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Are You in the Best Area for Your Industry? [HEATMAPS]

Hannah Watkins
Hannah Watkins|


Introducing…the brand new HubbleHQ Heatmaps: the smarter way to help you decide where to base your business.


When you’re looking for your next HQ, where do you begin? If a pin in a map doesn’t feel like the most scientific way of approaching things, HubbleHQ’s heatmaps add a healthy dose of data to your search.

What are HubbleHQ’s heatmaps?

Heatmaps identify the concentration of office searches made by companies in your sector—meaning you’ll have the very latest, data-driven view of where they’re looking to move next. Follow their lead, and you’ll place yourself at the heart of your industry.

Who are these heatmaps for?

If you’re playing a part of the office move process, then these heatmaps are for you. Whether you’re the CEO, Head of Ops, a strategist/consultant or the office manager who’s relied on to make the right move, our heatmaps make that process smarter and simpler.

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Which sectors are there heatmaps for?

There’s a HubbleHQ heatmap for 14 of London’s top industries:

  • Advertising/Branding
  • Community/Lifestyle
  • Creative Agencies
  • Data/Analytics
  • Education
  • Entertainment/Media
  • Financial Services
  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing/PR  
  • Professional Services (Consulting/Legal/Training)
  • Property/Real Estate
  • Recruitment
  • Software Development

Your industry not on the list? Fear not, we’ve got insights to help all businesses. Get in touch and we’ll share the knowledge.

How can these heatmaps help me? 

Be best placed for success: A heatmap can help you base yourself right at the heart of your industry. And we’re not just talking geographically. 

Attract the best talent: The best people want to be in the best companies, in the best areas. You’ve already nailed the company part, now make sure your location is prime, too.

Stay ahead of the curve: Heatmaps give you exclusive insights into the intentions of your sector, so you can be among the first to react to the changing industry landscape. 

Optimise for collaboration: Heatmaps help you base your business in the middle of lots of complementary skills, so collaboration is simpler.

Get more from your map

Want help in applying the insight from your heatmap? Set our property pros to work.

Download your heatmap now:

See what’s really happening with office space in your sector, right now. 



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