Private Offices

For businesses who are looking for their own space, a private office offers separation from other companies, affording businesses privacy for confidential work and a quiet work environment.

What is a private office?

A private office is a space that is separated and out of ear shot from other companies. Compared to open offices, private offices offer businesses control over the space, more privacy, and a quieter working environment.

You can find private offices in serviced, leased, and subleased office spaces. These workspaces all come with a host of services to meet the needs of your business.

What types of private offices are there?

There are four main types of private offices available for rent: serviced, leased, managed, and subleased.

Serviced offices:

A serviced office is one that’s set up and ready to go from the date you move in. The space comes fully furnished, with everything you need from broadband to reception services, so all a company needs to do is pack up and move in — it really is as easy as that.

This can be the perfect solution for teams and larger organisations who require a flexible but temporary private space to operate from.

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Managed offices:

Also known as bespoke or customisable offices, managed offices are an alternative flexible solution to serviced offices; still operated by a third party and paid for in an all-inclusive monthly fee, but offering much more freedom when it comes to fit out and branding.

A managed office is essentially a blank canvas that can be tailored to your company’s requirements, meaning that you can specify everything from the design to the layout – so you can choose to make it private if you so wish. They are an excellent option for startups, scaleups, and SMEs who are looking to make their space their own, without the hassle and upfront costs.

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Leased offices:

Unlike serviced offices, leased offices are delivered in “Grade A” condition, meaning that the tenant is responsible for furnishing the premises and installing their own internet connection, cabling, and partitions for meeting rooms, breakout areas etc. The initial set up costs for leased offices are therefore higher than serviced offices. However, given that most leases are taken for a five to ten year term, they tend to be more cost effective in the long term. So, they are an excellent solution for more established businesses who want control over costs and who are looking to customise their space to their company culture and brand.

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A subleased office allows a tenant to obtain access to a leased office for a shorter but more flexible period of time, with all the benefits that a regular leased office provides for a more affordable price.

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What facilities do private offices provide?

It depends… private offices come in all shapes and sizes and whilst some are fully fitted, others might be in “Grade A” condition. But most private offices will provide you with the following utilities:

  • Internet
  • Cleaning services
  • Reception staff
  • Wifi
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Mail services
  • Security staff

What are the benefits of private offices?


If your business handles highly sensitive data or you have non-disclosure agreements with clients, then a private office may be the perfect solution for you.


You have more control over your workspace and you can change the internal layout and environment to meet your needs – right down to the colour scheme and the signage (though you’ll need to check if you’re in a serviced office, where there may be limitations.


Maintaining concentration whilst there’s a party going on in the communal area can be difficult. Private offices offer a quiet environment, where team members can focus on their work without distractions.


Having your own private office shows that you are in it for the long-haul and displays a level of confidence in your business that certain employees will be reassured by and other businesses will be impressed by.

Is it more expensive to rent a private office?

In short, yes. Private offices are exclusive to you and your team, so unsurprisingly it comes in at a slightly higher cost. Check out our Office Budget Calculator to estimate the cost of private offices in different areas of London.

What is the minimum contract period in a private office?

The minimum contract period in a private office totally depends on the space. Some spaces require you stay a minimum of a year, while other spaces can be as little as a month, it depends on the type of office.

How can I find a private office?

You can take advantage of Hubble’s unique platform, where you can search and compare private offices across the whole flexible office markets in London and Manchester. You can filter by pricing, location, utilities, and more.

If you don’t have enough time to search, that’s fine too! Simply get in touch with our expert in-house advisors and they will help you find the perfect office solution.

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