21 Online Spaces for People Ops Pros in 2021

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Podcasts, blogs, communities and must-follow accounts for people who work in business operations.

There’s something really powerful about the fact that we can curate our own little corner of the internet. One that’s full of inspiring people who teach us new things and help us level up our careers.  

Well, look no further than these amazing online spaces for people in ops just like you.

There’s This Thing at Work

“The real CultureOps truths you need to hear. With nothing glossed over, and nothing held back.”

Everyone’s favourite HR software, CharlieHR gathers candid experiences and honest advice from successful People pros in every episode of their fantastic podcast. 

Listen here → There’s This Thing at Work.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is part Marketer, part People Ops. Her job at video conferencing software, Whereby is to build an employer brand that translates into an incredible team experience.

Follow her for the inside scoop on one of the world’s most exciting tech brands right now and loads of great content around tech-enabled work experiences.

Connect with or follow Ashley on → LinkedIn.

Jessica Hayes

While you’re at it, connect with or follow Jessica Hayes. She’s the Chief Operating Officer at Whereby and always posts thoughtful, engaging content about remote work. 

Connect with Jessica on  → LinkedIn and Twitter.

Wizards of Ops

Wizards of Ops is a Slack channel by yours truly. It’s a community for anyone who works in business operations. 

Here, you can connect with people in similar roles and discuss everything from workplace issues to career advice, to the questions you don’t want to ask your boss.

Join here → Wizards of Ops Slack channel.


Run by Caro Griffin, a senior operations leader based in Mexico City, “Opsy is a community of folks doing opsy things in tech.”

From her podcast, to this crowdsourced survey about salary data, Opsy’s a must-follow for people in ops, especially those in startups. 

Hear from Opsy on the podcast and weekly newsletter.

Flexa Careers Blog

Flexa Careers is a platform that helps people to find truly flexible jobs.

Their blog is—you guessed it—chock-a-block with thoughts and conversations about flexible working. Including this article about how Hubble went all in on hybrid working.

Read all their posts here → The Flexa Careers blog.

New World of Work

“Hear from some of the world’s best and brightest People and Culture experts about the cutting-edge topics that HR professionals are most interested in today—all through a global lens.“

This podcast from HR platform, Oyster, is the place to go for all things remote working. 

Listen here → New World of Work.

Redefining HR

Redefining HR is a multimedia platform dedicated to busting past, outdated perceptions about what it means to work with people. 

They have a brilliant newsletter, podcast and even a book. 

Learn more about Redefining HR on their website and podcast.

Open Source Learning Lab

Also from Lars Schmidt (the host of Redefining HR), this incredible website is jam-packed with free resources for People people. 

Check it out here  →  Amplify Accelerator Open Source Learning Lab.

Ally Hires

Ally specialises in teaching companies to market themselves in a way that attracts the right people to their business. 

Her page is full of useful tips and examples that’ll level up your hiring game.

Follow Ally on →  Instagram.

All Hands Podcast

“Host Katelin Holloway talks with CEOs, founders, and a wide range of People leaders about how being a “people-first” company isn’t just good for people—it’s good for business, too.”

Incredible guests. Incredible conversations. The All Hands podcast by people management platform, Lattice, is our go-to. 

Listen here → All Hands Podcast.

Katelin Holloway

Did we mention the incredible host of All Hands? If you do anything today, follow Katelin on Twitter.

Find her here → @katelin_cruse

Resources for Humans

Lattice also has a free Slack community with over 13,000 HR leaders to learn from. 

Sign up on their website

Nova Reid

Nova Reid is an activist, author and anti-racism expert. 

Follow her for guidance on how to build truly inclusive workspaces (and beyond).

Order Nova’s book, The Good Ally, take her online course and follow her on Instagram

Tech Warriors

We all want to work more efficiently, right? Tech Warrior’s got your back, with recommendations on tools, software and more. 

Check out the Tech Warriors website

Modern Recruiter

A bi-weekly newsletter from the team at Greenhouse. Expect top talent tips, helpful hiring hints and exclusive interviews with Ops people from Alphabet, Whole Foods Market, TripAdvisor, HubSpot and more. 

Subscribe to Modern Recruiter on their website

People People

“Join other recruiting experts, HR game-changers and talent people to talk about humans-at-work issues and share smart ideas about our changing talent landscape.”

Need we say more? People People from Weirdly is a Slack community worth joining. 

Sign up on their website

Culture First Podcast

Culture Amp is an employee engagement platform with a podcast full of inspiring stories about building a better world of work.

Each interview covers topics such as performance management, diversity and inclusion, employee development and more. Grab some headphones and prepare to learn heaps!

Find all the episodes on their website.  

Culture First Community

Oh, yeah! They also have a Slack channel for People geeks. Sound like anyone you know?

Join the community here → Culture First Slack Channel

Hung Lee

As well as curating the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter, Hung Lee is a must-follow for Ops people on Twitter.

He has really insightful takes on the hiring process and pulls them together in useful threads like this one

Follow Hung Lee on Twitter.

People Over Perks

People Over Perks is a Slack Community from the folks over at Leapsome. Let’s just say, we’re sold on the name alone.  

Join 1,500+ HR leaders to share resources and access members-only content.

Sign up here → People Over Perks.

The scope of People Ops is changing at a rapid rate as a result of the new world of work. And by sharing each other’s stories and joining communities, we can all get through it together. 

In our last webinar, we spoke with a panel of influential startup and scaleup People Ops pros where we discussed how their role has changed and what they predict for the future. Missed it? Watch the replay here.

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