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Helena Sampayo
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So, you’ve been tasked with finding an office for your team and have a few parameters to meet. You need a space that’s accessible, low maintenance, and gives you plenty of flexibility to adapt to changing needs.

You need a short-term office rental.

Below, Hubble demystifies what short-term offices are, the different types of solutions available, and how to decide which is the right choice for your business.

What are “short-term offices”?

In its simplest form, short-term office space is a rental for any period shorter than a traditional office lease.

With it, your team can regularly access a fully-equipped workspace whenever they’re needed. This could be a serviced office for a year, a part-time office for three months, or even a private office for the day.

Before the pandemic, short-term office rentals were favoured by freelancers and startups. However, in today’s world of work, the ability to adapt quickly is essential for many businesses.

This means SMEs and even enterprises are embracing temporary office space as a flexible workspace solution. Just take a look at Taskrabbit!

What are the different types short-term office solutions?

Since short-term office leases are flexible and accommodate businesses of any size, a wide variety of options are available.

From coworking spaces to serviced offices, here are some of the most common types of temporary office solutions for you to choose from:

Coworking desks

Rent by: the day

Best for: solo working or bringing teams together in a shared space

LABS – Camden – Hawley Wharf

Dedicated desks are unassigned seats in a business centre, like a shared coworking space.

These desks operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are available for teams or individuals to use for a short time.

For example, you may want to take a break from WFH and sift through your To-Do’s in a space designed for productivity. Or, a whole team may want to come together to meet and connect.

Typically, these desks are booked in advance — but the booking itself gives you access to the building’s facilities and amenities. These can include bike storage, cafes, event space, coffee and tea, and much more.

Private day offices

Rent by: the day

Best for: bringing teams together in a private space to work in-person

Huckletree – Shoreditch

Like a serviced office, a private day office is a space separated and out of earshot from other companies.

But the key difference is they’re “on-demand”. This means companies can rent a day office whenever and wherever needed — whether in London or Manchester.

And with no contractual ties to worry about, these temporary offices are often used by project-based teams who need a quick space to collaborate.

Part-time offices

Rent by: the month, 1-3 days per week

Best for: hybrid teams wanting regular space to work without paying for an office full-time

Boutique Workplace – The Smith, Kingston

A part-time office is a shared office rental where a business pays for a space for the same 1-3 days per week.

Just like renting a full-time serviced office, businesses benefit from flexible contracts and top-notch facilities and amenities.

But the key difference is that you’re able to make significant savings on office rent.

Flexible full-time offices

Rent by: the month

Best for: teams who need permanent space, without long leases

Mindspace – Shoreditch

Full-time offices (or serviced offices) are private spaces or executive suites that are all set up and ready to go from the day you move in.

Although these serviced workspaces are leased on a full-time basis, their temporary nature is defined by their flexible contracts. For example, a company might decide to rent a full-time office for just three months or choose a monthly-rolling contract instead.

All the building’s utilities, bills and day-to-day maintenance are managed by another company, with costs simplified into one all-inclusive monthly fee.

Keen to explore the perks of full-time and part-time offices? Grab the details and learn the differences here!

What are the benefits of short-term offices?

So, why choose a short-term office space in the first place?

While traditional, long-term office leases have their merits, there are numerous advantages to embracing temporary office spaces. Here are some key benefits to consider:


Nowadays, flexibility is crucial for growing and maintaining a thriving business. With short-term office leases, it doesn’t get more flexible.

Temporary office spaces can be rented on an hourly, daily, or monthly rolling basis, so you’re never locked into a contract you don’t want to be in.

Instead, you have the freedom to access these workspaces whenever and wherever you want. For those renting serviced offices, you also have the flexibility to move to a larger office or downsize if needed.


Unlike managed or leased offices, temporary office rentals don’t have a substantial set-up cost.

Instead, they come fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to start cracking on.

Need desks? Check. Phone booths? Check. Super-fast WiFi? It’s already taken care of. Simply arrive, plug in your laptop, and you’re ready to get started.

And with the ability to downsize, upsize, or even eliminate the office entirely, you eliminate the risk of paying for unused desks — a phenomenon we refer to as ‘empty desk syndrome‘.


The flexible terms offered by temporary office suites, whether part-time or full-time, allow businesses to expand or shrink without the need to relocate.

Typically, there are no hefty exit fees associated with these decisions. You can terminate your contract with just a month’s notice, easing the financial burden on the company.

Convenient locations

Many temporary office spaces are ‘on-demand’, allowing your team to access them in locations convenient for them. Whether it’s near a relative’s residence or close to major transport links, these workspaces offer flexibility and accessibility.

What’s more, temporary workspaces are located in popular districts and neighbourhoods, so commuter hubs, entertainment venues, restaurants and bars are just a stone’s throw away.

Amenities and facilities

Short-term office space solutions offer businesses access to various competitive amenities and features, making it effortless to keep your team productive and energised throughout the day.

The exact facilities on offer can vary depending on the workspace you choose (and provider!). But here’s a taste of some of the industry-leading perks you can find with short-term office rentals:

and much, much more!

You may be wondering if short-term office rental is the right choice for your business. We understand. Like all business decisions, it’s crucial to carefully consider before taking action.

However, short-term office solutions are less intimidating than some alternatives and can accommodate businesses of all kinds, regardless of their needs.

For instance, your business might find itself caught between traditional leases with no immediate workspace to use. Or perhaps you’ve hired seasonal or project-based employees, and you’d like to provide them with a suitable workspace.

Here’s a list of some scenarios where a temporary workspace solution could be beneficial:

  • Your business has outgrown its current office and requires overflow space.
  • Your current office lacks usability, prompting you to seek a more cost-effective solution.
  • You’re eager to offer your remote team a break from working from home.
  •  You’ve travelled nationally or internationally and need a suitable workspace during your trip.
  • Your permanent space is undergoing construction or repairs.
  • You prefer to onboard remote employees in person rather than via Zoom.
  • You require a conference room for meetings with clients or investors at locations convenient for them.
  • You’re tired of brainstorming over Zoom and want to work on a project with your team in a dedicated space.

How to choose the right type of short-term office space

So, you’ve established that a temporary office space is the right choice for your business. Now, let’s talk about finding the right one. Here are some key steps to consider:

  • Survey your team — Discover their current and future workspace preferences, and use the data to help guide your decision.
  •  Take into account your workspace strategy — Are you remote, hybrid, or fully office-based? This will help narrow down your options. For example, you won’t need a full-time office if you’re a remote company.
  •  Consider the amount of flexibility you want — Do you want a monthly rolling contract? Or do you only need a temporary workspace on an ad-hoc basis?
  •  Consider the amenities you want to use regularly: While serviced office rentals offer competitive facilities, opting for hourly meeting room rentals will enable you to access the room’s amenities.
  •  Work within your budget: While cheaper in nature, some temporary office spaces are more expensive than others. Do you want to save money on office rent? How often do you plan to use the spaces? Do you want any extras?

How do I find a short-term office for my business?

Hubble helps thousands of businesses find a workspace that their teams love every year.

Whether you’re hybrid, remote, or fully office-based, we help businesses seeking a short-term office rental give their team great places to work. For example:

  • Full-Time Offices: Our expert advisors can manage your entire search and negotiate the best possible rate, thanks to our strong and long-lasting relationships with workspace providers.
  •  Part-Time Offices: Make substantial savings without losing the magic of in-person working with your very own office for the same 1-3 days per week.
  •  Hubble On-Demand: Give your team members access to thousands of on-demand workspaces to work and meet, helping you save money and maintain collaboration.

Why opt for Hubble?

  • Expert Guidance – Our workspace specialists oversee the entire finding of your new office, so you don’t have to.
  •  100% Market Coverage – With Hubble, you can access every available workspace in the flexible office market. Simplify your search by exploring all options in one place.
  •  Significant Savings – Benefit from average discounts of 15% as our experts negotiate the best prices on your behalf.

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