The 5 best kept secrets to fill your empty desks

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So you’ve already made one smart decision by listing (or at least showing an interest in the listing) your spare desks on HubbleHQ. Another smart choice would be to check out the following secret tips. We’ve rounded up the best pieces of advice from our top hosts and decided to share them for our entire community to see. Whether you’re a rookie or have years of experience, they are definitely worth checking out…


  1. Leverage the fear of missing out

50% off first month’s rent if you sign up within 5 days of viewing

As humans, we are afraid of change and in particular, we are afraid of loss. Choosing the right office is not only a gamble but also a financial and time commitment. Understandably, businesses can, therefore, take a while to decide on their new home. However, as a host, time is money. Empty desks do not deliver profit. That is why a limited time offer is a highly recommended tool to use. Its effect is to make change feel easier by reducing the financial commitment, but it also works by sparking fear of missing out.


  1. Stand out from the crowd

Psychologists believe that it takes less than a second to form a first impression, so your listing needs to wow businesses straight away. Spend time creating an accurate reflection of the space by taking awesome photos and writing a clear and concise description.

Taking great pictures is the best way to attract attention amongst the crowd. A top tip is to use bright lighting and make the space appear as large and clutter-free as possible. Our in-house photographers are always happy to help, so if your photography skills are not quite up to scratch, feel free to get in touch.

The 5 best kept secrets to fill your empty desks

A good description should list the facilities, talk about other residing companies and mention any offers. Any key points that are not mentioned will only be asked numerous times by prospective tenants. So to save having to repeat yourself, just write it on the listing.

  1. Don’t delay, respond today

Imagine visiting your usual lunch place and facing a 2-hour queue to order. Waiting that long would surely put you off, especially when there are tons of other lunch spots nearby. Now liken that to Hubble. Unless a prospective tenant is really keen on viewing your space, the longer they would have to wait, the more they’d be put off viewing. Therefore, quick responses and flexible viewing times are key to keeping businesses engaged.

It’s worth pointing out that our listings are also ranked to some extent by response time and response rate. So responding quickly to an enquiry not only gives a good impression to the enquirer but it also makes you more visible to potential enquirers in the future.

  1. Prepare the table

Creating a good listing is still not enough. Nearly all tenants will view a space before making a decision. This part of the process clearly relies heavily on observation, as it is largely what tenants see that influences their decision.

So prior to their arrival, spend a few minutes preparing the space by removing any unnecessary clutter from the workspace and surrounding areas. Displaying clean unused desks is much more appealing and inviting than desks with food stains and bits of paper scattered everywhere.

Turning on all the lights is another great way to prepare. Bright and shiny objects are not only easier to see but are also much more appealing to the human eye.

  1. Practice your pitch

Unfortunately, space does not sell itself. You’ve got to pitch it to your prospective tenants: so how you come across strongly influences their decision, especially if you’ll be sharing the space. It’s therefore important that you try to build a good tenant-host relationship.

On a wider scale, they’ll also be looking for the right community. Showing an interest in their company as well as introducing them to like-minded individuals within your own current setup is a good way of displaying this.

Give viewers the opportunity to voice their own opinions and ask questions. Providing answers at the viewing should speed up a decision. Drop a message to the prospective tenants straight after the viewing, reiterating any points such as a limited time discount. This not only leaves the ball in their court but it also provides a simple way for them to give an answer. If they need time to decide, show your interest in them by following up regularly.

The 5 best kept secrets to fill your empty desks


The secret is out – you now know the best techniques used by some of the biggest and most experienced Hubble hosts around. Just remember to incorporate as many of the tips as you can but at the same time keep the process really clear and simple to follow. Finally, the Hubble team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have; to quote Dumbledore, “help will always be given to those who ask for it”. But unlike Hogwarts, here at HubbleHQ it’s a lot easier to find.


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