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Find office space quickly with Hubble – whatever your need or circumstance

Sometimes you might find yourself needing a space to work from – fast. Perhaps you’re on a business trip, perhaps you urgently need some focussed time to work or perhaps your business is simply growing faster than you could have ever imagined. In these circumstances you’re probably asking yourself – just how quickly could you be sipping the free coffee at a co-working space? The answer is – in less than 24 hours.

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Work trip to London?

If you’re part of the growing workforce that travels regularly as part of your job, you might find yourself without a permanent desk at your headquarters or the office you’re visiting. With office space prices in the capital amongst the most expensive in the world, hot-desking is now a common way for companies to save on space and cost. The great thing about hot-desking is that the admin necessary is minimal, and it’s pure plug and play.

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Living the freelance dream?

The reality for many freelancers that take the plunge and decide to work for themselves is that quite quickly it becomes evident they’re not actually as productive at home or in a coffee shop as they hoped. Private life distractions, background noise, uncomfortable seating, a lack of plug sockets and internet connectivity problems are just some of the issues that can reduce productivity levels to a snail’s pace – and send frustration levels rocketing. Whether you’re after a desk full time or part time, flexible working means you can get one fast – and then stop equally fast should you want to.

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Office space quickly

Out of the blue?

Sometimes you might need to find office space quickly due to an unforeseen event such as an enforced change of work circumstances. Perhaps a new project or tight deadline requires an undisturbed work area or your usual coworking space is shut for the day due to the latest tube strike. In situations like this it’s not always possible to seek refuge at home as family members, space issues or a lack of proper facilities might impede your ability to get urgent tasks done. Luckily, coworking spaces requires next to none notice for hot desk options!

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Unprecedented growth?

If you’re lucky enough to be a business owner that is experiencing exponential growth then you might find yourself in a situation where you need urgent office space to accommodate additional staff to deliver your work.

In all of the above situations a desk at a co-working space could be the right solution for you. Finding an office space through Hubble is fast, flexible and low-risk. You can rent a desk from as little as an hour at a time and there’s no long-term contract to sign, even if you’re looking to locate a whole team.

Simply search for offices using our online portal and tailor your needs by the number of desks required, the price per desk and your preferred location to view results from 1000’s of spaces across London. We’ve got all of the information you need to base your decision online within minutes. Best of all, when speed is of the essence and space is available, you can book a viewing in the morning and be working in a co-working space by lunchtime. Fast office space doesn’t get any faster than this!

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