Southbank: The Art of Seduction

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

Riversides are always romantic

Water is a calming element. In the hustle and bustle of a past-faced city life, we sometimes forget to stop, look around and really breathe in the city.

LONDON REICHHOLD the thames big ben southbank

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southbank view st pauls trees river thames

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Southbank retains a rustic charm whilst boasting the best panoramic views in London

Take a casual stroll along the Southbank and you’ll have no choice but to fall in love with world famous theatres, museums, fairground rides, skateparks, roof garden bars serving Pimms by the jug and the endless buskers whose sound is carried by the riverside air.

southbank chimney blue skies

southbank wahacca sunlight through the trees

The quaint, cultural epicentre is in complete juxtaposition to the tallest building in London, boasting some of the best panoramic views in the world. This includes the Shangri-la Hotel, Aqua Shard, and very nice looking fancy offices.

top of the shard view southbank

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Southbank’s split personality between hipster and banker

Southbank is like the perfect everyone desires on a dating site; well groomed but a bit scruffy; great job but knows how to party.

Southbank is actually Europe’s largest arts centre, with its little street bookshop stalls, The Financial Times headquarters, family owned restaurants, mash and pie shops, and of course seagulls trying to steal one’s lunch.

Some streets remind us of a small artisan village, packed with independent coffee shops, little street bookshop stalls, family owned restaurants and plenty of pie shops;

Others bits are super professional, housing the world’s leading arts and business centres. For those of you who’ve been to New York would know that this eclectic combination is very resemblant of Brooklyn.

southbank outside cave cafe bench plants

Welcome to the new Brooklyn

Just like its NY brother, Southwark hosts the best of arts, culture and creative innovation. Those looking for a cultural retreat will find rejuvenating euphoria at the White Cube gallery or Tate Modern.

White Cube Southbank wide shot

Why go to the cinema in the West End to pay extortionate prices with the tourists after a long day at work, when you can head to Shortwave Cinema and Cocktail Bar or the BFI Southbank’s beautiful riverside Restaurant and Bar.

shortwave cinema bar cafe in southbank

book market private eye 50p in this box

Just like Brooklyn, there is no better place to handpick true literary jewels (for pennies!) than the South Bank open air book stalls. Or jump on Tate’s elevator, grab a window seat in the top floor bar and order a glass of wine – now nobody will disturb your ‘me’ time.

Another secret that true magazine lovers keep sacred – Tate’s book shop has a superb selection of niche independent magazines. Expand your horizons and dive in for unexpected serendipity and fresh ideas!

southbank books and magazines market

Eat your way around

Borough Market is a must visit destination; and for the lucky ones working in London Bridge or Borough – it’s a palatable lunch salvation. It hosts the very best of British cuisine, fish and chips vendors (arrive early, the queue gets rather neverending) and countless amounts of game meat and fresh seafood.

borough market london southbank

All of the market traders share the love for food and many of them make, grow or rear the produce they sell, so now – just as in 1755 – customers know exactly where their shopping comes from.

cannon and cannon british charcuterie

monmouth coffee southbank london

Those looking to learn how to make their own loaf should visit bread making school at Bread Ahead.

bread ahead london borough market southbank office space

As expected, the market is an excellent destination for ales degustation. A local German deli and cheese stalls will equip you with tasty nibbles too!

cheese close up southbank borough market office

The Beating Heart

Bermondsey Street is a perfect example of independent street regeneration. A few years back it was an empty road with a few ghost shops, it’s now a booming avenue perfect for shopping and leisure. Flower and coffee shops are a’plenty and so are the restaurants offering fresh ingredient packed Saturday brunch menus.

bermondsey street flower market office

bermondsey street flower market office

i may have too many bikes said no biker ever cyclist office space

And just two minutes away, on Tower Bridge Road you can get your traditional English pie and mash

traditional pie and mash in southbank

Project Awesome

Usual (and unusual) exercise, community spirit, occasional hugs and an awe-inspiring London skyline will greet you every Wednesday morning at Project Awesome, in Scoop London. If you are new to the capital, head there to make lifelong friends, and if you’re an old wolf, sign up for an adventure to rediscover the city you call home.

Stunning river thames boat bridge southbank

project awesome southbank sports

You Time

On moments of ultimate daydreaming or life goal resetting, grab yourself a cup of english brew and visit Waterloo station. The upper level gets heaps of sun and there are plenty of cozy spots on the platforms – you don’t even have to travel anywhere – relax and watch the crowds rushing by. People watching has never been more fun!

waterloo station roof southbank

This feels a lot more human than other areas of London

We met Marlene, an art adviser at White Cube gallery on Bermondsey street heading to the Italian deli to grab something delicious for lunch.

marlene white cube outside southbank

“Everything here reminds of a small village. Everyone is relaxed as if they have nowhere to rush. I love the little bars and parks, the restaurants are great too. This feels a lot more human than other areas in London.”

green grass southbank office fresh air

tin lid clotesh shop southbank office space

bermondsey street office space southbank

We can’t pass by Bermondsey Square without popping into HEJ, a Scandinavian cafe (the cinnamon bun is a treat to order if you find yourself lost in the superb selections of baked goods). We met David at the counter, ordering a huge cup of coffee. When asked what he loves about the area, he smiled and replied with his foodie heart:

dave rowlinson in hat and scarf in southbank cafe

“All the food options in the area are awesome. Local, fresh, made with love, but overall simply awesome. So underrated”

hej coffee london office southbank

hej london coffee london office southbank

rustic southbank london office street

Office space in Southbank

Inspired? You’re not alone. Southbank houses some incredible companies with plenty of space for new companies

The Neighbourhood are building a micro-community in one of the brightest spaces in the area with huge windows offering incredible views.

neighbourhood shared coworking office space southbank

Why travel to Borough Market when you can work right on its doorstep? At Co-work Borough you can smell the wonderful aromas as you work.

cowork bright coloured coworking shared office space southbank

Keeping in line of the rustic feel of the Southbank, Pope Street could be just what you need.

pope street southbank shared office space

If you’re a musician or in the broadcasting business looking for the perfect space to build your venture, you should probably stop off at Junction Nine

staircase at music broadcasting studio southbank office

Not feeling Southbank? Check out the Soho and Shoreditch guides or browse our blog.

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