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Since the coworking movement started in San Francisco in 2005, its effects have taken hold of freelancers, startups, SMEs, and corporates worldwide. In Europe, London leads the coworking market with a huge variety of coworking spaces, many tailored for specific purposes such as doubling as an accelerator and incubator, or for a specific industry.

While having freedom of choice is always a good thing, the sheer amount of options for coworking spaces in the capital can be overwhelming – so here’s a handy list going over the biggest coworking spaces and brands in London…and how to become a member!



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The mighty American coworking brand WeWork, founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City has, as of today, grown into the largest coworking space provider on the planet. The company boasts an impressive 100,000+ members working in their spaces and provides over 280 workspaces across over 80 cities in 27 countries. Though WeWork started as a coworking space provider, the company now also provides office suites and entire HQs. Join WeWork’s mission in creating a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.

View WeWork spaces in London.


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For the past 30 years, Workspace has established itself as a leading provider of office and studio space in London for all types and sizes of businesses. Workspace operates 66 properties across London and offers offices and coworking on flexible contracts. Each space is designed with connection in mind – with communual and breakout areas so members can interact. Whether you’re looking for 1 or 100 desks, Workspace has room for you to plug in.

Check out Workspace spaces in London.

The Office Group

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Launched in 2003, when technology was beginning to have radical effects on the way people live and work, The Office Group (TOG) aimed to design their workspaces in a way that could inspire the changing times. The result are beautifully designed, forward thinking offices that host over 15,000 members across 33 buildings in London, Bristol, and Leeds on flexible contracts.

Browse TOG spaces in London here. 



Newly founded, global workspace provider Mindspace provides beautiful and inspiring offices for teams of all sizes. One membership pass to Mindspace provides access to a global network for offices in London, Munich, San Francisco, Berlin, Frankfurt, Tev Aviv, Amsterdam, and more – all of which are a part of a passionate community of enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators.

Join Mindspace in London here.


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LABs, beautifully designed for productivity, is housed in dynamic, state-of-the-art spaces in strategic locations across London – be it Holborn in the heart of the city or Camden as a quiet escape – as well as in Tel Aviv and Bucharest. In addition to coworking space, LABS offers private offices and event space with an experienced event coordinator on site at all times. Work, live, and grow with LABS.

View LABS locations in London here.



LEO Executive Offices has been a trusted provider of prestigious coworking and serviced offices in London for over 20 years. Each property occupies a prime London address and offers members high-end administrative service, a wide range of meeting rooms, exclusive lounges, and state-of-the-art technology. Join one of LEO’s exclusive London offices to experience the luxury.

View LEO Executive Offices around London.



For nearly 20 years, Landmark has been creating spaces for people who want to work in new ways but still need a business-class experience. Landmark offers professional work environments with communual spaces and friendly staff in spaces that can accomodate anywhere from 1 to over 100 workstations.

View Landmark offices in London here.

Second Home


Futuristic, innovative, and creative are all words often used to describe Second Home, a coworking space for entrepreneurs, innovators, and social impact organisations. Founded London, Second Home has expanded to Portugal and more recently, to the US. Fancy a wander through Second Home’s magical, light-filled spaces?

Booking at viewing at Second Home in London.



Work.Life’s tagline “Thank god it’s Monday” provides an adequate description as to what the brand stands for: to change the way people feel about their work week. The founders of Work.Life believe that since we spend a bunch of time at work, it should be a place that we love spending time in and therefore set up Work.Life spaces in neighbourhoods with great atmospheres, green spaces, and bars and restaurants.

View Work.Life spaces in London.



A workspace accelerator and community for the curious, Huckletreen brings together startups, scale ups, innovation teams, and global businesses in the spirit of community and collaboration. Huckletree is currently located in London and Dublin and is continuing to build shared workspaces for ambitious minds and problem solvers to collaborate.

Explore Huckletree locations in London.


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