A Quick List of London’s Biggest Flexible Workspace Providers

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Flexible office space kickstarted one of the biggest revolutions in real estate for over a century. Whether you’re a freelancer or SME, modern workspaces with an increased focus on wellbeing, technology, and sustainability have become all the rage.

While having freedom of choice is always good, the sheer number of options for coworking spaces in the capital can be overwhelming.

So, Hubble’s put together a handy list of some of London’s biggest flexible workspaces and brands — all of which you can book via the Hubble platform!

What is flexible office space?

Uncommon – Fulham

Flexible workspace, which we may also refer to as flexi space, is an umbrella term for several types of workspace. These include:

  • Serviced Offices: A private office set up and ready to go from the day you move in, with all-inclusive fees and facilities. These can either be full-time or part-time rentals.
  • Managed Offices: A “blank canvas” private space customised to the tenant’s liking, with all-inclusive fees and facilities.
  • Coworking Spaces: A combination of shared offices, business centres, and cafés offering on-demand access, community events, and plug-and-play setups.
  • Hot desks: A flexible alternative to conventional offices where employees use any available desk at a coworking space instead of having assigned desks.

What makes these workspaces ‘flexible’ is their minimum terms. While traditional lease contracts are lengthy, flexible office space requires much less commitment — from three months to a year.

Some flexible office rentals, such as part-time offices, offer monthly rolling contracts. You can even book some of these workspaces by the day or hour!

Hubble: Your key to flexible office space in London

At Hubble, we help businesses give their teams great places to work. To do this, we offer three flexible workspace solutions:

  • Full-Time Offices: Your very own private office for your team to access every day of the working week.
  •  Part-Time Offices: A private space you rent for the same 1-3 days per week, allowing you to make substantial savings without losing the magic of in-person working.
  •  Hubble On-Demand: A flexible membership giving your team access to thousands of on-demand workspaces to work and meet, helping you save money and maintain collaboration.

With Hubble, you can search for office spaces, create a shortlist, book viewings, and start a rental — all in one place.

London’s biggest flexible workspace providers

Now, let’s get into it. Vibrant workspaces inside and out, these coworking spaces in London offer a range of workspaces — from full-time offices to hot desks — to help meet your working needs.


WeWork – Aviation House

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City, WeWork has grown into the largest coworking space provider in the world.

This mighty American brand boasts over 100,000 members across more than 280 workspaces in 80 cities across 27 countries. Originally focused on coworking spaces, WeWork also offers office suites and entire headquarters for teams who need them.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Mindspace – Shoreditch

Founded in 2014, global workspace provider Mindspace provides beautiful and inspiring offices for teams of all sizes.

Rent a flexible office in any of Mindspace’s locations, and you’ll gain access to a global network for offices in London, Munich, San Francisco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tev Aviv, Amsterdam, and more!

Every building is part of a passionate community of enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


LABS – Camden Atrium

LABS, beautifully designed for productivity, is housed in dynamic, state-of-the-art spaces in strategic locations across London — be it Holborn in the heart of the city or Camden as a trendy escape.

In addition to coworking space, LABS offers private offices and event space with an experienced event coordinator on site at all times. Work, live, and grow with LABS.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Landmark – Alfred Place

For nearly 20 years, Landmark has been creating spaces for people who want to work in new ways but still need a business-class experience.

Landmark offers professional work environments with communal spaces and friendly staff in spaces that can accommodate anywhere from 1 to over 100 workstations.

Hubble’s Top Picks:

Second Home

Second Home – Spitalfields

Futuristic. Sustainable. Creative. Those are three words often used to describe Second Home.

Founded in London, Second Home has social purpose ingrained in its DNA. Every single coworking space uses 100% green energy and reuses environmentally-friendly materials to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Fancy a wander through Second Home’s magical, light-filled spaces?

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Work.Life – Farringdon

Work.Life’s tagline, “Flexible workspaces designed with happiness in mind”, adequately describes what the brand stands for: to change how people feel about their work week.

The founders of Work.Life believe that since we spend a bunch of time at work, it should be a place that we love spending time in and therefore set up Work.Life spaces in neighbourhoods with great atmospheres, green spaces, and bars and restaurants.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Huckletree – Shoreditch

A workspace accelerator and community for the curious, Huckletree brings together startups, scale ups, innovation teams, and global businesses in the spirit of community and collaboration. Huckletree is currently located in London and Dublin and is continuing to build shared workspaces for ambitious minds and problem solvers to collaborate.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Uncommon – Borough

Uncommon is behind some of the most “zen” workspaces in London. Everything about them —from their service to interior design to their service — taps into the five senses to help their members live and work well.

There also one of the most popular workspaces on Hubble On-Demand!

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Fora – White Collar Factory

The people behind Fora understand that everyone works differently. They create characterful workspaces to empower progressives, creators, and innovators to work and thrive in a unique way.

With a like-minded community at its core, Fora emphasises socialising and re-energising. That’s why they take the grind out of daily work-life with their wellness experience and community events to unite people.

Hubble’s Top Picks:

Boutique Workplace

Flex offices at Saunders House, 52-53 The Mall, London W5 3TA
Boutique Workplace – Ealing

Since 2008, The Boutique Workplace Company has offered design-led, unbranded, serviced office spaces primarily in Central London.

Their diverse portfolio features sophisticated coworking facilities in prestigious locations, with each building boasting period features and redesigned interiors.

With an aspiration to create unique workspaces in beautiful and historic locations, The Boutique Workplace Company is always looking for ways to give its workspaces a competitive edge.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Spacemade – Fulham Works

Spacemade is all about community. In fact, their whole mission is based on it. They believe real-world connections shape our personal and professional lives in ways remote working can’t.

That’s why they want to cultivate 1,000,000 real-world social connections within their coworking spaces. When renting an office or grabbing a desk at Spacemade, you don’t just do your work. You get to join a buzzing community of like-minded professionals to bond and connect.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Clockwise – Bromley

Clockwise creates professional yet personal environments and experiences. Whether you’re a startup or scaling rapidly, Clockwise offers flexible, fully-equipped workspaces managed by a talented team ready to assist with your needs.

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Knotel – Eagle Street

Knotel prides itself on three core values: flexibility, convenience, and tailoring.

They offer flexible solutions for all your real estate needs and ensure a convenient process by managing day-to-day office operations, allowing you to focus on your work.

What truly sets Knotel apart is their commitment to adapting workspaces to suit your employees’ working styles and needs. Each office is a managed blank canvas ready to be customised.

As a tenant, you specify how you want the space tailored, and Knotel takes care of the rest!

Hubble’s Top Picks:


Regus – Chiswick Park

Regus believes in empowering businesses with choice, flexibility, and access to a vibrant professional community. Their bright, inspiring, and customisable workspaces, along with experienced and friendly teams, eliminate the hassle so you can focus on what truly matters.

With over 4000 locations worldwide, including numerous hubs in London, Regus offers offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms in every major town and city. Take a look!

Hubble’s Top Picks:

Find a flexible workspace in London with Hubble

Our flexible workspace platform helps you find the perfect office, whether for long-term use or on-demand access to thousands of flexible spaces to work and meet.

We offer the UK’s largest online marketplace for office space, allowing you to search, compare, and adapt to your workspace needs, reducing costs and boosting employee satisfaction.

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