The benefits of sharing an office

Hanna Mansson
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In 2017 the UK’s business market is dynamic and shifting. If you’re part of the new wave of start-ups looking to disrupt an industry then your business needs to reflect this trend. One of the many positive ways to react could be to base yourself in a shared office. So what are the benefits of sharing an office with others?



Surrounding yourself with likeminded freelancers, entrepreneurs and project managers is brilliant for collaboration. Some co-working spaces are open to all, while others are tailored towards specific industries. On Hubble we offer sector-specific co-working spaces so that similar start-ups can help each other out and benefit from the perks of the environment such as access to industry resources, workshops and talks by thought leaders. By spending time in the breakout and communal areas you’ll get to know the people in the companies around you and chances are they’ll be working on similar problems to yours, or your company might be just the solution they’re looking for. Pooling resources to get work done benefits all and fosters a real community spirit.

The benefits of sharing an office

Lower overheads

At a co-working space all of the overheads are included in your monthly fee so there are no nasty surprises. Superfast wi-fi, printing facilities and phone calls are all included as standard, as is access to meeting rooms, kitchen and dining facilities and free food/drinks. You’re also likely to benefit from enjoying all of the benefits of a premium location, without the premium price-tag as price increases for co-working spaces are rising much less steeply than private offices.


Increased productivity

It might sound obvious but surrounding yourself with likeminded people can do wonders for your productivity. Co-working spaces are thriving, vibrant places where people go to get work done, actively participate in networking events and help each other out. There’s a real “we’re all in this together” mentality that can be tremendously beneficial if you’re a freelancer or project manager who can sometimes feel isolated through your choice of work arrangement. Having a place to go to focus on tasks will not only help to separate your professional and home life but can give you the boost you need to get work done, faster.

The benefits of sharing an office

Full-on flexibility

Establishing a new office, even temporarily, can be expensive and time-consuming. If you’re a burgeoning start-up it can be just too daunting to commit to a long-term lease, buying furniture and kitting the place out with the latest technology only to find that the business is unsustainable a few months down the line. Similarly, if you’re a freelancer looking to escape the confines of the home during the day but don’t have a massive budget then a private office isn’t really a viable option. Co-working spaces offer low-risk, fully flexible desks that you can rent from as little as an hour at a time. Even if you’re looking to accomodate a whole team there’s no commitment beyond a fixed monthly payment based on your specific needs that you can opt of at any time.

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