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HQ Magazine is a must-read for everyone who works, and wants to love where they work.

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HQ Magazine Table of Contents

1. Of Freelancers and Digital Nomads: the Best Coworking Spaces of 2017

The data doesn’t lie. These are our top-viewed coworking spaces with hot desks, fixed desks, and private offices for 2017.

2. Why Building Company Culture is Important for Growth

A great work culture helps contribute to happy and therefore more productive employees. We’ve gathered top tips on how to build great company culture.

3. The Best Tech Tools to Boost Productivity

We all know that focusing while at work is hard, so we’ve rounded up some of the best digital workplace productivity tools.

4. How to Turn Your Office into a Calm, Stress-Free Haven

Work life balance in important and sometimes, we all need to take a breather. We can’t always get away from our desks at a whim, so here’s how to destress while being productive at the same time.

4. The Results Are In: This Is What Employees Want in Their Office in 2018

We asked everyone on our mailing list and in the massive coworking space that we work in about what they want in their office for 2018–and they answered.

5. How Much Office Space Do I Need?

At Hubble, we’re often asked this question and we’ve worked out a simple formula to determine what size of office to choose.

6. Average Prices for Hot and Fixed Desks in London

Again, the data doesn’t lie. From hot desking to fixed desks, we’ve gathered the average desk prices in London from our data and plotted it onto a handy map.

7. The Cheapest Coworking Spaces at Every Tube Stop

We scoured our database and created a handy map showing the cheapest coworking spaces at every tube stop in London.

8. Office Move Checklist

While most flexible working spaces come fully furnished, there’s still a few things to consider when moving office. We’ve created a handy checklist to help you make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

9. London’s Best Areas to Work in 2018 by Industry

From Shoreditch to Soho, these are our expert tips on the best, hottest, and most up and coming places in London to work in for 2018!

10. Proptech: Meeting the Increasing Demand for Flexible Office Space

Digital disruption in the commercial property industry isn’t just about startups creating product for other startups. Companies like Hubble are here to help all businesses take on the Future of Work.

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What You’ll Learn About:

  • The workplace of the future
  • Work-life balance and integration
  • Benefits of flexible working and flexible workspaces
  • London workspace prices–powered by data
  • Tips to take your business from idea to IPO

This work life and business lifestyle magazine discusses how businesses can integrate into the workplace of the future and utilise the benefits of flexible working and workspaces. The workplace of the UK is quickly evolving to include flexible working and coworking in addition to the more traditional models of private and serviced offices.

This magazine uses data that we’ve gathered to show that the workplace of the future is flexible. We talk about the benefits of work life balance and provide tips on how to create great company culture, work life integration, and happy employees.

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