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Lunch is important to you Londoners

Yes we know it’s important to every single one of you (commuters included), whether it’s a tin foil sandwich at your desk or a leisurely stroll to Pret for a Choc Bar because you’ve got time to kill before a meeting, lunch is what gets you through the morning.

That’s why we’re offering you the chance to win lunch on us.

We’re nice like that –  incredible office space and free lunch, that’s what we’re here for.

If you fancy winning £100 Deliveroo voucher, all you need to do is help us spot the difference between the below two images of one particularly neat desk. If you can find it, feel free to use your voucher to buy yourself one fantastic feast or share it amongst your colleagues…

We’ve gone old school

Here at Hubble HQ we’ve enjoyed a cool, convenient, typical startup office space for quite some time now. The excitement of lunchtime ping-pong has long been forgotten, the midmorning darts games were simply a fad, and we’ve even grown tired of our fancy coffee machine – there’s only so many failed attempts at trying to create the perfect flat white one can take.

Now, we’re back surfing the web for entertainment, reading the likes of The Daily Mash from top to bottom, sharing gifs and spending time online solving puzzles.

You can’t beat a good puzzle, we’ve even taken to merging the reality with the virtual reality when it comes to creating our own. 

Can YOU spot the difference between the photos below?!

To WIN your lunch for a month, all you have to do is 2 things…

1 – Click this to enter and Tweet

2 – THEN DM us the answer so no one else can see your answer!

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