How to Prep Your Space for a Photoshoot

  1. Please ensure that everything is photo-ready before the photographer arrives. This includes tidying up individual desks, stacking papers away, and making sure that there is nothing that might delay the shoot, such as clutter in the hallways.
  1. If possible, try to allow around 30 minutes either side of your scheduled time slot to allow for any unforeseen circumstances (problems with public transport etc.). Some shoots also naturally take longer than others!
  1. Do let everyone in the office know that a photographer will be coming, and that they may be in the photos. It’s always a good idea to get people involved in shots—it really helps to bring the set alive and give the office more of a real-life feel…so the more people that feature in the photos, the better!
  1. Make sure that meeting rooms have been booked out for a short period of time within the shoot so that the photographer can take the photos of them, too. This should only take around 5 minutes or so, but it is important to take shots of any space that potential tenants will have access to - and it won’t be possible to come back another time.
  1. Check that all of the light bulbs are working! This may sound silly, but the quality of photos can really suffer when only half of them are working. This includes side lights, lamps etc...the more lights that can be turned on, the more inviting the space looks.
  1. We require 24 hours advance notice for changes and cancellations. Due to scheduling purposes and out of respect for our photographer's time, we ask that if you must postpone or cancel your shoot to give us at least 24 hours of advance notice.
  1. Please note that the following terms and conditions apply with regards to image usage:
    1. Any photos taken by Hubble are copyrighted and owned by Hubble.
    2. You may use the photos for your own needs, but when doing so please credit @HubbleHQ or backlink to your listing page.
    3. Please do not post the photos on any other 3rd party listing site to promote your space
  1. Finally, we love quirky, unique office features at Hubble, so make sure that you let the photographer know about them! All of the photos come together to capture the feel of the place.