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Hints, tips, and know-how on everything to do with moving offices, from the team who have helped 1,000s of businesses find their new home. Trust us, we’re wizards on this stuff. Find out how you can move offices with ease.

Keep Track Of Your Favourite OfficesMoving Office

Have you been browsing Hubble for offices before you are actually ready to start sending enquiries? You need to learn about the favourites feature!

How Much Office Space Do I Need?Moving Office

Its difficult to estimate how much office space is needed by businesses and startups. Here’s our quick, yet detailed guide to calculating office space size requirements.

What is a virtual office?Moving Office

A virtual office is a service that enables employees and business owners to work remotely by providing a range of business functions accessible through the internet. It also enables organisations t…

HubbleHQ Help Guide: Why Office Space Is Important for Your BusinessMoving Office

The space that contains your business shapes your company culture. Culture within companies is something that’s hard to define, and even harder to shape. Your environment – read: your office …

NEW: Book your office space with HubbleMoving Office

Book your office space instantly with Hubble. Our license and payments system enables you to find and book your new home in just a few clicks.

HubbleHQ Help Guide: What Type of Office is Right for My Company?Moving Office

What type of office is right for my company? We go through in detail the differences between coworking, shared and private offices.

Why is coworking the perfect place for your startup?Moving Office

Coworking is a popular choice with startups: it brings entrepreneurs and creatives from all industries together under one roof. So why is coworking the perfect place for a startup like yours? Brows…

Why is it so bloody difficult to find a London office online?Moving Office

Hubble Co-founder Tushar Agarwal demystifies the reasons why it’s so difficult to find office space online

What is the right type of startup office space for me?Moving Office

Distractions, babies, spillages and caffeine… There are better places to work.