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Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

At Hubble, we partner with hundreds of fantastic workspace providers to give businesses of all shapes and sizes access to top-quality workspaces—and for the past 6 years, we’ve been doing this by finding companies their perfect HQ.

But since becoming the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, we’ve been unleashing businesses’ ability to work from anywhere via the Hubble Pass: your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspaces—and our list of host providers are continuing to grow.

The Hubble Pass network currently comprises 1000+ locations—and we’re always sourcing for new workspaces and locations. But there’s one workspace provider that’s by far the most popular amongst users, and that’s Uncommon.

Uncommon creates flexible workspaces with a huge difference. Everything about them—from their interior design to their top-notch service—taps into the five senses to help their members live well, work well and feel supported throughout their working day.

So, we spoke to Oliver Reddick, Sales Manager at Uncommon, who gave us a closer look into what makes their workspaces so unique. He gave us invaluable insights into why Uncommon prioritises members’ wellness, as well as what they’re doing to ensure their workspaces are covid-secure. Take it away, Oliver!

Hey, Oliver! Thanks for chatting with us. First up, it’d be great if you could give us a quick introduction on yourself and what Uncommon is all about?

Oliver: Absolutely! I’m Sales Manager at Uncommon—a flexible workspace in London that puts wellness first. We came to life in 2016, starting with just a small team of four to now almost 40 of us. Our first space was born in Highbury & Islington, and we’ve grown rapidly ever since—with four additional spaces in Liverpool Street, Fulham, and Borough.

We offer a variety of memberships; our day passes, hot desks and private offices—all of which are flexible and can be tailored to suit any individual, start-up or large corporate business. We also offer a full range of unique facilities that are designed to encourage your best work. For example, every Uncommon space has professionally equipped meeting rooms, event spaces, focus zones and wellness areas. 

Specific to sites, you’ll also see that we have dog-friendly areas, meditation pods, Peloton bikes, rooftop terraces (which you can hire for events), coffee lounges, phone booths; the list goes on. At Uncommon, we always go out of our way to ensure that there is something for everyone.

The outdoor surroundings are as bustling as the indoor spaces. Even though every site has its own unique charm, they’re all situated in great locations. Excellent transport links, green parks, delicious local delis—you name it; they’re all right on your doorstep. 

Oliver: We wanted to join the Hubble Pass to open our spaces for people that needed safe, productive, and covid-proof workspaces during the series of national lockdowns.

The Hubble Pass has also provided us with a fantastic opportunity to open our doors to a new audience while keeping our spaces alive and thriving.

And what is it about Uncommon that makes your workspaces…well, uncommon?

Oliver: Well-being is a massive part of our ethos—and we want to ensure our members feel good about where and how they work. We aim to support their physical comfort and emotional wellness by intricately weaving various design elements to create an unparalleled coworking experience. 

Every detail has immense character and has been created to inspire and energise—from hand-picked music playlists to boost your mood and lightning to improve your focus. Each workspace also has pleasant aromas to uplift your spirits and ergonomic furniture for your ultimate comfort.

While our wellness spaces encourage your best work, we also want members to take time away from their desks to calm the mind and focus inward, away from work stressors. So, we have many areas that can help you do this—and they can either be hired out for events or members to simply enjoy. 

For example, our Well Studio at Uncommon Liverpool Street features Peloton Bikes, bespoke meditation pods and a beautiful roof terrace for fitness sessions or relaxing yoga classes. For us at Uncommon, the breathtaking views of the London skyline will help ground you. 

At its core, Uncommon cares about the well-being of our members on an individual level. As well as offering wellness spaces that encourage members to pause and reset, we also offer exclusive perks and events that are tailored around Wellness. 

How are you ensuring that your workspaces are Covid-secure?

Oliver: This is a top priority for us. We are always looking for ways to ensure our members feel safe and comfortable while they’re working with us. So, we’ve invested in thermal cameras and have installed them at the entrances of each workspace. This is so we can quickly identify anyone entering the building with a higher-than-normal body temperature. 

We also regularly updated guidelines in line with government advice, which we then publish on our website and communicate directly with our members. Every table and wall is also equipped with hand sanitiser dispensers, and we regularly send out updates about our COVID safety measures in our monthly newsletters. We also post about them on social media regularly and ensure that safety guidelines are displayed on our promotional screens at all times. 

At UNCOMMON, our aim is to build trust and comfort through this transparency. For example, we’re open about how often we sanitise our communal spaces. Every 60 days, we thoroughly sanitise each communal area by releasing a special cleaning solution into the air as a mist—which then spreads the space and settles on every surface, nook and cranny that otherwise would have been missed. 

This keeps surfaces virus-free for up to 60 days and is proven effective on Coronavirus. It is completely safe for people, the environment, food and plants. For more information, our COVID PDF can be seen here.

Sounds great! The pandemic has brought about a lot of debate around how offices will fit into the future of work. What’s your take on it all at Uncommon?

Oliver: As traditional offices are no longer the norm, and we’ve shifted to a hybrid working model, coworking is the bridge to the future—healthily balancing office work, remote work and home life.

Given how flexible Uncommon workspaces already are, we’ve been able to quickly adapt to this significant shift in the world of work. Working from home simply isn’t accessible or comfortable for everyone—particularly as we all have different life circumstances. On the flip side, being in an office provides structure, but it doesn’t give you all the perks, benefits, or satisfaction of a coworking space like Uncommon does. 

It’s also no surprise that our well-being has taken a huge hit throughout the pandemic, and it’s now more important than ever before. Our recent Well-being Report showcases research from leading experts and explores why well-being within the workplace is crucial. 

A whopping 95% of members say that their workplace environment impacts their health and well-being—and being in a physical space with a community around you can feel very nurturing. It’s a great feeling to be able to grow with others. 

To help businesses find their ideal workspace, we also offer virtual consultations where our experienced sales team and in-house bespoke team are all ears and will find you the right personalised Uncommon workspace solution.

There are no costs to this service or strings attached. Instead, we want to give people a chance to see what Uncommon can do for them before making any commitments—and in an ever-changing time, having fluidity around their requirements is more critical than ever. 

And finally, are there any exciting plans on the horizon for Uncommon over the next few months?

Oliver: As lockdown restrictions have eased, we’re really honing in on bringing back life to our spaces once again! So, we’ll be hosting an array of events for members (in-person), from member networking events to fitness and yoga sessions. For us at Uncommon, this is a great chance to use all the spaces again and bring our community together to build strong and fulfilling connections. 

Thanks for chatting with us, Oliver—and best of luck with everything!

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