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Private Day Offices in City of London - across 18 locations

Day offices in City of London

For the days that you want to bring your people together to work alongside each other, there are day offices. Renting an office for a day lets hybrid and remote teams get all-important in-person time to collaborate, communicate and build culture. Day offices offer a private office space for face-to-face team working, with desks, chairs, and often the option to use monitors.

Hubble On-Demand monthly plans enable teams to book meeting rooms, day offices and coworking desks whenever they need to collaborate in-person.

Other workspaces available in City of London

City of London

The City of London has been home to some of London's hottest attractions and office spaces for over 800 years. You’ll find lunchtime eats and afterwork pubs to suit all tastes and budgets in the City, neighbouring the likes of Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and Old Spitalfields Market.