The Hubble Pass: The Best Social Integrations You Need to Easily Meet with Teams

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

With the Hubble Pass, it’s easy to meet up and work with colleagues. Not only can you brainstorm away from competitors’ earshots in a private day office, but you can also get your daily social fix in coworking spaces across cities such as London, Lisbon and Los Angeles.

And it’s also possible to integrate your Hubble Pass account with your iCal and company Slack, so you can easily see when and where your team plans to work. We call these our Hubble Pass ‘social features’, and they’re designed to help you easily join your teammates in just one click.

But how do they work exactly? How do I go about integrating them? And what are the benefits for me and the team? Great questions. As the world’s first hybrid workplace platform, Hubble’s here to give you the answers.

First thing’s first, what exactly are the social features?

Both the Slack and iCal integrations are there to help create transparency. While remote working boasts its unique benefits, there’s nothing quite like having a face-to-face conversation with your colleagues—and that’s what the integrations allow you to do. 

Let’s say your teammate books a day pass at Uncommon – Borough. (Great choice, by the way). Once the booking is confirmed, you’ll then be notified in your designated Slack channel and your calendar feed, and you’ll be able to easily join your colleague by clicking on both. 

What’s more, you’ll also be able to see a summary of all Hubble Pass bookings over the next seven days, so you can plan where you work from for the week ahead. Not only can you access this information in Slack, but you can also easily access it within your Hubble account. 

To do this, simply log onto your dashboard and head to “Team Activity”. From there, you’ll be able to see all bookings over the coming week. Simple. 

To make life even easier, we also highlight the nearby workspaces your teammates have booked on any given day via the “TEAMMATE HERE” label on the Pass search page—so you won’t miss a chance to get together.

So, how do I set it up?

Setting up the Slack and iCal integrations is simple. For the former, Slack admins can enable the integration via this setup page and then clicking on “Add to Slack” You’re now all set!

As mentioned earlier, you can also opt to see all of your company’s bookings in both Slack and a calendar app of your choice via your Hubble dashboard. To do this, simply head to the “Integrations” tab in the admin section of your dashboard and follow the instructions.

Once both integrations are enabled, you’ll notify you in a Slack channel of your choice and create a calendar event as soon as a Hubble Pass booking is made.

Then, you’ll immediately be able to click and see which workspace your colleague has chosen to work from. Whether it’s a coworking space in London, Cardiff or Madrid, you’ll be able to secure your spot instantly.

But let’s say a group of your colleagues decide to join you. You’ll also be able to request a private day office (if you’re a Hubble admin), so you can all work together in a separate space and replicate that camaraderie of a tight-knit team.

Why did we add these features to the Hubble Pass?

The Hubble Pass team is always looking for ways to make hybrid working easy. So, once we heard that companies were struggling to stay on top of which office space their teams were working from, we were keen to solve the issue.

What are the benefits?

Increased transparency 

The Slack and iCal integrations give businesses greater transparency into where teammates are working—without any extra effort to tell people. No matter which channel or calendar app you chose; it’s all done for you. Automatically. 

Easier organisation 

The Hubble Pass social features also enable easier organisation.

With it, you can ditch the heavy coordination and say goodbye to your spreadsheets, as neither are needed to track where your team is working during the week—whether it’s a private day office in London, a meeting room in Mexico or a coworking space in Cardiff.

Simple bookings

The integrations help facilitate a smoother booking process, as all you need to do is click to join. It’s this that creates more organic opportunities to meet up with colleagues and connect with them. Just like the old days.

But what if our team wants to book anonymously?

While it’s great to work alongside your colleagues, you may just want to do focused, solo work in a great space from time to time—and not have your whole team notified about it. You can do this with our “Incognito bookings” feature, so you can book your chosen workspace with confidence. 

Simply head over to the Pass search page and choose your workspace. Once you go to book, simply click the ‘Incognito booking’ box, and there’ll be no Slack notification or calendar event made once it’s been confirmed. 

It’s worth noting that while Slack notifications will be hidden from the team, Company Admins can still track team bookings via the “Team Activity” feeds, both on their Hubble account and on the Slack app.

Try the Hubble Pass for free!

All companies have the chance to try out the Hubble Pass for free! We’ll give each of your team members four free day passes that they can use to book our selection of on-demand workspaces on the platform—no strings attached.

We won’t take any credit card details for this, and there’s no commitment required up front. If your team is enjoying using the Pass and the social features, you’ll be able to easily upgrade to a fully flexible plan, with complete ease. 

“My team absolutely loves the Hubble Pass—for them, it brings a lot of different benefits. For some, it offers them a place to meet colleagues outside the office. Others really like the change of scenery, especially if they’re doing creative work, or if they’re just a bit bored Rachel Carrell, Founder and CEO at Koru Kids.

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