and tranquil, The Astley is the choice for you.

The coworking space is split across two levels and boasts spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows, meaning natural light is abundant. Not only will this help boost productivity, but it also ensures you steer clear of headaches, eye strain or increased fatigue. What’s not to like?

Included in your Day Pass is access to The Astley’s selection of coffee and tea, kitchen facilities and phone booths. You can also bring your pets with you!

Landmark – Manchester Spinningfields

How many credits? 5 credits, per person, per day (£25)

This stylish, award-winning coworking space in Manchester is perfect for teams looking to streamline their productivity or impress clients.

With full-height windows allowing for plentiful natural light and a stunningly refurbished ground-floor reception, Landmark’s coworking space is designed to inspire and invigorate its members—whether they’re full-time or just visiting for the day.

If you’re interested in the latter, Landmark – Manchester Spinningfields offers your team many fantastic amenities that’ll support you throughout your working day. We’re talking kitchen facilities, silent phone booths, free coffee and tea, and disabled access!

Citibase – Manchester Old Trafford

How many credits? 5 credits, per person, per day (£25)

Surrounded by a plethora of handy transport links, Citibase – Manchester Old Trafford couldn’t be better located. Not only is the buzz of the city centre just 5 minutes away by tram, but the M60 and M602 motorways take just under 2 miles to join. It can’t get more convenient than that!

Actually, yes, it can. Citibase offers many fantastic workspace amenities when you book through Hubble, including access to printing facilities, bike storage, shower facilities, coffee, tea and disabled access.

Landmark – Manchester City Centre

How many credits? 5 credits, per person, per day (£25)

It’s no secret that employee wellbeing directly influences productivity—and employers will need to embrace this if they want to take their business to the next level. Luckily, Landmark is another workspace provider that’s continuing to get it right. 

Their coworking space in Manchester City Centre has integrated everything from abundant natural light sources to excellent air quality and ventilation rates—all to improve workplace productivity. What’s more, you and your team can also access phone booths, kitchens, coffee and tea, and printing at an extra cost.

Serendipity Labs Exchange Quay

How many credits? 5 credits, per person, per day (£25)

What’s great about Serendipity Labs is their dedication to creating professional, modern workspaces with a flexible edge.

Whether you’re looking to rent workspace by the month, day or even by the hour, Serendipity Labs has desks, private offices and meeting spaces for your team to choose from.

Book a Day Pass here, and your team can access the on-site cafe and the building at 8:30am. This means you can stay full (and focused!), beat the morning rush hour and tick off more of your To-Dos in a fantastic, fit-for-purpose space.

Huckletree – Manchester

How many credits? 7 credits, per person, per day (£35)

Based in the iconic Express building in the heart of Ancoats, Huckletree’s coworking space is perfect for ambitious teams who’d like to collaborate in a space designed for creativity and imagination.

Book a hot desk for the day here, and you’ll brush shoulders with a community of like-minded creatives. Bond with your team over lunch in Huckletree’s kitchen facilities or take a private call in their range of silent phone booths.

For those who cycle into work, Huckletree makes it easy for you to get your exercise fix. A Day Pass gives you access to the building’s on-site showers, and you can safely store your bike away—free of charge.

Access on-demand workspace in Manchester (and beyond!)

Keen to access even more on-demand workspaces, but not just in Manchester? You’re in luck.

With the Hubble Pass, you and your team can easily access private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour and event space across 1000+ locations worldwide (and counting!)

Whether you’re at a networking event in London or a team retreat in Lisbon, we’re confident there’s a workspace that’s suitable for your needs. Plus, members can even request for a location to be added to our global network—whether it’s their local neighbourhood or a country where loved ones reside.

This, along with flexibility and choice, is the top demand for employees worldwide—and we’re here to make this more convenient than ever. Find out more today!

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