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The Top 10 Most Searched For Office Facilities

Addie Lalande
Addie Lalande|Updated October 4th 2019

Everyone has a wish list in mind when looking for office space, from the practical to the peculiar. Office amenities today extend beyond traditional desk-space and boardrooms to include quirky add-ons like rock climbing walls and sleeping pods. But when it comes down to it, our data shows that getting the basics right is still at the top of everyone’s list. Here are Hubble’s 10 most searched for office facilities:


1. Wifi

internet connection

No surprise here: being connected is important to all. In a study conducted by Deloitte, 33% of 1,400 CFOs listed the ability to work remotely as the most influential factor in attracting top talent. Work is simply no longer tied down to a physical location. A reliable Internet connection is essential for ensuring that collaboration stretches beyond office walls. Nowadays most London offices are equipped with fibre optic broadband that deliver lightning-fast Internet speeds.

Search for offices with ninja-fast WiFi here.  

2. 24/7 access

24/7 office access

The days of the 9-5 culture are fading fast. The startup world has been quick to embrace ‘flexible working’: the idea that employees work the hours that are most suited to them and their lifestyles. While one employee may prefer to start their day at 7 AM after an early morning gym session, another may be a night owl. The ability to work nontraditional hours can boost both productivity and morale, which is why many start-ups and SMEs look for office space with 24/7 access.

These London spaces with 24/7 access are still available.

3. Meeting rooms

meeting rooms

At Google, Marissa Mayer held 70 meetings per week.  Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman meets with his direct reports one-on-one every week. In fact, research shows that execs spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings. When used effectively, meetings can spark creative ideas, team spirit and the opportunity to get vital, real-time feedback. Businesses logically need somewhere to hold these meetings, hence why many spaces offer unlimited access to beautifully-designed meeting rooms.

Check out office spaces with access to meeting rooms.

4. Kitchen

office kitchen wework

The rise of cafe culture has turned the kitchen into the heart of many businesses. With barista-quality coffee on tap, the office kitchen becomes a place where employees from all teams can clear their heads, take a break from their screens and socialize. Start-ups especially understand that creative ideas come more easily in an environment where employees feel relaxed and many office kitchens are designed to achieve just that. Some coworking spaces even offer free beverages, fruit and snacks as an added bonus.

See what the kitchens of London workspaces look like.

5. Breakout space

networks islington

Finding a space where employees can connect and collaborate away from their desks is once again a priority for many office seekers. Non-traditional breakout spaces include Forge & Co.’s rooftop garden, WeWork’s family rooms, Runway East’s putting green and Shed’s on-site cafe.

These offices have some of the nicest breakout spaces in London. 

6. Pet-friendly

office dog

Bringing dogs to work can lower stress and increase employee satisfaction, so it makes sense that the likes of Mashable, Google, Amazon and Etsy have adopted a ‘pet-friendly’ culture. There are tons of London spaces that will love Fido almost as much as you do including The Soho Business Club, Airspace and Huckletree.  

Browse more pet-friendly workspaces here.

7. Printing

office printer

This facility definitely falls into the “practical” category, but the trend in prioritizing printing facilities is set to change in upcoming years. New technologies and increased environmental awareness have pushed many businesses (including Google and Deloitte) to become paperless or paper-light offices. It’s worth noting, however, that businesses in creative industries especially will likely always need access to high-quality printers in their workspaces.

These workspaces have printing facilities at your disposal.

8. Furnished

office furniture

Office furniture sets the tone for a company’s culture and performance. While a cool office design will impress clients and future talent, it’s also important that a workspace be usable for the team. Plus freelancers and early-stage startups are typically unwilling to shell out thousands of dollars to fit out a space. That’s why finding a furnished office space that balances look and practicality is so important. Plug-and-play offices with enviable designs include Net.Works., The Boutique Workplace and WorkPad.

Search available furnished offices here.

9. Showers

office showers

Studies show that adults who commute by bike are 45% less likely to get cancer, 46% less susceptible to heart disease and 41% less likely of dying prematurely from any cause (despite the dangers of being an urban cyclist). New ways of commuting and an increased desire to exercise during work hours could explain why businesses are keen to find offices with on-site showers and locker rooms.

Look up where you can you shower at work.

10. Cleaning

office cleaning

Serviced offices remove all the stress of managing a workspace, offering a range of extras including (more often than not) cleaning services. A clean office is good for productivity and makes work more enjoyable for everyone. It makes sense that office seekers don’t want to worry about who’s going to vacuum the floors and dust the desks at the end of a hard day’s work.  

These workspaces offer cleaning services.


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