Grow Biotech x HubbleHQ: Finding a New Office Space in Under 48 Hours

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Here at HubbleHQ, we have the privilege of helping really interesting individuals and companies find new office spaces. Recently, we helped Grow Biotech, a medical cannabis company, find a new office and move their 28-person team in under 48 hours!

We sat down with Hari, Chief Operating Officer at Grow Biotech, to learn about their extraordinary company and find out how they use cannabis to help treat patients worldwide. We also spoke to Lana, PA at Grow Biotech, about their experience working with HubbleHQ.

Hi Hari! Can you tell me about Grow Biotech? 

Hari: We are a legal cannabis company – one of the first set up in the UK – focused on evolving medical cannabis science, markets, and technologies. Our research is focused on finding tools and processes that make the cannabis industry more efficient and sophisticated, in order to meet the needs of patients around the world. We are a global team; we have R&D operations in our laboratory in Rothamsted, just North of London, as well as in Calgary, Canada. We also have a commercial team in London, who focus on B2B sales and services.

With the recent legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK (in November 2018), the company has experienced significant growth and we haven’t had much sleep… It is a really exciting time for Grow Biotech and for the global medical cannabis market. The rapid growth of our team meant we outgrew our office space, so in late December, with the help of Hubble, we moved to a bigger office in Fitzrovia.

To learn more, visit Grow Biotech

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How did you hear about HubbleHQ?

Lana: We heard about HubbleHQ through a friend who has a connection with Tushar (co-founder and CEO of HubbleHQ). We checked out HubbleHQ online and immediately loved the user-friendly website.

How did you find the office finding process from start to finish?

Lana: We started off the process by going down the more traditional route, using a broker to help us find an office. We were expecting to move on the last Friday before Christmas, but on the Tuesday before we were supposed to move, the deal fell through. We were without an office and only had 2-3 days to find somewhere else.

We had to start the whole process again, so we decided to try something different. After being recommended HubbleHQ by a friend, we had a look at the website and started filtering our search, making a shortlist of our favourite spaces in Central London. Henry (one of HubbleHQ’s tenant advisors) then helped to arrange five back-to-back viewings on one day. By the end of the day,  we had picked our space and closed the deal. The process was very quick and efficient – so much easier than our original office search.  It’s hard to believe that the viewings took place on Wednesday and we were signed and moved in by Friday.

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How many desks did you book through HubbleHQ?

Hari: We had the option of 14 or 28 desks, and in the end, we decided to go for the bigger space. We really liked the bright, spacious private office and we knew we’d fill the space as our team is rapidly expanding.

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What did you like about the HubbleHQ experience?

Lana: This was our first time booking through HubbleHQ and we really enjoyed the experience. We liked the way the offices were presented and the filtering option. We knew we wanted a private office in a central location, so once we had applied these filters, we were presented with really great options tailored to our wants and needs. This made the initial shortlisting process really easy.

We also loved that when we took space, HubbleHQ donated to the homeless crowdfunding platform ‘Beam’, as part of their December campaign. By using HubbleHQ to help us find a workspace, we were helping homeless people find their way back into work. This made the experience working with HubbleHQ authentic and worthwhile.

Hari: The HubbleHQ experience was very different from our experience working with property brokers. The tenant advisors were really helpful, they weren’t pushy, and we didn’t feel like anything was being hidden from us.


How are you and your team liking the office and the new neighbourhood?

Lana: We were based in Mayfair before but we much prefer it here in Fitzrovia, there’s so much more going on and there are loads of restaurants and bars to choose from. Work.Life put on weekly events, so there’s always something happening in the office. Today, for example, the guys in the office had massages and last Friday we had a pizza and beer night.

Want to be neighbours with Grow Biotech? Browse office spaces in Fitzrovia.


What’s next for Grow Biotech?

Hari: We are going to continue investigating and experimenting with cannabis to develop revolutionary processes, techniques, and tools to bridge the gap between existing cannabis medicines and accepted pharmaceutical standards. We want to educate people about the power of the cannabis plant and also educate doctors who have never had to learn about cannabis medicine during their medical careers (until now).Thanks Hari and Lana!

Are you outgrowing your space? Do you need to move your team to a new office and fast? HubbleHQ can help you move offices in under 48 hours!


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