The Definitive List of the Top 16 Tech Recruiters for Startups

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As a young company with a limited cash flow, who you recruit can make or break your startup. In London, aspiring startups see a 41.7 per cent survival rate due to a variety of reasons that may prevent them from keeping themselves afloat. Even when everything else is going well, startups still rely on talented new blood in order to ensure that operations are running smoothly and work is being done correctly.

Compared to larger corporations, startups are at a disadvantage. Startups often have trouble matching the competitive salary packages that these bigger and meaner companies can offer. Instead, startups attract talent through a combination of several appealing aspects:

  1. Interesting and challenging tasks
  2. Flexible hours
  3. Strong and tightly-knit team cultures
  4. The ability to work remotely

As a startup, however, if you keep new talent interested in your company, you still face the problem of finding this talent in the first place. Drawing talented, interested, and motivated developers that can positively influence your startup company to your ranks can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for all of us, London is rich with startup tech recruiters and recruitment platforms, that specialise in matching talented developers with the startups they are looking for. Here’s our list of some of London’s best agencies and tools that you can use to build up your team with the people you need.

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Tech Recruitment Agencies


Hired By Startups

As the name suggests, Hired By Startups is a leading recruitment agency specifically for startups, helping them source, engage and hire the very best commercial talent. They specialise in hiring for Sales, Marketing, Operations and Customer Experience and operate at every level, from Graduates to C-Level Execs. Their clients include many of the UK’s best known & fastest-growing startups, spanning almost every industry from FoodTech to FinTech and everything in between. They have a network of 20,000 startup focused candidates, so whether you’re looking to make a single hire or rapidly scale a team, they’ve got you covered.


Today’s industry sees us increasingly reliant on digital everything. Hanover knows this, and is a developer recruitment company that utilises digital technology today to make the recruitment process easier. With a vision that values transparency, consultation, innovation, and being personable, every one of these traits is visible in their process. Hanover’s special ‘Hinterviews’ allows clients to directly tap into and view an ongoing interview so that you can directly get a feel for a candidate’s personality, experience, and ability to communicate. It’s quick and easy, but effective, and an excellent choice for a startup developer recruiter. Plus, you get to say ‘Hinterview’, which is always a fun thing to do.

Blu Digital

Like Hanover just above, Blu Digital is a recruitment agency that helps clients find talent for their companies. Located in the heart of London, Blu Digital’s vision is to take a dynamic approach to each of its clients so that they can best fulfil their needs in recruitment. Blu Digital handles jobs from a variety of sectors, including web development, with candidates in front-end, back-end, software, and mobile development. Professional, consultative, and honest, Blu Digital is a strong contender for your startup developer recruiter needs.


RecWorks is a tech developer recruitment company that specialises in Java developers, helping match the finest Java developers with the jobs that are right for them. It’s quite specific, but if your team can make use of a Java developer, RecWorks is your startup developer recruiter of choice. In addition to connecting Java developers with new companies, RecWorks also works to strengthen London’s tech communities and enrich the scene and industry as a whole. Caring for both clients in addition to the entire industry? We can respect that a lot.

Salt Digital Recruitment

What can we say about Salt? It is a digital recruitment agency that handles jobs from just about every sector – and when we mean every sector, we really mean it. For your startup developer recruiter needs, you’ll find just about every type of developer here, plus a gigantic plethora of candidates for many different sectors, in case you wanted to go on a hiring spree, for some reason. With Salt, the options for hire are varied. Whether you want a permanent hire, a contractor, or even a temporary hire. It’s all here at Salt. Just – everything’s here that you need to fill up your startup team. It’s quite impressive, really.

Tech Recruitment Platforms


The following platforms are created by startups and are less typical (and often cheaper) than the standard recruitment agencies above.


Hired is an online platform that turns recruitment on its head. That is, Hired has built their service so companies apply to talent instead of the other way around, putting power in the hands of job seekers. Candidates in tech looking for work create a profile on Hired. Companies can search for candidates and request interviews from candidates whose skillset matches each specific job requirement. We at Hubble, ourselves, have successfully used this platform to successfully hire for our tech team.


Honeypot is a job platform that specialises in developer roles. For you, it can be an effective startup developer recruiter that helps you find top talent to add to your team. Honeypot’s vision is to match every developer out there with the company of their dreams. For employers, they’re the platform to use, providing you with valuable analytics you can use to aid in your recruitment process. Any developer that goes through Honeypot is vigorously screened, ensuring that the talent is there. They even provide free visa support if your candidate needs it. To finish off, they only require payment upon the successful hire of a developer. Can you ask for more from Honeypot?


Kandidate helps high-growth startups and tech firms hire top commercial and sales professionals. Their proprietary talent matching platform has helped the likes of Uber and GoCardless scale their teams quickly and effectively, supported by Talent Managers who operate in-house at the companies they work with. They boast a targeted talent pool of over 12,000 carefully-selected candidates who have the skills and experience to succeed in ambitious startups.


Reecru is a startup with an innovative vision to refresh the traditional recruitment process. Through their platform, Reecru supports employers, independent recruiters, and candidates all in one place. Chances are, for a company looking for a startup developer recruiter, the employer section is what you’ll be interested in. Simply connect with Reecru, and they will market your vacancy across over 50 job boards and run social media ad campaigns for those you need. After that, an independent recruiter of your choice takes over and will screen the candidates, schedule interviews, and deal with salary negotiations. Once all is said and done and you’re happy with your candidate, all you need to do is select them through the system, and new talent will be on your team. It’s all-inclusive, effective, and innovative, which are always pluses in our books.


Sometimes, it pays to find talent that’s fresh on the market, especially as an innovative startup. TalentPool is an affordable job platform that specialises in matching young professionals with startups and SMEs. For you, it functions as a perfect way to draw in new talent. All you need to do with TalentPool is define the role you want, set your criteria for hire, and you’ll start receiving potential candidates that you can then sift through. Payment is affordable for your tight startup budgets, with the option of paying upfront or on-hire so there’s flexibility there. With over 50,000 members on TalentPool, plenty of which are newly graduated, you might just well have the chance to be a young professional’s first by using TalentPool.

If you’re specifically looking to hire tech contractors, then definitely check out the recruiter-free marketplace and job board dedicated to contractors and hirers in the tech industry. As a hirer, you can list your open contracting jobs, receive applications, and proactively reach out to a pool of extremely talented contractors, all within the platform…without spending £1,000s on agency commission. The network is home to experienced contractors offering a huge variety of skills across full-stack engineering, UI/UX design, data science, product, and DevOps—all of whom have undergone an application process in order to join the platform, so you know that applicants will always meet a high level of quality.

Tech Job Boards


While job boards are more suited for people looking for jobs, maintaining a job posting on them is nevertheless a useful way to attract talent. You’ll likely know many of these, but here’s our pick of job boards that you can use for your job postings.


AngelList is a basic job board for developers that you’re likely familiar with. Chances are, you’ve used AngelList once or twice in the past in order to find a job. As it stands, AngelList is a useful platform for startup recruitment and a good place to begin your startup developer recruitment.


Boolerang is a premium job platform situated in London that specialises in developer and tech jobs and is an excellent place to begin your search.


Jobsite is a premium job board where employers can post jobs and review candidates. Jobs are posted by sector and location, allowing candidates of your choice to easily locate your startup company.


Reed boasts 14.8 million active candidates across the UK. As a startup developer recruiter tool, it’s effective and easy to post jobs and review potential candidates for your startup.

Work in Startups

Much like the startup environment itself, Work in Startups is a dynamic platform which offers a large pool of high quality startup jobs and candidates. Having been around since 2011, it’s an established name within the startup recruitment industry, and is an incredibly useful resource.



In London, the rate of company births each year surpasses every other region in the UK. It is no surprise that our startup culture is rich. Today, startups are thinking of innovative ways to reshape business in the industries they are in and create new and better ways to do things. Making sure that our startups thrive is essential for transforming London into a place that is continually improving and becoming better for the future.

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