The Best 30+ Day Offices for Your Teams to Book in London

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The new world of work is hybrid; there’s no doubt about it. But let’s be honest, flexible working was rising in popularity long before “you-know-what” hit. Now, the ability to take up flexible office space is an absolute must-have for the new world of work.

And no workspace is quite so flexible as the private office you can rent per day. In this blog, we take a look at a collection of 30+ day offices to rent in London (and beyond!), why they’re so useful and how they differ from on-demand coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

Let’s go.

The Best 30+ Day Offices for Your Teams to Book in London

What is a day office?

Just like your usual serviced office, a day office is a private space that’s separated and out of earshot from other companies. But the key difference is that they’re considered temporary office spaces. This means businesses can rent a day office whenever and wherever they’re needed.

The terms are super flexible. You’re not tied into a contract, so there’s no commitment. Instead, day office rentals are perfect for businesses that want to bring the team together to collaborate in convenient locations — whether that’s London or Manchester!

Keen to discover more about short term office rentals? Our latest article has got you covered.

How much does it cost to rent a team office for the day?

Team offices for the day are bookable via the Hubble On-Demand, which runs off of a credits-based system. Credits cost £5, and some of the private day offices on Hubble On-Demand cost just 3 credits per person, per day!

Similar to a part-time office, this temporary office solution enables a company to make significant cost-savings. Just take a look at Taskrabbit!

Why rent a day office?

Office day rentals are flexible

So, why are day offices so useful to rent? A big part of it comes down to increased agility (surprise, surprise!). Since you don’t have to think about signing contracts, you can quickly plan for and adapt to any circumstances — with complete ease.

It’s this that makes this hybrid workspace solution ideal for companies who are uncertain about their near-future plans. Hiring new staff? A place closer to your clients? Several places closer to your clients? No problem. With daily office rental, you can easily respond to change.

Day offices are affordable

Since you’re renting an office by the day, you have no financial ties. No commitments. You have the ultimate freedom to access what you need, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Whether it’s a one-day quiet workspace, the pop-up satellite office or the short-term remote project workspace. The beauty is that it’s up to you. 

Daily office rentals boost productivity

Your people may be super-productive when they’re at home. But if they’ve got building work due to start, relatives coming to stay, or half term is just around the corner, they may really want a place to escape — just for a couple of days. Rent a day office in London near them, and the problem’s solved.

Where can I rent a day office near me?

Now, let’s get into it. Stunning spaces inside and out, these temporary office spaces make work feel much less workmanlike. Rent a London day office at any of these prime locations:


Team Day Offices in London

Who? The people behind some of London’s most “zen” and supportive workspaces, Uncommon’s spaces are designed to help your people live and work well.

Book a day office here, and you may not immediately notice all those smart touches designed to boost your productivity and wellbeing. But you’ll definitely feel it in the light bright space, the ergonomically supportive seating and the lush greenery that makes every Uncommon space a place to breathe more easily.

Daily office rental now available at:


Team Day Offices in London

Who? No cookie cutter office space here, thank you very much. Every Landmark workspace has its own personality, but there are certain things you’ll always be able to rely on Landmark for: peace that makes it easy to concentrate, a range of space designed to support team collaboration or individual focus, and gimmick-free simplicity.

Daily office space rental now available at:

…and many, many more! There are more than a dozen Landmark offices now available for day rental in London and across the UK. Discover them yourself with Hubble On-Demand, your all-access ticket to a global network of on-demand workspaces.


Who? Workspaces that encourage productivity. Workspaces that get people excited about coming to work—even if it’s just for the day. Mindspace is devoted to creating stimulating surroundings that inspire the people who work in them. 

Daily office space rental now available at: 


Team Day Offices in London

Who? Even if you’re just renting office space for the very short term, it can help to place yourself in the midst of people who operate in a similar sector to you. Huckletree carefully curates its beautifully conceived spaces so you can spend the day with like-minded people.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

Runway East

Who? Great teams need a happy home, says Runway East. That’s why they create spaces that make people happy, because happy people work better—even if they’re only there for a day or two. Choose Hubble On-Demand for your daily office space rental and we’ll take the hassle out of finding the workspace, while Runway East takes the hassle out of the working day.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

Second Home

Team Day Offices in London

Who? You’re an entrepreneur. An innovator. Perhaps you’re part of a social impact organization and you need to rent a day office in London—but you still want an office that feels like the right fit for you. Second Home creates workspaces for people like you, spaces you’ll be happy to call home, even if only for a short while.

Daily office space rental now available at:

Boutique Workplace

Team Day Offices in London

Who? Behind the doors of listed buildings across London, Boutique Workplace offers striking, design-led day offices that will tempt you to turn one day’s rental into two, and two into a week. Distinctly different central London workspaces that make every private office or collaborative space a pleasure to be in. 

Daily office space rental now available at: 


Who? Us&Co are behind some of the most stylish and inclusive workspaces in London—and if you decide to rent an office for a day here, you’re in for a treat.

With your Day Pass, you can access their fully-equipped kitchen facilities, on-site showers and phone booths. There’s also disabled access available, as well as balconies and rooftop terraces.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

Us&Co – Monument

Us&Co – Stratford

The Workers League

Who? Rent an office per day with The Workers League, and you can expect to enjoy super fast WiFi, light and spacious high-spec spaces and free coffee and tea. What’s not to like?

Daily office space rental now available at: 

The Workers League – Bonhill Street

The Workers League – Blackheath

Hotel Elephant

Who? Hotel Elephant is a great choice for private office day rental. Not only is it so well-connected, with Elephant & Castle just a 3 minute walk away, but it also offers fantastic amenities your team can make use of.

We’re talking kitchen facilities, pet-friendly access and bicycle storage. What’s more, you can use the workspace from 8:30am—making it an ideal option for companies who need to fit in as much work as possible.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

Hotel Elephant – Newington

HubHub London

Who? With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, HubHub offers unique private office space that’s designed to help you focus. Included in your Day Pass is fully-equipped kitchen facilities, free coffee and tea and pet-friendly access for your furry friends.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

HubHub London – Blackfriars

The Loft – Queens Park

Who? The Loft is high-quality, beautifully constructed workspace situated in the heart of Queens Park—and it’s enough to impress any client. This trendy workspace also offers fantastic amenities for your team to use, including shower facilities, an on-site cafe and outdoor space.

Daily office space rental now available at: 

The Loft – Queens Park

Why Hubble is your key to renting office space in London

You know Hubble On-Demand. There’s no commitment, no waste, no limitations. And now, you can use your existing plan to team offices for the day in London and beyond, with top providers including Landmark, Huckletree and Work.Life.

Want to discover more team offices for the day?

Office rental by the day, made easier with Hubble On-Demand. Create an account, pick your hassle-free plan and access a global network of on-demand workspaces — including many in this list! With it, you can search for day offices, coworking spaces and meeting rooms across 1,000+ locations.

Try Hubble On-Demand today!


How much does it cost to rent an office in the UK?

The price range of renting an office in the UK varies based on factors like location, size, and amenities. In London, prices range from £50 to £150 per square foot per year. Outside of London, it can range from £20 to £50 per square foot per year in major cities. Find out how much you could be paying in your area with this handy calculator.

Is it a good idea to rent an office for an hour?

Renting an office for an hour can be a convenient and cost-effective option for short-term workspace needs, client meetings, or presentations. It offers flexibility without the commitment of a long-term lease. Find out more.

How do you rent office space in the UK?

To rent office space in the UK, follow these steps, you’ll want to determine your requirements, research options, visit spaces, negotiate terms, review and sign the lease, set up utilities, and move in. Professional assistance can be beneficial. Find out more.

The Best 30+ Day Offices for Your Teams to Book in London

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