HubbleHQ host first “Wizards of Ops” event: Creating Wellness in the Workplace

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|

A huge thank you to everybody who came to our very first Wizards of Ops event on Tuesday evening! It was fantastic to be joined by so many awesome ops people, from such a variety of companies and roles, all keen to learn more about the theme of “Creating Wellness in the Workplace”.

The very aim of the WOO community is to provide the most useful resources and opportunities to people working in operations roles – those people who, in every business, are the ones who truly “get stuff done” – and it was amazing to see so many come together in one room.


Wellness in the workplace is a topic that we at HubbleHQ feel really strongly about – it’s at the core of our ambition to create a world where everybody enjoys going to work. And as firm believers in practicing what we preach, it is a fundamental element of our own internal culture. As such, we were very excited to have two awesome speakers share their expertise with us – Jen Christie, Founder and CEO of Rise Well and Wellbeing Brand Ambassador for Leon Restaurants, and Nic Pryke, Creative Director at Oktra, discussing how office design can impact health and wellbeing. Two essential elements of workplace wellbeing, both covered eloquently by two experienced professionals.


Particularly important takeaways from Jen included a reminder of the sheer prevalence of chronic mental health disorders (1 in 4 people have one), powerful personal stories, and essential tips for creating a workplace that supports the mental welfare of its teams – no matter how big or small you are. Meanwhile from Nic’s side, it was fascinating to hear the ins-and-outs of wellbeing from an office design point-of-view. Astonishing statistics – such as the fact that 64% of employees are interrupted up to 20 times a day, and that 82% of workers believe there is a connection between office morale and the amount of natural light in an office – really hammering home the importance of dedicating time and effort to prioritising wellbeing in office design.


Keep your eye on our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to catch more of their talks in action and details on how to implement their tips in your own workplace.

Following such a fantastic response to our first event, we’re extremely excited for the next event in the series. Keep your eyes peeled on the Wizards of Ops Facebook and LinkedIn groups for all of the details.


Many thanks to those who joined us – and looking forward to seeing even more of you at the next event! 


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