Why You Should Try Working From Abroad…from Those Who Have Done It

Will Langston
Will Langston|

Chances are, you’ve thought about doing a stint working from abroad before. But maybe you’ve not quite plucked up the courage to book those flights and jet off into the unknown.

Well, what if we told you that working from abroad can help your job performance in ways that you can’t quite tap into when going through the motions back home?

Not only does it give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons from cultural and professional standpoints, it shows your current (and prospective) employer that you’re confident and comfortable when faced with new challenges.

Are you back on Skyscanner yet? If not, here are some words of encouragement from those that have spent time working from abroad.

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Chris, Head of Finance, London

Where have you worked from abroad?

Cape Town, South Africa.

Where did you work whilst you were out there? 


Africaworks, Cape Town

Why did you decide to work from abroad? 

I’m originally from Cape Town and all my family still live there. After not being able to travel home for more than two years during the pandemic, I went home for seven weeks.

I was able to work remotely for the most part, but also have some time off and spend lots of quality time with my family and friends. Having access to high quality coworking spaces with air-con and fast WiFi was a huge perk and really helped maintain my productivity and focus.

What’s your favourite thing about working from abroad? 

Skipping the worst part of the UK winter! I worked from Cape Town over January and February in 30 degree heat and sunshine.

Cape Town, South Africa

Nathalie, Onboarding Manager, London

Where have you worked from abroad? 

Paris and Lisbon using the Hubble Pass!

Where did you work whilst you were out there? 

I worked in Anticafé and Coworkshop whilst in Paris. I also worked at The Base Cowork, LACS, Second Home and Resvés Cowork in Lisbon.

Second Home, Lisbon

Why did you decide to work from abroad? 

I went to Portugal for two months earlier this year for a change of scenery, and to explore a new city in a country I really love! I was working remotely whilst I was there and used the Hubble Pass a few times each month.

What’s your favourite thing about working from abroad?

My favourite part of working from abroad is being able to work in a different setting to London, meet new people and integrate into a new culture. I also enjoy not just being on holiday, but being able to work in the same way as I would back home.

Trams in Lisbon, Portugal

I think if you’re enjoying your surroundings and are excited by them, your overall productivity increases! Especially when Lisbon is a lot sunnier and pleasant in the winter than London…

Niall, Head of Business Development, London

Where have you worked from abroad?

France, Spain, New York and Holland.

Where did you work whilst you were out there?

I worked from a combination of coworking spaces and home/hotels.

Why did you decide to work from abroad?

I mainly wanted to be close to family but also enjoy new surroundings and get involved in other sports/adventures outside of work.

What’s your favourite thing about working from abroad?

It really has changed my mindset. Being away allows me to make sure I have quality time inside and outside of work.

I’m very close to my family and having this opportunity to work whilst being close to them means the world. I found myself sitting with a coffee in the morning overlooking the Pyrenees thinking “wow, this is going to be a good day”.

The Pyrenees

Living in a new environment or country, you see how other cultures balance work and life. You can then take these learnings and apply them to your own life. Working from abroad has definitely altered my way of working and makes me remember that life is a journey where you create the adventures.

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