Phrasee x HubbleHQ: Moving to a New Office in a New Neighbourhood

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We spoke to Parry, Phrasee co-founder and CEO, about his company and how he used HubbleHQ to move his team of 50 to a new office in a new neighbourhood. We spoke about how the move to a more central location helped to attract more top talent and fuel the expansion of their UK team.

Hi Parry! First up, can you tell me about Phrasee? What is it that you do and what is your vision for the company?

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Parry: Phrasee is artificial intelligence that writes more effective marketing copy than humans. It combines Natural Language Generation and Deep Learning to assist marketing teams with brand-compliant copywriting. Companies like Domino’s, eBay and Wowcher use us to improve the language they use in their online marketing campaigns, to get more people to open their emails, click on their Facebook/Instagram ads and respond to their app push messaging.

Our vision is… Global dominance… We want to empower every marketer in the world with the best copywriter in the world, powered by artificial intelligence.

How did you hear about HubbleHQ? Why did you choose us to help you find an office?

Parry: We are a tech company; we like doing things online. We didn’t want to approach finding an office space any differently. So, instead of going down the traditional broker route, we went to our friend Google and searched for office spaces. We really liked HubbleHQ’s easy to use user interface. We explored other options online, but nothing was as easy to navigate as HubbleHQ.  

Check out the platform here.

What were the selling features when you were picking the space?

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Parry: We wanted the office to be serviced – we are an expanding tech company and we are extremely busy, so we wanted a fully furnished ‘ready to move in’ office. The location was equally important and then just the general sort of vibe was important to us. We wanted our space to match the personality of our team. We are quite a young company, the average age of our team is 30, so we wanted our space to be fun and be a part of a buzzing community – we really feel that here.

Why did you choose to set up in Vauxhall?

Parry: We were previously based in Putney but we wanted to be more central, to attract more people to work with us. The move actually opened up (roughly) another million and a half people in our labour market, which is important because we are currently in an expansion phase. Vauxhall is as close to central London as we could get, without being inconvenient – most of our team live in South West London, so it is still an easy commute for everyone.

Want to be neighbours with Phrasee? Browse office space listings in Vauxhall.

How are you and your team liking your new office and neighbourhood?

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Parry: We love it, what’s not to love? The office sits right on the river Thames, so we have amazing views from our private office and even better 360-degree views from the roof terrace. The food in the cafeteria is great and there’s even a gym downstairs – so there’s no excuse not to stick to my new years’ resolution.

Interested in working in Tintagel House? Check it out here.

How did you find the office finding process from start to finish?

Parry: The whole process was smooth, even for a company of our size. We knew what we wanted from our office space and the automated search on HubbleHQ made it easy to find. We filtered our search by location, price range and the number of desks – there were loads of options for 50 person offices in our search area, so we made a shortlist of our favourites. The HubbleHQ team then helped us to view the different offices and close the deal, the whole process was seamless. 

What’s next for your company?

Parry: We now have offices in North America which is very exciting, so the plan is to continue to expand over there. Having said that, we will always have Vauxhall and London as the beating heart and headquarters of Phrasee.

Thanks, Parry!

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