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Can you rent an office by the hour?

Yes, you can. Read on to discover how to get a desk in a coworking office by the hour. 

If you’re one of the 4 million workers in the UK who regularly work from home either as a freelancer or small business owner, it’s probable you’ve already discovered some of the pitfalls home working can bring. Yes, it can be productive (in the short-term), but a lack of social contact, little or no office equipment and all the distractions that come from the home can make it very difficult to create an engaging work environment. After all, it’s supposed to be your living and rest space.


Working from home in the dark

Similarly, if you’re a project manager that’s constantly on the go between locations for meetings and site visits, working from home just isn’t a practical solution when you need to get things done but aren’t in the office. 

In both of these instances, renting an office for a short period of time is likely to seem the best solution, however sometimes you may be looking for something even more flexible. This is when renting an office by the hour can be a good solution. 

Head down when you need it

Dedicated coworking facilities are available right across the capital and they’re not just for the long-term, big businesses that you might expect.

Many purpose-built coworking spaces have been specifically designed to provide a made-for-work environment specifically for freelancers, small business owners and project managers who want to make full-use of the facilities on a low-cost, short-term basis – even for as little as an hour at a time. The majority of these workspaces offer ‘no strings attached’ membership, giving you access to a desk and all the facilities that you’d expect from a fully-serviced office exactly as and when you need it – at a price per hour, with no annual or monthly fee.


The cost of pay-as-you go

With hourly rates averaging around £5, renting an office by the hour can be a practical solution that can supercharge your productivity and help you achieve a better work/life balance. If it does however turn out that you’re spending more time in the office than planned, it is not the most cost effective solution, as you are paying premium rates for the ‘pay-as-you-go’ flexibility.

Whilst £5 per hour may sound like a bargain, spend three 8-hour days a week in the office and you’ll be paying £480 per month. Considering many coworking spaces offer unlimited hot desking options, accessible 7 days a week from £200/month, you may be better off getting on a monthly plan.

Check out the hot desking options available on the Hubble platform, starting from as little as £50/month.

London Prices Office by the Hour

The table shows the amount saved if you work 3 days a week, 8 hours a day, in a coworking office and go on a monthly plan rather than paying by the hour.

Do your research

In addition to estimating how many hours a month you’re likely to be spending at the office, it’s worth noting that different plans will offer different facilities. Additional perks such as access to meeting rooms, lockers and other facilities may vary depending on whether you go hourly or monthly, always benefitting the latter. Not sure where to start? Add your budget and do a quick search on Hubble to view the widest selection of coworking spaces in London. Prefer to speak to someone? Send us an email or call us on 020 3608 0215 and we’ll help you find the right office for you.


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