Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO
Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO|

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Rocket Internet’s company mission is clear and simple: to become the world’s largest Internet platform outside the United States and China.

Does your business have big ambitions too?

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Having the right work environment is one of the most important factors in doing business. Rocket Internet thinks so too! They just opened their Oxford Street HQ doors to startups and freelancers looking to rent an office (and rock the world). The office already houses most of their UK startups: Zipjet, Hellofresh, Eatfirst, Bonativo, Payleven and Spaceways.

Fancy becoming an orbiting startup, check out out interview below 🙂

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What are the best bits about Rocket Internet’s London office?

The place has an open layout and is super bright and airy. We also have some awesome break-out areas conducive to creative thinking.

The environment is relaxed and informal and innovation is everywhere. The space is shared with some of the UK’s fastest growing startups like Eat First and Hello Fresh; lots of inspirational people to keep you company!

Also, to make it accessible for startups, we’re actually pricing our offices really really competitively for such an incredible central location. £350 per desk for a private office – in Oxford St, desks easily go for more than twice than that price.

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You opened your offices for others to come and join. That’s amazing. How will this benefit your community?

The answer is simple. New people will massively help integrate new ideas and ways of thinking, also expand all our ventures both commercially and personally. We hope we can riff off ideas and inspiration from other companies and they can learn from us too. The people here are some of the most experienced (and successful) in the world at scaling startups.

Rocket Community Corridor Conversation

What type of companies would you like to move in?

Yes, we would love other companies to orbit 🙂

We would like to welcome forward thinking and innovative companies with a young, vibrant and informal vibe. Also, our break out area will soon have ping pong and pool tables and we organise weekly “well done” lunches for high performers. It’s important new people appreciate and contribute to the community spirit!

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Rocket Pencil Desk Space

Where do you guys hang out after work?

In an Oxford Street location, the choices are endless, we tend to see how the vibe is and spread ourselves around! We have Soho for late night bars and new restaurants, Fitzrovia for a more casual dinner or beers and even Midtown is becoming super trendy with a new Hoxton Hotel there.

Oxford Street Noho Life Rocket

Can you picture yourself boarding the almighty Rocketship and helping your startup blast off? Check out the office here.

Don’t fancy it? Continue browsing our blog or check out some other offices.

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