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As you all know, the London Underground service and unions have failed to come together to agree on pay and the new night time services hours. As a result, it has caused loads of commotion and traffic everywhere in Central London due to the fact that the Tube system stopped its services at 18:30 on Wednesday and continues until 21:30 on Thursday! We can all look at this and be angry because we have to change our daily habits for a day but you can also use it as a great excuse to work from home! That’s why I’ve created this list to showcase some of the best home office setups.


1. Net Bed Setup

This guy right here has the right idea. He’s skipping the Tube strike by sleeping through it. He probably didn’t do any work that day. He thinks his personal office is the best place in the world so he decided to sleep there as well. This setup is a very crafty idea and I commend his efforts for creating one of the better office spaces I’ve seen!

Net Bed

2. The Office Pod

Take my money right now. I would never go to my actual office if I had this in my backyard. In fact, everybody would rather work in this pod than make the commute to work. You’ll be able to water your garden for a work break instead of surfing Facebook posts for something remotely interesting, and for that this home office makes this list!

Office Pod

3. Screens Galore

Wow, I can watch a show, scroll through Twitter, browse through Amazon and dedicate one screen to work. This guy has it made when it comes to computer screens. I’m pretty sure he went and bought a bunch of screens just because he can.  If you have a deadline due in 5 hours and the Underground strike prevents you from going to work, you may have an advantage of working at home here than at your office!


4. The Office Truck

Another crafty idea which helped it get on the list. Plus, it’s half of a truck in your personal home! This guy must really love trucks, but more power to him because he’s made himself an awesome office. This truck won’t be able to get you to work, but you can definitely get some work done inside of it.

Bus Office

5. Beach Office

This guy has found a way to work and be on holiday at the same time. This is revolutionary. After you see this blog, I’m pretty sure you’re going on Google to see how to make one of these for yourself. I don’t know why this guy would ever leave his home for work when he has this. He needs sunscreen, a beach ball, and a bathing suit and he’ll really be “working”.

Beach office

6. Ocean View

This office has a nice contemporary touch with a gorgeous view. I wouldn’t feel bad staying home for work just to sit in here and look out of that window. This is a toned down office compared to others on the list but the view and setup of the room is perfect!


7. The Natural Office

If you would rather be at Hyde Park or Regent’s Park instead of work, then this is the home office for you. The Tube service won’t be able to take you anywhere, but no fret, this office provides all the natural greenery you need in your day!


8. Mini Desk

What is up with people and taking vehicles and turning them into desks? I don’t know what it is but it’s great. This Mini won’t be hijacking gold any time soon but it is providing a desk for a person to work on. This is another creative and crafty idea that helps it make this list. My main concern is, how did they fit the car into their house or flat. That’s the most impressive part.


9. The Man Cave

This is a grown man’s dream. He can get work done from home then grab a cold beer and play some pinball or lay back and watch some television. The contemporary look and the addition of the pinball machine got this room on this list! It seems like a great place to work and relax, especially if things get busy at the office.


10. The Brown Room

As you’re watching the stock tickers all day, you’re going to need a break. This home office provides all the necessities to accommodate just that. Granted, I’d rather be watching a football game than the news. Also, you can even crawl in that little sofa and take a nap if you’re tired after your “long” and “exhausting” day.


You have now seen 10 of the best home setups around. I hope the Underground didn’t give you too much trouble but for now, I hope you enjoyed looking at these offices.



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