Hubble x ClickMechanic: Finding a Flexible Workplace Solution That Works

The Hubble Team
The Hubble Team|

At Hubble, we’re here to make hybrid working easy. 

Since relaunching as the world’s first hybrid workplace platform back in 2021, we’ve supported thousands of companies in their journey to configure a bespoke hybrid workplace solution that actually works for their team. 

…and one of these lovely customers is ClickMechanic!

ClickMechanic x Hubble

We’ve known ClickMechanic for a while. Not only did we share the same coworking space back in 2012, but they also took us up on our offer of a one-month trial of the Hubble Pass—and they haven’t looked back since.

The Hubble Pass is a flexible membership that enables you and your team to access a global network of on-demand workspace. This includes day passes for coworking space, private day offices, meeting rooms by the hour, and event space.

So, here’s ClickMechanic’s story told by Louanne Dias, Marketing Executive at ClickMechanic. Let’s go!

First thing’s first…can you tell us a little about ClickMechanic? 

Louanne: ClickMechanic was founded in 2012 as a simple solution to the age-old problem of getting an honest and trustworthy mechanic for your car.

ClickMechanic is making car care easy for everyone in the UK by facilitating an easy and trusted car repair experience for both drivers and mechanics through its industry-first platform.

We’ve connected hundreds of thousands of drivers and thousands of mechanics, helping car owners maintain their vehicles whilst enabling mechanics to grow their businesses without any hassle.

What challenges were you facing that made you decide to use Hubble? 

Louanne: Like many other startups and companies, we started working remotely when the first lockdown came into effect in March 2020.

As the months progressed, and with government guidance continuing to signal a preference for working from home and consulting with the team, a decision was made to give up our London office and go fully-remote.

To keep our team spirit alive and nurture a sense of community in those challenging times we introduced a range of activities and initiatives for the team to take part in.

Let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do within the borders of a 15-inch screen! As a result, we were keen to provide the team with an opportunity to connect face-to-face through a flexible and optional coworking space—and that’s why we chose Hubble.

What is your company’s current workplace strategy, and what did you use Hubble for?

Louanne: Prior to the pandemic, we were an office-first company where a few of our team members also worked remotely, but since March 2020, we’re a remote-first company. Most of the team is based out of the London and Greater London area. 

With Hubble, the team has had an opportunity to meet, engage, and collaborate in person at least once a week at various (and very unique!) locations in the city, which has been fantastic, especially as a way to bond with the newer members in the company.

How are you and your team liking your new workplace setup? 

Huckletree- Soho

Some team members use the Hubble Pass to break away from the mundanity that can sometimes come with working from home and spending hours in the same space every day.

Others use it to work on projects within sub-teams that could benefit from some face-to-face interaction and provide an extra boost during the workweek and also impart fresh perspectives.

What stood out for you about using Hubble?

Louanne: The team is located in different corners of the city so the choice of locations available on Hubble was something that was immediately appreciated by the team. 

Another benefit the team enjoys is the feeling of not being tied down to one location. The team explores new spaces each time it uses the Hubble Pass, thus networking and connecting with other professionals whilst getting the opportunity to explore new neighbourhoods in London.

Hubble’s platform provides the team with a comprehensive overview of usage and it’s very easy to navigate, giving the team the autonomy to work when and where they choose!

It’s also worth highlighting that the Slack integration is a nice little feature that allows the team to link up when the opportunity arises.

Want to find out more about how the Hubble Slack integration works? This blog has got you covered.

How did you hear about Hubble? 

Louanne: As it happens, when ClickMechanic first started in 2012, our co-founders were in the same shared office space as Hubble as they were alumni of Entrepreneur First.

Fast forward to the post-pandemic world, we were invited to try out the Hubble Pass for a month.

And finally…what’s next for ClickMechanic? 

Louanne: As we continue to grow and push limits to heighten our presence as a disruptor in the car care industry, our teams will also continue to see growth. 

Our understanding of work setups and working environments has changed in the post-COVID world and will continue to evolve. Having a partner such as Hubble will be key in this process and we’re excited to see what’s to come!

We’ve launched the Hubble Partners Hub, an online space filled with companies specialising in hybrid and remote working. Keen to discover what’s on offer? Check it out now!

Keen to discover more customer stories?

It’s been over two years since ‘hybrid working’ took the world of work by storm. We’ve seen a whole bunch of success stories, experiments and even U-turns, as companies worldwide implement bespoke hybrid strategies to empower each of their employees.

As such, different companies have responded in very different ways.

So, we’ve compiled a selection of case studies from our most famous customers—SpecsaversHolland and Barrett and Chilly’s, to name a few—for you cherry-pick ideas from. Each of their chosen solutions has been tried, tested and implemented successfully through Hubble’s flagship products.

These include Hubble HQ (for those who’d like to rent flexible workspace by the month or longer), the Hubble Pass (for those who’d like to book on-demand workspace by the day or hour), and the Workplace Strategy Tool (a free-to-use questionnaire to discover how your team would like to work). 

So, why not draw inspiration from a few our customers? We’re sure they won’t mind. Download your free copy today at the link below!

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