Official List of London PropTech Companies in 2020

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The definitive list of London PropTech companies.

The surge in technology in the past decade is something that has had an impact on every aspect of our lives. Today, widespread use of the internet—facilitated by our computers, smartphones, and tablets—has created a boom in three things:

  1. Information Access
  2. Online Transactions
  3. Management Capabilities

For commercial real estate, this has led to an influx of PropTech companies who are looking to improve and change real estate as we know it. At Hubble, our vision is to transform how businesses find and utilise office space across London. Like us, all PropTech companies have the ability to influence commercial real estate and build improvements in real estate technology.

What is PropTech?

A few years ago, PropTech was barely a topic of discussion. Today, it is part of a digital transformation in London’s property industry that looks to improve and change how we do real estate. As a definition, PropTech refers to startup companies that offer innovative business models or new inventive technology for the real estate markets across London. As we move rapidly into an age where technology gives us instant access to whatever we need, PropTech companies seek to take advantage of this to improve our real estate industry for the future through innovation that has the potential to reinvent part or all of what we know of real estate.

Compared to more traditional companies, PropTech startups have a competitive advantage on the market due to their ability to reimagine the existing systems of the real estate industry. Every firm is different. Some ambitious startups look to reinvent the whole industry, replacing real estate professionals altogether with a new real estate technology. Others firms look to change a specific aspect of commercial real estate to work better, offering support for existing real estate professionals through new, innovative tools and services.

One thing’s for sure. PropTech is something to keep an eye on in today’s constantly changing digital landscape. Here at Hubble, we’ve been keeping track of today’s hottest PropTech firms and helping them find their perfect office space. For everyone else who wants to be in the know, we’ve created a comprehensive list of innovative PropTech companies alongside us in London right now.

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Buying and Selling Platforms



A leader in London’s hybrid estate agents, Emoov is a PropTech company that helps you sell your house online through a process that offers top-notch pricing, services, and support in a package that takes care of everything from photography to floor plans and listings. Those employing Emoov’s services gain 24/7 web access and have all of their viewers vetted to give you the best bang for your buck.


Created as a way to revolutionise the way homes are sold, Settled functions similarly to Airbnb except for house sales. It works by cutting out the middleman when selling property and supports homeowners by doing all of the heavy lifting for them, from valuation to marketing and viewing all the way to completion.


Like Settled, Nested is another startup that looks to make the process of selling your home and moving into a new one as smooth as walking down the street. Nested helps you with your timeline by promising to sell your home within 90 days. It provides the certainty of an advance so that even if delays occur within the selling process, those selling with Nested have the ability to move into their new homes even as the old ones are still being sold.


Somewhat different from the other PropTech companies on this list, Trussle is the UK’s first online mortgage broker. This innovative company aims to help both first-time buyers and existing homeowners with their mortgages online, saving you both time and money. By bringing mortgages online, Trussle reinvents the process of applying for a mortgage by cutting out all of the outdated excess, allowing them to track your mortgage and notify you when you can switch to a better deal, so that you’re never paying more than you need to. Can you say no to both convenience and saving your well-earned money? You probably could, but why would you?




Winner of a prestigious award in 2018’s UK PropTech Awards, Datscha is a one-of-a-kind PropTech company that grants users access to data of every registered commercial property in England and Wales. Agents, consultants, owners, developers, and investors can all take advantage of Datscha’s data stores to serve clients, assess deals, survey land, and much more to improve the face of their own business.


Like other innovative PropTech companies, LandInsight is a company that supports real estate professionals by offering their cutting edge technology in a collection of tools that grants users insights into sites, area ownership, and planning applications to aid in development projects. Created as a way to tackle today’s housing crisis, LandInsight works to aid developers and buyers and create a more efficient, more effective way to find new land opportunities. They’ve even won three awards at The UK Proptech Awards: Fastest growing business in Proptech, Excellence in People & Diversity. They work with over 700 property developers and have helped them find and assess over 90,000 underdeveloped sites across the UK.


VTS is a company that seeks to revolutionise commercial real estate by centralising critical data and workflows of your property. Useful for landlords and agency brokers alike, VTS improves efficiency by offering all the information a user needs on a single platform, helping landlords and agency brokers stay organised, build tenant relationships, create more business, and work smarter.


Coyote is a software platform meant for both investment and property managers alike. Using Coyote, investment managers can track real estate and market activity, helping them analyse investment opportunities all while staying on top of their deal flows in real-time and monitoring the performance of their portfolios. Property managers will be able to view all of their data on a single system and generate custom, formatted reports in seconds. In addition, Coyote’s dashboard is built to integrate multiple systems into a single place for maximum efficiency.

Renting Platforms



For those looking for a residential property manager, Lavanda is the PropTech firm of choice. It is a system that aims to help homeowners monetise their property. With Lavanda, anyone can rent their property out in the short term by letting them do all the heavy-lifting needed to host your home to tenants looking to rent. Local estate agents can also join in by taking advantage of Lavanda’s software platform that allows vendors to monetise their property almost effortlessly.


Everyone who has ever rented a place to live can list off a whole host of annoyances: inflexibility, sudden unavailability, listings that are out of date, the inability to contact the agent – and these are just a few of them. MoveBubble works by putting everything you need in the renting process into a single space, allowing you to talk directly to agents on the app, get real-time updates on listings, and see how a listing is rated by previous tenants. It’s convenient and efficient all at once.


For landlords, Rentify is a hybrid platform that avoids high street hassle and lets you rent out your home instantaneously, with Rentify handling all of the complicated paperwork and the property’s valuations. Landlords can perform credit checks through the platform, issue tenancy agreements, and manage tenants using Rentify’s 24 hour rent processing system for smooth sailing when it comes to working with tenants.


Launched in 2017, HomeRenter is a PropTech firm providing both landlords and renters with a system that manages the whole rental process. The firm’s vision believes that the traditional system for finding homes is outdated and unfair for both tenants and landlords, and seeks to create an Airbnb marketplace for rentals across the UK that is a smoother experience for all sides of the equation.


Every professional knows that looking for homes while working squeezes time away from you and ensures that your next few months is a nightmare. To accommodate hard-working professionals, Homie is a system that leads you through the renting process with a personalised home finder, a ‘Homie’, that auto-generates listings on the market based on your personal preferences. For a small fee, Homie also helps organise tours to help you see what’s best for you. By taking away all the hassle of researching and browsing rental sites, Homie seeks to revolutionise renting into a single, simple, stress-free system.

Appear Here

We all know the process of renting something like a hotel room. It’s quick and easy, allowing you to gain space and service for periods of time as short as a day. But hotels shouldn’t be the only thing that you’re renting out for a day or a week. What if you need a space to set up shop for a day? Or host an event? Appear Here has you covered, with unique spaces across the UK and more, boasting unique aesthetics and amenities all available for rent for however long or short you need it for. Need something only for a day? As long as a month? This PropTech company is what you need, supporting both people looking to rent and landlords who have space to rent.

District Technologies

District is a community engagement platform that helps landlords and companies ensure tenants and employees have a modern frictionless workplace. The tenant experience app connects people, services and spaces, and enables a 21st century smart building. Clients can pick and choose functionality they desire such as booking meetng rooms, events, services and digital key access. District has partnered with Real Estate owners such as Blackstone, Property Managers such as Cushman & Wakefield and Enterprises such as WPP.



Office App

Anyone who’s worked in an office will tell you that engaging everyone while maintaining all of your other responsibilities can be a bit of a pain. For those in management roles, Office App is tool we need. Office App is exactly what it sounds like: an app to help us with the tedious tasks in the office that take time away from our work. Services include room booking, workstation reservations, planning for lunch, connection to local retail stores, and the ability to report a problem in the office instantly – and that’s only scratching the surface of what Office App can do to make everyday life working in an office better.


Do you need a specialist for a home improvement job that comes with the assurance of quality, speed, and efficiency? Plentific is a search platform that allows you to search the professionals that you need for a home improvement job. With this platform, you can book a service and schedule it instantaneously with a payment system that is secured and protected by Plentific.


Is there anyone who hasn’t known the inconvenience of keeping everything in order at home? Especially for those of us who spent most of the day working, keeping everything at home is just another thing we need to worry about. With acasa, this is no longer the case. acasa is a management tool that helps run your home, tracking household costs for you, setting up joint payment for rent, and keeping track of all of your bills. It’s a simple, but incredibly effective tool to keep you focused on what’s truly important to you.


Pavegan is a truly unique PropTech company, offering highly advanced commercial smart-flooring solutions. These floor tiles are not your everyday tile, but come with cutting edge technology that allows buildings installed with them to track footfall to pick up consumer patterns, providing data of hotspots within an area all while integrating seamlessly into the floor in any location. These tiles can even generate energy, creating lighting and power solutions created from visitor footfall. If that is not innovation, then we’re not really sure what is.



Today’s age of technology lets anyone with a phone or a computer access information with a single click. How we access and view information is rapidly changing, and new challengers in the real estate industry are pushing the boundaries of what we know with innovation, ingenuity, and creativity. By defining what real estate technology can do, every PropTech company on the market works to transform real estate in London into something that’s continually improving and changing for the better.

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