The Coolest Wall Murals for Office Design Inspiration

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Our pick of the best creative wall murals to add some colour and personality to your office space. 


One of our favourite things about finding the perfect office for a business is seeing how they make it their own. We like to think of an office as a home for your team, and creating a space that reflects your culture only helps to bring that to life. Office design has changed a lot over the decades, but in the last few years, we’ve seen painted murals shift from brick walls to board rooms—adding a colourful flourish of brand personality to what would’ve otherwise been an empty space. Here are the companies and artists collaborating to make the most of a blank canvas. 

Threadless x Junk Yard

Threadless t-shirts are all about art and the same goes for their office (even the bathrooms). They teamed up with LA-based Illustrator, Junk Yard, to create this Nosferatu-inspired ‘portal’ around their studio elevator. 


Discover Junk Yard’s work and check out more of Threadless’ office murals here

WorkLife London Fields x Luke Embden


With free pizza, bottomless coffee and a great location, there’s already so much to love about WorkLife London Fields. Just a short walk from Broadway Market, they brought in local artist, Luke Embden to create a mural inspired by the iconic neighbourhood in one of their meeting rooms. With a nod to the lido and some of the best coffee spots in the area, it’s like a snapshot of London Fields, all on one wall. 

Check out Luke Embden’s work and find the perfect space for your business at WorkLife London Fields

Kalon Tech x Kosko Kosko

Kalon Tech worked with Ukraine-based Illustrator, Kosko Kosko, to create a visual mantra for their developer’s office. Bursting with colour and characters, this full-wall mural is sure to brighten up any Monday morning. Plus, Kosko Kosko’s creative process is nothing short of wizardry. 


View the full Kalon Tech x Kosko Kosko project

RPM x Nathan Evans


If there’s ever a phrase to inspire you to get things done, it’s this one. Award-winning creative agency, RPM, commissioned Mural Artist, Nathan Evans, to create this hand-painted lettering masterpiece in their office. Big, bold and loud—who knew a mural could be so motivating? 

See more of Nathan’s work and check out RPM

MadeBrave x Richard Davis x Rachel E Millar x Craig Black

MadeBrave: Brand Values – Amigos Without Egos from MadeBrave on Vimeo.

For Glasgow-based branding agency, MadeBrave, creativity exists in everyone. So, they commissioned three Scottish mural artists to bring three of their brand values to life on their walls. The first, a Mexican-inspired homage to ‘amigos without egos’ by Richard Davies, followed by a bold mural by Rachel E Miller that brings bravery to their boardroom and a welcoming reception mural by Craig Black that quotes none other than Buzz Lightyear himself. We love that their brand values are visible for everyone to see


See more work from Richard, Rachel, and Craig, plus learn more about MadeBrave

Mindspace Aldgate x Michela Picchi

“We believe business is not just about work, it’s also about inspiration. We create a stimulating atmosphere for your team to release their imagination. We scour local flea markets for one-off artefacts, hand pick vintage furniture, commission local artists, build towering bookcases, and paint the walls with thought-provoking messages. We create an environment that lets your clients think outside the box and reach new heights.”


Mindspace has made no exception with its Aldgate space. The full building is accented with art, but there’s no getting away from their iconic tiger mural in the breakout area. Created by artist Michela Picchi, it proves once and for all that (work) life is better in colour. 

Discover more of Michela’s work and find your space at Mindspace Aldgate.

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