How Boxclever Revolutionised Their Business with Hubble On-Demand

Helena Sampayo
Helena Sampayo|

From employee wellbeing to boosting productivity, discover how Boxclever revolutionised their business with on-demand workspace.

Here’s an inside look into their success story!

  • Boxclever took a full-time office with Hubble, but also decided to unleash their employees’ freedom to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Boxclever’s 29 employees regularly use Hubble On-Demand to access coworking spaces, meeting rooms and private day offices across over 1,000 locations worldwide.
  • Since using Hubble On-Demand, Boxclever has kept employees happy and productive by allowing them to access quality workspace in prime locations such as London, Manchester, Leeds and York, as well as over the globe.

How Boxclever’s innovative approach to workspace delivers the ultimate convenience for employees 💪

For some time now, forward-thinking leaders worldwide have been pushing for increased workplace flexibility — which is no surprise since many employees crave autonomy and choice.

Today, knowledge workers want to work on their terms. And by offering increased flexibility, you can cultivate a culture where employees feel valued and their most productive selves.  

But this level of convenience extends beyond employee happiness; it can also help employers save significant money on office rent. 

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Boxclever! With Hubble, Boxclever keeps employees happy and engaged by offering them freedom in where they work. 

Say hello to Boxclever! An award-winning market research agency streamlining employee productivity and cost-savings  💸

Boxclever is an independent and experienced market research agency. As an award-winning business, Boxclever’s primary goal is to help their clients get the most out of every piece of information they collect from customers. 

They do this by providing support with their branding, customer experience, pricing, market segmentation and overall marketing effectiveness to ensure they’re in the best shape possible. 

And while Boxclever have some impressive clients under their belts, including the likes of Virgin Media, The Guardian, The AA and Boots, they also pride themselves on creating a happy and talented team with wellbeing at its core. 

That’s why they’ve always operated with a culture of autonomy — as long as the work gets done efficiently and to a high standard, their employees are free to work where, when and how they want. 

Unleashing autonomy and freedom: Why Boxclever opted for a more flexible approach to workspace

Like many hybrid companies, Boxclever’s 29 employees all have the freedom and trust in choosing when and where they want to work from — and in this hybrid era of work, this has never been more crucial. 

We’ve known for some time now that flexibility, autonomy and choice is the number one demand for employees worldwide. For employers who stand firm in the belief that returning to the office five days a week is the only option, the risk of struggling to retain and attract talent increases.

But for more flexible companies — like Boxclever — a hybrid offering allows them to deliver a workplace experience that truly prioritises the wellbeing of their employees. In fact, this has been something Boxclever has always championed, dating back to when they were founded. 

“When the company was established, the goal was simple — to deliver great work without having to sacrifice our personal lives”, says Alice Hesmondhalgh, Office Manager at Boxclever. And for Boxclever, the workspace environment plays an important role in this. 

Boosting employee happiness: How Boxclever Marketing’s on-demand workspace strategy transformed employee wellbeing  💪

As a proud Yorkshire business, Boxclever is renting a full-time HQ in Central Leeds — an office that every employee can use whenever they want. “We wanted to create a sense of community and a fun place in which to work and grow”, says Alice. 

But the chunky commute proved to be a challenge for their Northwest employees — employees who were keen to spend more time face-to-face to connect and collaborate. This, coupled with the fact the team were travelling more to visit clients and attend events, Boxclever began exploring alternate solutions to workspace to boost employee wellbeing. 

This was when Boxclever met Hubble. They loved that Hubble On-Demand offered an expansive selection of workspaces and locations that weren’t only convenient and high-quality. “There are countless amazing workspaces and locations to choose from across the globe, with spaces ranging from coworking to private day offices when there’s a large group”, says Alice. 

Hubble On-Demand is a workspace membership enabling businesses of all sizes to offer their employees great spaces to work. These types of workspaces are available on-demand, meaning they can be booked by the day or hour wherever and whenever they’re needed. 

“One of the big pluses has been the team’s ability to freely book into workspaces”, says Alice. “This has made it much more accessible and has facilitated more face time with colleagues who would traditionally spend more time remote working”.

For Boxclever, this has completely revolutionised employee wellbeing:

“Hubble On-Demand has absolutely improved my work life. I don’t have to spend 2.5 hours commuting to the office to have some face-to-face time, I can spend 30 minutes getting into Manchester and meet up with some of my colleagues who live in this area.”

“We’ve already spent time visiting all of the options and working out which ones have our favourite rooms, couches, and tea collections. I genuinely look forward to my Manchester Tuesdays now as I get to see people and socialise without the stress of having to find a group of empty seats in a coffee shop.”

Bethan Blakeley, Research Director at Boxclever

For me personally, it affords me more flexibility in picking a location that might be more convenient for taking an exercise class over my lunch or meeting up with friends for a quick coffee.”

Kate Skivington, Research Director at Boxclever.  

Embrace convenience and boost employee wellbeing with Hubble 

Looking for ways to optimise your workplace and empower your team? Take a leaf out of Boxclever’s book and explore how Hubble can help you innovate your approach to workspace:

On-Demand Workspace

With Hubble On-Demand, your team can enjoy a workspace membership that gives them access to great spaces to work, including coworking spaces, private day offices, meeting rooms and event space

You’ll only pay for what you use, and we’ll roll over unused credits to the following month, so you’ll get your money’s worth. No commitments. No wastage. No need to sign a long-term lease that doesn’t serve your scalability. 

Full-Time Offices

Looking to flexibly rent a company HQ that all employees can access? Our advisory team at HubbleHQ can help. 

With Hubble HQ, you can rent flexible office space by the month or longer. Finding your next office with Hubble is free, and we have over 5,000 offices in London available on our platform with real-time availability information. 

 You’ll also secure the best rates with our unrivalled market data and relationships with the top workspace providers worldwide. A dedicated advisor will be assigned to manage your search, arrange viewings and negotiate on your behalf, allowing you to save internal resources.

Part-Time Offices

You read that right. With Hubble, you and your team can access your very own office, two of three days a week.

This has never been an option for businesses before, so we’re thrilled to be delivering a product which can help businesses save up to 65% on the cost of a full-time office, whilst still positioning themselves in one of London’s top workspaces.

For more information on Hubble Part-Time Offices, head to this page right here:

Keen to give your team access to great places to work? Head to our homepage or contact for more information. Our solutions flex with your workspace needs, and we’re confident they’ll help you save money and budget towards the things that matter most!

Introducing: Part-time Offices

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