Meet Some of the Most Sustainable Office Space Providers in the UK

Will Langston
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Employees today are placing a massive amount of importance on climate change. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Cardiff University showed 25% of respondents viewing climate change as the biggest issue facing Britain for the next 20 years. The same survey saw just 2% of respondents holding this view back in 2016.

This illustrates a clear shift in public attitude, with many now demanding firmer action against climate change. Businesses everywhere are feeling this pressure and are subsequently laying out ambitious sustainability pledges so they can do their bit to tackle climate change.

Here, we showcase what some of the most sustainable office space providers in the UK are doing to help.

Second Home 🏡

Certified B Corp, Second Home, can pride itself on upholding the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. But this doesn’t come without hard work and dedication.

The environment has been at the heart of Second Home’s every move right from the beginning. Well aware of how much nature can enhance our lives, it’s gone to incredible lengths to pack out its pollinator-friendly spaces with greenery, and it continues to actively seek out new ways to reduce its overall footprint.

Second Home, Holland Park

If you’ve had the pleasure of working in a Second Home, you’ll likely have noticed that, architecturally, it always prefers to repair and inject new life into forgotten buildings than it does starting from scratch. This drastically reduce its carbon footprint across its coworking spaces.

Second Home, London Fields

Beyond this, Second Home’s architects are always pushing to develop new ways to better their carbon footprint. The ‘bubble roof’ at its Holland Park location is a prime example of this, responding to the weather real-time, reducing the need for energy intensive heating and cooling. The roof in Lisbon is just as creative, opening automatically at night to let cool air in before trapping it again just before sunrise.

Although we could talk about Second Home’s architectural innovation forever, we’ll round off with one last anecdote: it’s created LA’s densest urban forest. That’s right, by taking an old car park and planting 6,500 native Californian trees and plants. This is, of course, great for biodiversity, but also everyone that uses the Second Home in Los Angeles.

Second Home, Los Angeles


With 14 spaces dotted across London, premium office space provider, Fora, believes achieving net zero carbon by 2030 is not merely possible, but imperative. 

And with real estate responsible for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, it’s well aware of the important role it has to play to reduce its footprint.

In order to create long-term positive outcomes for the planet, Fora uses 100% renewable energy and certified carbon neutral gas in all of its spaces, utilising on-site energy generation where possible.

Fora, Soho

It has also installed ample cycling facilities in its buildings and has partnered with Brompton Bikes to offer all residents discounted cycle hire and repairs.

Fora, Clerkenwell

And finally, Fora’s ‘zero waste to landfill’ plan ensures that it’s reducing and reusing as much as possible. Recycling everything from food to batteries, it’s already achieved an impressive 60% recycling rate across all of its buildings on average.

Uncommon ⚗️

Uncommon, with four spaces in London, strives everyday to create truly sustainable environments for its members, teams and partners to thrive in.

As part of this, it’s developed its very own Environment, Social and Governance strategy, which lays out ambitious targets to combat climate change.

These targets are largely centred around:

  1. Improving its climate impact through reducing its emissions 💨
  2. Achieving net zero 🌿
  3. Becoming carbon negative 🌎

It also wants to work in more sustainable buildings so it can improve its building efficiency, provide members with low-carbon options and use better materials across the board.

Uncommon, Fulham

Beyond this, it plans to collaborate with ethical suppliers, setting new suppliers and actively engaging them.

But, of course, Uncommon’s ambitious goals can’t be achieved all on their own. That’s why it plans to support its members by educating them on the issues facing our planet so everyone is equipped with the tools they need to help them reduce their impact and embed sustainability within their practices.

House of Transformation 🦎

Independent office provider, House of Transformation, is building an ecosystem of regenerative places and projects that enable people of all ages and cultures to live and work with greater wellbeing, purpose and connection to nature.

The design brief for its Hoxton branch was to create a space that was not only flexible but also sustainable and memorable. To deliver on this, it left its preconceptions of what an office should look like at the door and imagined a multi-use space that would transform from a greenhouse sanctuary during the day into an immersive theatre at night.

House of Transformation, Kingsland

Whilst doing this, House of Transformation manages to ensure that every component that’s brought into its space is either reused, recycled or locally made.

Worklife 🎊

With nine locations bookable on the Hubble Pass, Worklife is committed to creating workspaces that have a positive impact on people, communities and the planet.

WorkLife, Fitzrovia

Because of this, 100% of its electricity is provided by renewable energy suppliers, not to mention that all of its devices are energy efficient and triggered by sensors to encourage sustainable usage.

Beyond this, it also has excellent recycling programmes in place across all of its locations to ensure that all residents can live sustainably whilst working.

Work sustainably with Hubble

Our mission to combat climate change is a full-time one. That’s why we at Hubble ensure that the plethora of workspaces you can book and lease with us allow you to work productively, whilst also doing your bit for our beautiful planet.

So, why not get yourself booked into one of these spaces using the Hubble Pass? Or make one of them HQ for you and your team.

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