Office Space in London Bridge for Foodies & Startup Junkies

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While London Bridge may have fallen down once or twice in its lifetime, you’ll be pleased to hear this part of London is stronger than ever.

If you want to find office space in London Bridge right now, scroll past all of the amazing London Bridge highlights to the end of the post to see our fave offices in the area.

Why London Bridge then eh?!

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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If you’re looking for a city-centre office location in London, you can’t get much more ‘central’ than London Bridge. It’s one of the most exciting and progressive areas of London and is home to some of the country’s biggest businesses. There is currently a HUGE demand for office space in London Bridge and it’s not that hard to see why.

You’re close to all services and amenities you could possibly need; you’re within walking distance of some of the best after-work entertainment in the city; plus you’ll be working amongst some of the biggest names in the business world.

If we’re still not selling it, you should probably read the points below because finding office space in London Bridge would be a pretty damn sweet deal.

It spawned the first London startups!

With over 2000 years of human commercial history, London Bridge is part of the original foundations of London as we know and love it. It has been the birthplace for many enterprises and continues to provide exciting opportunities for new startups. The area around London Bridge has a history dating back thousands of years to when the Romans can claim the original London startup – as they made most of the excellent trade opportunities the river offered.

Powerful postcode

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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While the Thames may now provide more of an aesthetic benefit than anything vital to your business, the area continues to flourish as an economic hub.

This respectable postcode could be a benefit to new startups that are out to impress prospective clients. Being able to invite them to your London Bridge office is a nice touch, plus it’s an easily recognisable (and don’t forget – cool sounding) location for any international clients you may have.

An easy peasy commute

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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Still not convinced? You can get here by rail, road or river (work by river, imagine?!). Thanks to the fourth largest transport hub in London being located here, London Bridge is simple to get to, even for the directionally challenged like me. Choose your method – bus, overland, Jubilee and Northern Tube lines, ferry, bike, taxi or legs. The choice is yours.


Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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If discovering the latest food trends is what makes you get up in the morning then London Bridge is the perfect starting point for you. Its central location means you have s*** loads of London’s best restaurants, cafes and bars on your doorstep.

Feeling peckish? Put that grumbly tummy at ease –Borough Market’s conveniently located just around the corner and as many a London Bridge worker knows, you can spend your entire lunchtime wandering around staring at the sheer volume, variety and tasty looking food on display. But more of that in a second…

For something a bit different, try Tito’s – a Peruvian restaurant situated on London Bridge Street.

If you want to impress your clients, you can easily win some brownie points by taking them out for a meal at one of London Bridge’s more upmarket restaurants. There are plenty of fine dining options including Restaurant Story, Vinothec and José. For the extra wow factor, Oblix is located halfway up the Shard (as well as a load of other fancy restaurants) giving you impressive views of the city.


We all love the Borough Market

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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Obviously, this place needs a mention all on its own. Let’s face it, Borough Market is one of the coolest places in the city and your London Bridge office will be located right next door.

Head in early for your Monmouth Coffee fix, come back at lunch for some spicy chorizo at Tapas Brindisa, and then finish off your day at the Wright Brother’s Oysters and Porter House.

Get your dose of vitamin D

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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If a takeaway sandwich in the sunshine is more your style, there are plenty of great places to sit outside and watch the passersby. Whether you’re north or south of the river, there are lots of benches along the riverfront offering great views.

Potters Fields Park is a beautiful green public space with views of the river, City Hall and HMS Belfast. Bring a note pad and pen and you can pretend to do some work while enjoying the great outdoors.

‘Team bonding sessions’

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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What would be the point of having a job if you didn’t have Friday after-work drinks? The good news is that there is a huge range of pubs and bars within easy reach of London Bridge.

If German weissbier, dunkles or pilsners are your things, then head to the basement of Katzenjammers and their underground bar. For an easy-going atmosphere, check out Woolpack or The Rake in the Borough Markets.

Try The Boot and Flogger for a cosy pub environment with great wines and ales and hearty food.

Creative inspiration

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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For any businesses working in creative fields, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re surrounded by some of London’s most impressive architectural monuments dating through the centuries – from the Tower of London through to the Shard.

You are also within walking distance of some fantastic galleries and museums including the Design Museum, White Cube, The Clink Prison Museum, the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, and the Fashion and Textile Museum.

Exciting business networks

Office space in London Bridge for Foodie lovers & Startup junkies

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London Bridge has a very active business network and offers exciting opportunities to up and coming startups. With the Shard and The News Building, this area has been designated as a Business Improvement District and is receiving government support to help businesses grow and prosper.

Some of the world’s most successful businesses have offices here, including Ernst & Young, Tiffany & Co, and Qatari broadcaster, Al Jazeera Media Network. Plus you are around the corner from City Hall, the hub of all city business. There’s also a whole load of business networking groups that established themselves in this area, providing you with easy access to potential clients and colleagues.

Our favourite office options in London Bridge

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for! Whether you’re just after a casual hot desking space or you want a permanent office space, you have a lot to choose from. Just click the pics to find out more.

Universal co-working space

universal workspace office space in London Bridge

For something a little more affordable, Universal co-working space has communal desks at £160 per person per month.


Avanta on King William Street

Avanta on King William Street office space in London Bridge

Avanta has slick private offices available for a range of business sizes.

TOG co-working space in the Shard

tog the shard co-working space

If you like heights, check out this co-working space is located on the 24th and 25th storeys of London’s most controversial building. Clients will come and meet with you just so they have a chance to get inside this architectural interest.

TOG also have space a more economic space on Borough High Street

tog borough high street London Bridge office space

Even closer to the famous market, these TOG offices are a nice compromise if you don’t fancy schlepping up the Shard!


CO-WORK-CITY office space in London bridge

This beautiful office by Co-Work-City has 24-hour access (and an awesome kitchen).

Worldview Impact Space

worldview_impact_space office space in London bridge

For only £250 per month you could call this lovely little office home. 24 hour access and loads of other great features, sounds like a bargain to us!

There are loads more too. Check out your London Bridge office options, and take a look around the area – there’s definitely more to the area than a broken bridge, my fair lady.


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