Fancy winning up to £100 for a lunch delivery from Deliveroo for your entire team? Or prefer a £100 Pret voucher? Either way, we’re giving a damn tasty prize to the victor of the #deskview challenge.

Take a couple of seconds to enter and win your team the lunch they deserve!

…When you come to share an office with someone, whether it be a fellow colleague or someone from another company working in the same office space, it’s surprising just how well you get to know them.

We’re all creatures of habit, and a person’s desk can be quite revealing. Empty cereal bowls, paper Pret a Manger bags strewn aside, green tea bags, the bike helmet – all give a person away. Take a look around your office now, whose desk can you spot? Whose desk would you be able to spot even if you didn’t know who sat where?

Tidy desk office challenge 2

When we first choose or are assigned our desk, after fighting over who’s got the better view of the office or the city, we go to great lengths to make sure we keep it looking neat and tidy. Never mind the fact we’ve stuffed all the important things we need in a drawer, so long as we’ve got our ‘funny’ mug, fresh notepad and stress ball set perfectly around our keyboard, we’re happy. Our desks look cool and we feel slick and professional.

Untidy desk office challenge

Of course, give it a few weeks and it all goes to pot. Early starts, long days and hectic schedules mean desks can often become a dumping ground for half eaten lunches, scribbles, tea cup stains, brown banana skins (you know who you are) and even the occasional beer bottle. It’s got us over here at Hubble HQ curious – is every office home to such a variety of desks?

We want to know what your desk looks like, what/who you can see from your desk and whose desk you think is just unbearably outrageous – and we’re willing to reward you for your efforts with a £100 Pret voucher.

Random desk office challenge2

Award for most random desk objects goes to…

So, go and snap Phil from HR’s creepy cactus collection whilst he’s in the loo, show your neighbour up by photographing yesterday’s plate of toast crusts still on her desk, take a picture of who you can spy between your screens. Most importantly, get adventurous!

We’re going to pick our favourite on Friday 28th before 5pm, so share your pictures with us on Twitter @HubbleHQ #DeskView #OfficeChallenge. Watch out, someone might just be snapping your desk too…


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