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You’d be forgiven for walking straight past The King’s Head without giving it a second thought. It doesn’t look like all that much from the outside. Just a slightly run-down pub in East London. It’s a pretty cool area, with a rich history so there are plenty of those about. No biggie.


Just a slightly run-down pub in East London.

But you know what they say about judging books by their covers! What appears to be a dilapidated old pub is actually a front for one of the coolest, most exclusive Members’ Clubs in town, and they are offering their services as an awesome co-working and private office space in London.



After being buzzed in, you step through a little door into a world that has all the grandeur of a members’ club of old, whilst still feeling very cool and fresh.

you step through a little old door into a world that has all the grandeur of an old member's club, whilst still feeling very cool and fresh

We sat down with Ashley, Membership and Events Manager of The King’s Head to tell us a little bit more about the space, and what makes it such a fantastic place to work.

How would you describe The King’s Head?

It’s very East London. It’s a very small, very relaxed members club. We’re different in terms of decor. I don’t think there’s many places that look like we do.  It’s not a traditional office space in that sense, but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different where you can mingle with other creative people, it’s perfect.

We're different in terms of decor

What kind of perks can Hubblers working out of this office expect?

Hubblers who make use of the co-working option will be entitled to full membership of The King’s Head, which means they not only have a fantastic office space, and meeting venue with internet included in the price, but they will also be able to take full advantage of our fantastic kitchen.

What is the advantage of working in an environment like The King’s Head?

I think it’s a very creative environment, so it lends itself well to creative meetings and it definitely serves to impress. When you approach from the street it doesn’t look like much, so people get a surprise when they actually come in. For an old building there’s quite a lot of natural daylight, the dining room on the second floor in particular, as it’s got the big windows.

 The Polar bear

Who can our Hubblers be expecting to rub shoulders with?

People from all different industries and of all different ages. A lot of the people who work here are start ups, locals with businesses, and small businesses who use the club as a space to bring clients and have meetings.


use the club as a space to bring clients and have meetings

What’s the atmosphere like, is it social?

Absolutely. We’re fairly quiet during the day, but things really get going in the evenings. Lots of people come here after work, and we do lots of members events.

The King’s Head is one of the many unique and surprising workspaces available on Hubble, with availability from £300 per desk per month.


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