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Stunning workspaces in West London (Vol. 1)

Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO
Tom Watson, Co-founder and CTO|Updated January 18th 2018
West London may have a flurry of great lunch spots but it’s the bustling scene of creatives and media types that makes it one of the most popular areas to rent workspace in London.
If you’re already sold and want to get a better idea of what kind of offices West of Central has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of some of the greatest offices out there, so sit back, relax and enjoy imagining yourself working out of one of these stunning workspaces.


Shoreditch Vibes in West.
So you’re mates are all talking about the mid-century chairs and the pugs roaming round their East London offices and you’re starting to want a slice of the action. Of course, East London is a bit, well, East and you’d rather not extend your commute any longer. Uber Office is the perfect package, you can have your lunch in Green Park, but still show off about the telephone box in your corridor down at the pub.


The People’s Favourite.
We have hundreds of people viewing offices every month and have heard nothing but love for Reflex. A good price for a straightforward workspace with a great community. You’ll be sharing your free tea and coffee with with a friendly bunch of creative and digital companies, oh, and did we mention the wine startup?

Share a piece of swanky with James Caan.
This is not the workspace to go for if you’re startup’s on the last legs of it’s runway. If you move to Hamilton Bradshaw, you’re moving to live out the life of luxury. This office deserves it’s spot in the heart of Mayfair. If you have clients to impress this is the place to bring them to, with an on site reception team to welcome them in. Oh, and you’ll be sharing office space with Dragon’s Den legend, James Caan, so start prepping your water cooler chat.
Beautiful meets brilliant value.
If you’re happy to hot desk, the Clubhouse is a winner. In the heart of Mayfair, but with the price tag of Shadwell – £238 per person, per month. The interiors are also wonderfully calming and stylish. Plus, being in one of the Capital’s most prominent business addresses, your neighbours will include Chatham House, Rio Tinto, BP and Rolex.


Super flexible – pay for what you need.
WC1 a great place to organise a meeting, but you might prefer to work from home in the suburbs for most of the week. Hub Westminster is the solution to this. It’s your perfect base camp to work from in between meetings and you only have to pay for the hours you think you’ll actually work there. It’s super flexible: you can work there on a full time basis or from just 30 hours a month.
So there’s our introduction to West London’s workspaces. Keep your eyes peeled for our second volume or, in the meantime, have a browse on our search page.

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